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How to format_sib


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How to format_sib

  1. 1. SIB 1Running head: STATEMENT OF INFORMED BELIEFS Comment [JH1]: Use an abbreviated title for the running head. Notice how the “Running Head” is formatted. Use an acronym or the first two or three words of the title as the page header, five spaces left of the page number. Statement of Informed Beliefs Essay Comment [JH2]: The title is centered between the left and right margins and positioned in the upper half of the page. Double space between the title and Joe Smith the byline/course info Dr. Luelinda Egbert EDUC 204 Families, Communities, & Culture TR, 9:30-11:00, Fall 2005 Comment [JH3]: Include your name, instructor’s name, course, course day, time and semester. Double space between lines.
  2. 2. SIB 2 Statement of Informed Beliefs Essay Comment [JH4]: Center the title. Do not bold, underline, or italicize. “What Every student is unique in his or her own way, which is one of the great things Comment [JH5]: Indent the first word of each paragraph (tab or five spaces). Use font size 12 and Times New Roman.about becoming a teacher. As a future educator, I am excited about all of the different types of Comment [C6]: Set left, right, top, and bottom margins at 1 inchstudents that I will get the opportunity to teach; however, because of all of the different types oflearners, it will not always be easy to instruct the whole group. In the following paragraphs Iwill explain my beliefs about diversity and how it will be addressed in my classroom. This willbe discussed in the following five sections: all students can learn, teacher’s expectations,student’s social ecology theory, cultural diversity instruction, and curriculum for all learners. Comment [C7]: Your introductory paragraph should include a thesis that reflects the portfolio entry assignment. Note. Your introduction can beAll Students Can Learn more than one paragraph. I truly believe that all students have the ability to learn. It is the teacher’s job to get to Comment [C8]: Include sub-headings for each section. Headings should be italicizedknow each and every student and how he/she learns best. According to Howard Gardner’s Comment [C9]: two theorists are bold and underlined.theory, there are eight intelligences by which a person processes and retains information (Berns,2007). As a teacher I will work to figure out what my students’ learning styles are and teach the Comment [C10]: 15 terms are bold and underlined.curriculum so that it reaches all of them. For instance, if I have student with a high musicalintelligence and I am trying to teach him/her the state capitals, we could work together to makeup a song to help him/her learn. In addition to knowing each student’s learning style, the teacher must also know whateach student’s life is like outside of the classroom. As a teacher I will strive to recognize eventsthat are happening in each student’s family and the community that could affect his/her learning.I will also be aware of what is happening on a larger scale, like in the state or federalgovernments, so that I will be able help my students learn and understand on that level as well.
  3. 3. SIB 3Teacher’s Expectations In order to obtain desired results from students, a teacher must maintain high expectationsfrom his or her students. The best way to do that is to first instill a sense of self-efficacy in thestudents. If a student believes that he/she is able to do achieve and do well, then he/she will meetthe goals that are set for him/her. The teacher must also put aside any predetermined ideas abouta student’s ability that may come from an existing file on the student or a sibling’s past behavior.According to Jere E. Brophy and Thomas L. Good, a teacher develops expectations about astudent and then treats each student differently depending on these expectations. In reaction tohow the teacher treats him/her, the student may be inclined to do better or simply stop trying(Berns, 2007). The teacher must also set educational goals to give the students something to worktowards. The teacher can create cooperative, individualized, or competitive goals, dependingon what outcome is needed. By setting goals for the students, it not only gives them a sense ofdirection but also a sense of accomplishment once they reach them. As a teacher I will treat eachstudent equally by maintaining high expectations for all. I will also work with the students asneeded so that they can meet the goals that are set for them. Finally, I will hold myselfaccountable as will my school for the outcomes of my students.Students’ Social Ecology Theory In order for a student to get the most out of his/her educational experiences at school, theteacher must work in collaboration with the rest of the students’ microsystems. According toUrie Bronfenbrenner, a child is socialized not just by one microsystem at a time, but through theinterrelationship between all systems (Berns, 2007). What a child experiences at home affectswhat he/she does at school, and what he/she experiences at school affects how he/she will behave
  4. 4. SIB 4in the community and so forth. It is the teacher’s job to help integrate what the student learnsinto his/her everyday life. He/she can accomplish this by taking an active role in knowing eachstudent and what happens in his/her life outside of school. In addition to taking into consideration the student’s community and family life, theteacher must also realize his/her own importance in those areas. The teacher must educate thestudent in a way that will produce a positive outcome with his or her family, peers, andcommunity. Because a school teacher is just one of many relationships and activities that astudent has, he/she must aim to be a strong and positive model for the student.Cultural Diversity Instruction As ethnic diversity in the classroom grows, teachers must constantly make an effort tounderstand students from different backgrounds. Since cultural assimilation is becoming athing of the past, society no longer expects minority groups to conform to American culture.Instead, cultural pluralism, which encourages each group to maintain their cultures and beliefsin cooperation with those of other ethnic backgrounds, is becoming more common. As a teacher I will work hard to learn about the different cultures that may come into myclassroom. The more I know about my student’s culture, the better I will be able to instruct andinclude him/her. It will also be beneficial to the other students to learn and explore the culturesof their classmates. By including a student’s cultural diversity in my instruction, it will makehim/her feel more comfortable at school and therefore more able to learn.Curriculum for all Learners When I begin to teach, I will have a plan of how I think the school year should proceed,what will be taught, and when it will be taught. In the end, however, the outcome might be verydifferent from what I originally planned. After the first few weeks with my class I will have to
  5. 5. SIB 5reflect on how my methods are working and adjust them to obtain the outcome I want. I will seeif my teaching method is reaching the students with different learning styles. If my students arestruggling on the assignments or tests, I will be able to tell what areas I need to address. I canthen adjust my teaching method to include the students that are struggling. For instance, if Ibegin the year with a teacher-directed method and it is not working, I may have to shift towarda learner-directed environment. I will make these types of curricular and instructional changesfrom evaluating feedback from my students. Whatever the method, I must ensure that each student learns and improves during thetime in my classroom. Depending on the student, I will provide extra attention, instruction, oremotional support. It is the teacher’s job to do as much as he/she possibly can to help a studentlearn. If a student has problems outside of class that affects his/her ability to perform in class, Ican help him/her by getting outside help, such as a school counselor, involved. The more I knowmy students, the better I will be able to help them learn. In conclusion I would like to express that it is the diverse population of students thatmake a teacher’s job both dynamic and interesting. In order to be an effective instructor, I musttake into account all types of diversity. Instead of having diversity become a barrier to teaching Iintend for it to provide opportunities for more learning, both for my students and myself.
  6. 6. SIB 6 References Comment [C11]: Must have a reference page--- Center the word “References”Berns, R.M. (2007). Child, family, school, community: Socialization and support (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Learning, Inc. Comment [C12]: Citations must be in APA style—you can find information on citations online doing a search for APA citations or something similar