Harbor school philosophy


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Harbor school philosophy

  1. 1. Harbor School PhilosophyThe Harbor School Method believes education should Financial Managementbe child centered and built on high expectations for Harbor schools adopt a budget plan that prioritizes top wages forboth Student behavior and academic endeavor. Deci- teachers. It is our philosophy that each dollar must be maximizedsions on every level should be based on the question, for the ultimate benefit of the student, and the most effective way to do that is to insure those teachers are paid well. The Harbor“what’s best for kids?” The method proactively sets up School Institute will provide budget consultation and oversight.an environment that allows students to focus on learn- Further, the Harbor School Method requires a high standard ofing, while in a safe, secure setting. checks and balances for all financial transactions.Focus on Kindness Parental InvolvementThe Harbor School Method provides a comprehensive plan for Harbor schools must make every effort to educate parents aboutcharacter education. Harbor schools employ the Harbor School the Harbor School Method. All parents should have a completeMethod character education plan with its focus on kindness and understanding of the method before enrolling their children, azero tolerance policy for teasing, taunting, bullying, and negative thorough orientation before the first day of school, and ongoingpeer pressure. The Harbor School Method is a proactive solution opportunities to experience the method through classroom visits.to the violence that is all too prevalent in schools today. The Harbor schools encourage parents to volunteer in various ways toname Harbor School Method comes from our total commitment enhance the program’s effectiveness, as research shows parentalto make schools a "safe harbor" for the children entrusted to our involvement can increase student achievement.care. The Harbor School Method uses a school-to-work emphasisto make its behavior expectations relevant to the real world. Board of Directors When implemented in charter schools, the Harbor School MethodAcademic Program requires a board of directors that thoroughly understands andThe Harbor School Method provides a comprehensive plan and believes in the Harbor School Method. The board of directorsrigorous program of core subject instruction. Harbor schools em- supports the staff and governs the school in a manner consistentploy the Harbor School Method academic program that is built on with the Harbor philosophy. The board provides the checks andhigh expectations for all students. Teachers who will not compro- balances needed for financial and legal matters. They have directmise the rigor of the program out of fear that some students “are involvement in hiring the principal who then is responsible fornot getting it” must be hired to teach the method. When taught the educational and day to day operations of the school.correctly, the Harbor School Method ensures that students will“get it” without the need to slow the entire class down in the Summaryprocess. Direct instruction combined with individual student at- The Harbor School Method is centered on founder Becky Stall-tention (provided by educational assistants, teachers, and parent cops belief...volunteers) is the key to each student’s success in a harbor "When students are given a learning environment with low threatschool. Ability grouping (leveling) is not used in the Harbor to their personal safety and self esteem and highly challengingSchool Method. The Harbor School Method curriculum guide academic content, the inevitable outcome is accelerated learning.provides details in the specific curriculum prescribed for all gradelevels and must be followed in its entirety by harbor schools. The Harbor School method establishes a school philosophy, em- braced by the teachers. The administrator, students and parentsSchool Leadership which holds that every student is valued and every student willThe principal’s role as a servant leader is central to the Harbor succeed at a high level both socially and academically The Har-School Method. The principal’s primary responsibility is daily bor School character education plan results in a safe school in-supervision and support of teachers to ensure the consistent appli- fused with positive peer pressure, students who are ready to learncation of the Harbor School Method. During the instructional everyday, and who possess the self-discipline needed to maxi-period of the day, the principal spends time in the classrooms and mize theirs and others educational experiences. The academicstudent contact areas and not in the office. Administrative paper- program of a Harbor School is designed to meet the needs of thework and meetings with parents should be handled after school students, not cater to the convenience of teachers, administrators,hours to allow the principal to focus on students and teachers or the school calendar. That means that all styles and rates ofduring instructional time. The Harbor School Method defines the learning are taken into account, yet expectations for achievementprincipal’s role in terms of assisting teachers to maximize their are not compromised. The Harbor School method is evidence thatlesson planning and instructional time. For example, principals where expectations are high and supported with proper instruc-are required to directly supervise students before school, after tion in an environment conductive to concentration and compre-school and during the lunch hour. hension, the results are outstanding.Attendance Other Harbor Schools in the ValleyHarbor schools must adopt an attendance policy of 96% and util-ize Harbor School Method strategies to insure that the attendance www.LibertyCharterSchool.com - Nampagoal is met. Those strategies include parental awareness training www.VictoryCharterSchool.com - Nampaon the importance of high attendance, student awareness training www.FalconRidgeCharter.org- Kunawith a school-to-work emphasis on the importance of attendance, www.RollingHillsCharter.org - Boisea family friendly year round schedule, no personal days for staff www.NorthstarCharter.org - Meridianto insure they model our attendance policy, and grades that canbe positively or adversely affected by attendance.