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Formatting the ABE


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Formatting the ABE

  1. 1. Running head: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL <br />Use an acronym or the first two or three words of the title as the page header, five spaces left of the page number. <br />Autobiographical Essay<br />Joe Smith<br />Dr. John Hurley<br />EDUC 201 Foundations of Education<br />TR, 9:30-11:00, Fall 2005<br />Autobiographical Essay<br />“What do you care if I do this assignment? I’m just going to drop out anyway.” This comment was directed towards me while I was substituting for a middle school tutoring program. My heart sank. As I glanced around the room, I realized that most of the students in the class shared the same sentiments. I wanted to encourage and inspire them, but most of all, I wanted these students to grasp the concept that life without a high school diploma may leave them struggling to survive. In an increasingly global community, students will need to have an understanding of technology, science, math, interpersonal skills, and language. As a future educator, my education, work experience, and community service has contributed to my preparation to meet the challenges of a complicated and changing educational environment.<br />Educational Background<br />My educational background consists of my early childhood education and my adolescent education. I attended Sawtooth Elementary School in Twin Falls, Idaho. For my adolescent and teenage years, I attended O’Leary Junior High followed by Twin Falls High School. I graduated with my high school diploma in May of 2004. Following graduation, I became a full-time student at the College of Southern Idaho, majoring in elementary education. I am currently enrolled in EDUC 290, preparing to graduate from CSI. I hope to transfer to Idaho State University in the fall. <br />My education has played a vital role in my desire to become a teacher. I was mainly inspired by the teachers that I was privileged to have in elementary school. These teachers taught me how to respect myself, other children, and authority. Our school motto was “Respect yourself and others will respect you as well.” Our motto was practiced each and every day by how we addressed one another to how we encouraged each other to succeed. There was no yelling, bullying, or making fun of a teacher, student, or peer. Instead, we listened while someone else was talking, we raised our hands when we wanted to speak, and when we did speak, we spoke with confidence and with respect for others. Most of all, my elementary teachers were reflective practitioners. In other words, they evaluated themselves and their students each and every day, and they used this practice to improve their teaching and the students’ learning. These are two brief examples of what I hope to incorporate into my teaching so that I can be the best teacher that I can be to my students. I hope to inspire them like I was inspired during the impressionable years of my life. <br />