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Excel formulas cheat sheet


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Excel formulas cheat sheet

  1. 1. Excel Formulas Cheat SheetFunctions Formulas OperatorsSUM =sum(A1+B1+C1) + (add) =sum(A1:C1) - (subtract) Use the formula above if you are +/-/* or / * (multiply) more than two cells / (divide) =A1+B1 =A1:C1 Use the formula above if you are +/-/* or / ONLY two cellsMIN =MIN(A1:A5) Smallest number between A1 to A5MAX =MAX(A1:A5) Largest number between A1 to A5AVERAGE =AVERAGE(A1:A5) Average number between A1 to A5Absolute Cell Reference: add $ sign before letter and number of cell. A1 becomes: $A$1The quick key for Absolute Cell Reference is F4.