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Educ 204 field experience summary final assignment rubric


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Educ 204 field experience summary final assignment rubric

  1. 1. EDUC 204FIELD EXPERIENCE SUMMARY RUBRIC 0 10 15 20 Score Inviting. Interesting. Motivating. Encouraging Students omitted basic Covered some basic Covered all basic facts: District, introduction. Covered all basic information and Introduction /20 information facts school, teacher, graded/subject. provided additional facts to create a strong understanding of the environment 0 30 45 60 Covered less than Covered four peer questions Covered five peer questions in-depth. Provided Poor or no response to four peer questions,Peer Questions well, used examples from references from class that clearly illustrated /60 peer questions used some examples observation experience. perspective and supported their opinion. from field experience 0 10 15 20 Observational Within the summary, student Within the summary, student displayed experiences were not Some observational displayed good observational Experience reflective and superior observational skills. clearly articulated and experiences showed skills. Answers demonstrated a /20 Demonstrated Answers demonstrated a deeper understanding weren’t used to support relevance. general understanding from from quality observational experience findings observational experience Total /100Comments: