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ABE sample paper


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A sample autobiographical essay from EDUC 201

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ABE sample paper

  1. 1. BIO 1Running head: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL Autobiographical Name Instructor Dr Luelinda Egbert EDUC 201: Foundations of Education Fall, 2006
  2. 2. BIO 2 Autobiographical Essay Since childhood I have had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do with my life. I havealways known that I enjoyed working with people, and this has guided my decisions to become ateacher. I did not really know for sure until my mother went back to school, and she decided shewas going to go into elementary education. She ended up being the example that I try to base mylife by. After struggling to get myself on the right path leading me to the point where I can startmy education, I am finally getting somewhere. It has not been an easy path to follow, but in thelong run, helping students find their place in life will be worth the journey. Because of my pastand current educational experiences, my work experiences, and my extracurricular activities, Ibelieve I will be adequately prepared to teach children with inquisitive minds. When the day isdone, their smiles will be the only reward that I need.Educational Background I attended elementary school in Utah at Summit Elementary. School was not a fun taskfor me when I was a little girl. I struggled at first to get started. My reading skills were notexactly up to par in third grade. I remember as a child I use to sit in silent reading and just stareat the book. I would turn pages to make it look like I was reading, when I was actually just daydreaming. Eventually, my teacher caught on to my reading problem. My teacher put me into aresource class during reading with a teacher’s aide, and reading eventually came easy to me witha little practice. I attended Cedar Ridge Middle School, where I had my aunt as a teacher in sixth grade.My aunt taught me during my three-hour block class, which consisted of reading, language arts
  3. 3. BIO 3and social studies. She made English fun for me. As a result, I began to write in my spare timefor fun. Her influence changed my perspective on English and school dramatically. High school was not exactly my fondest memories of school. My family moved to Idahofor my mother’s teaching position and I hated it in Idaho. I attended Twin Falls Senior Highwhich was not a pleasant experience because I was already a junior and the clicks were alreadyformed. I struggled to make friends and I also had some health issues which prevented me fromattending classes on a regular basis. I ended up getting my G.E.D. I am now attending CSI,which has been an ongoing process for me since about 2005. Raising a family can make schooldifficult to accomplish quickly, especially with twin toddlers whom I was blessed to conceivemy first semester at CSI. I have enjoyed my experiences that I have had so far in the classroomfrom my field experience class and some other assignments for other classes like physicaleducation for elementary students. Throughout my school career, I have had many teachers who have influenced mydecision to become a teacher. Some influences have been good and some bad. Both the good andbad have shaped me into the person I am today. Both contributed to my choosing education as aprofession. There were those who helped me, like my aunt. She was an amazing teacher whowent so far as to buy clothing for students whose parents could not afford clothes or winterjackets. She would buy lunch for students and she did all this often times without the family orstudent knowing. People like her who have a positive influence in their students’ lives are theteachers that I aspire to be like. My teachers whom I did not get along with helped me decidewhat I do not want to be like as an educator. I had several teachers who were not asunderstanding with my health problems and my weight. I would often get very ill from my
  4. 4. BIO 4medications or after lunch that I would run out of class sick. Many of my high school teacherswould turn me in to the counselors claiming I had an eating disorder even though I had a medicalexcuse for leaving my classes. I also noticed these particular teachers were harsher on essaysthan the teachers who understood. These teachers were so used to having the students whoskipped class they refused to believe I had a plausible excuse. Because of this experience as astudent, I feel I am more open to listening than making assumptions about my students.Work History When I was seventeen-years-old, I worked at Taco Bell. My job title was “team member”which entailed cooking and preparing food, clean up, the general stuff you do with a fast-foodjob. I worked there for about a year until I moved to Utah after I turned eighteen. In Utah I worked at Fred Meyer in the deli. I worked there for eight months until I movedback to Idaho. When I moved back, I worked at Sizzlers for a while as a host and didn’t care forit. I ended up getting a job at The Oasis, at store eight, which is a gas station where I cashiered. Inow have twin daughters so I do not work. Taking care of them and going to school would benext to impossible if I added a job to the list of things I do. All of these jobs have had an impact on my development as a person and educator. I havelearned that it takes a great deal of patience when working with the public. I have also learnedthat even when people and work seem to push me to my ropes end, there is always tomorrow.That will come into play many times as a teacher. Some days I may want to just quit becausenothing is going the way I want it to go. The next day may be the best day I have ever had. If thestudents were not minding me today, tomorrow they may listen to me and follow instructionswithout any problems.
  5. 5. BIO 5Service and/or Extracurricular Activities I’m not currently involved in any extracurricular activities or services at this time. I amhaving a hard enough time working and staying caught up in my classes to do much else. I wouldlike to get involved with a club or organization relative to education when I find the time. I aminterested in volunteering at one of the elementary schools, possibly in one of the after-schoolclubs. I sometimes visit my mother’s classroom, and if she needs help with anything, I help herwith what I can. I also take my daughters to visit the class because my mom’s fifth grade classloves the twins and as a reward she sometimes has me bring the girls by to say hello. Thestudents really seem to enjoy having my little ones around for some entertainment. It is really funfor the students because my mother actually has a lesson she teaches her class involving theconversion of measurements and she uses my daughters as an example. She has a picture of themwhen they were born and explains how they were only one pound, fifteen ounces and twopounds, thirteen ounces and twelve and thirteen inches long. She has the students convert thosemeasurements into grams and centimeters. Seeing my mother teach these students in such acreative manner is really inspiring to me and helps me see things from a different perspectivethan just teaching from a text book. Making a lesson not only different but personal really helpsthe students’ and teacher enjoys the subject.Reasons for Choosing Education as a Career Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in doing something that wouldmake me feel like I was making a difference in life. I thought about nursing but I was not so sureI could handle someone dying; it would make me sad. I also thought of anthropology but I didnot really think that was the sort of job I could do and raise a family. I like to make a difference
  6. 6. BIO 6in others lives, but I cannot think of any people more special than children to make an impact on.I have always loved to help people in any way I could, whether it were elderly people or smallchildren. As a child, I volunteered in a nursing home and went around to the different residents,bringing a smile to otherwise sad faces. When my mother started teaching, I saw the influence she had on her students. Many ofher students would call her at our home just to talk when they needed that adult interaction thatthey do not always receive at home. She helped children so that they felt they had a sanctuary togo to when they went to school. Children who did not have the most ideal home situation had mymother to look up to as a role model, so they knew that they did not have to end up in the samesituation as their parents Ultimately, I decided that I could make a bigger impact on children’slives as a teacher. As a teacher I can make work as fun or as boring as I want. I have control overhow I make impact on others and how my impact will influence the world.Professional Goals My short-term goal right now is to get my teaching certificate and bachelor’s degree. Iplan on going to Idaho State University to finish up my college career. I will achieve these bycompleting my degree at CSI, completing the necessary entrance requirements for ISU, and thencompleting the requirements to earn my bachelor’s degree. As for long-term goals, I would really like to find an elementary school close to Hansento teach at since my husband and I recently bought our first home here. I am going to see if it ispossible to do some of my school work there such as student teaching. Hansen is really small andone day at the city office I was talking to the secretary about Hansen Elementary and theavailability of jobs there. She said they often get positions open so she thought it would not be
  7. 7. BIO 7too hard to get in with some good recommendations. I am hoping that because I live in such aclose knit community it would not be hard to get a position at the local school. I have always wanted to be an elementary teacher. It has taken me a few years to get onthe path to achieving this goal. However, the journey has been fruitful as I have learned andgained much experience form my education, work, and extracurricular activity. Theseexperiences will truly benefit me when I acquire my own classroom.