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Nms Conference Presentation


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Nms Conference Presentation

  1. 1. Community KitchenMaking Food, Entrepreneurs and JobsDowntownBridgeton, New Jersey Culinary District Carola Lillie Hartley, Executive Director Bridgeton Main Street
  2. 2. Bridgeton (NJ) CulinaryDistrictCreated in 2009 bythe Bridgeton CityCouncil with helpfrom Bridgeton MainStreetA four square blockarea in the heart ofdowntown Bridgeton. The Culinary District is the center of the largest historic district in New Jersey and one of the largest districts in the US.
  3. 3. Why a Culinary District Downtown revitalization Create a niche Help unite a very diverse group of downtown storeowners, property owners and residents ◦ Food is a “great connector” Draw more South Jersey area people into downtown
  4. 4. Make Downtown Bridgeton aDestination Focus on Food and anything to do with it ◦ Food stores ◦ Restaurants and food service businesses ◦ Gourmet stores, coffee shops, tea rooms, ice cream parlors, wine/liquor stores, cheese etc. ◦ Stores that sell kitchen wares, appliances, table settings, etc. We don’t all need to shop We ALL need to EAT
  5. 5. Culinary DistrictBranding The district has the following component
  6. 6. Culinary District Pocket Park Culinary District Pocket Park –The park with a mural will have an herb garden to be planted in the Spring of 2012.
  7. 7. CulinaryDistrict ParkLots of hard workand over $175,000of donations
  8. 8. Park and Mural DedicationOctober 16, 2011
  9. 9. Tables and Chairs for OutsideDining at restaurants and downtown parks Table and Chairs with Green Umbrellas are offered to downtown eating establishments to encourage outdoor dining
  10. 10. Bridgeton Bazaar in the Culinary District Vendor Park and Bazaar on other vacant lots in downtown In Planning Stage
  11. 11. Food Festivals, Events andActivities Bridgeton Food Film Fest  A gala movie/dinner/cooking demonstration night  Fundraiser for Bridgeton Main Street Promotes the Culinary Arts, food history and ethnic diversity agendas of the wider redevelopment vision for Bridgeton’s downtown
  12. 12. Food Festivals, Events andActivitiesFridays June through August Mill Creek Unban Farm sells produce at the Bridgeton Main Street organized Outdoor Market
  13. 13. Food Festivals Cinco de Mayo Cultural Festival in the Culinary District
  14. 14. Food Festivals Bridgeton Crab Fest in downtown as part of the Cohansey Riverfest Last Saturday every August
  15. 15. Culinary District Lunch Fest at the Park In Planning Stage for Fridays in April & October Hour long music concert at noon until 1PM. Concert schedule printed on brown paper bags Bags given to all downtown restaurants and food service businesses Public invited to pick up a brown paper bag lunch from a downtown Promotes the Culinary District, restaurant the historic downtown, the Lunch in the park while restaurants and local/area enjoying great music. performing artists.
  16. 16. Cumberland County CulinaryStars A partnership of Bridgeton Main Street with ◦ Gateway Community Action Partnership, ◦ Rutgers Food Innovation Center, ◦ Rutgers Cousteau Center at Bridgeton, ◦ Cumberland County College, ◦ Cumberland County Technical Education Center, ◦ City of Bridgeton, ◦ Cumberland County Empowerment Zone,
  17. 17. Rutgers Food InnovationCenter Serves not only clients regionally-but nationally and internationally as well Contact: 450 East Broad St., Bridgeton, NJ 08302
  18. 18. Rutgers Cousteau Center at Bridgeton Located in a restored 1790s building in Bridgeton’s CulinaryThe Cousteau Center District in the heartat Bridgeton is very of the historicinvolved in the Oyster downtownRestoration Project. Other programs at the Cousteau Center bring science-based information to enrich education and inform management of coastal resources in south Jersey. Formal and informal education and training programs address local and regional concerns for sustainable economic development and conservation of the environment and coastal resources in Cumberland County.
  19. 19. Mill Creek Urban Farm at Bridgeton Located less than ½ mile from downtown Farm sits on four acres ◦ Land once was a housing complex, demolished in 2006. ◦ Sat open and vacant for years because it was too soft to build upon, the former buildings had been sinking a little each year. Earth Boxes used to grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, butternut squash, a variety of lettuces, spinach, kale, collards, mustard greens, beets, and more - if you can think of it, its probably growing at Mill Creek. Mill Creek Urban Farm sells produce at the Bridgeton Outdoor Market in the Culinary District.
  20. 20. Cumberland County Culinary Stars Programs include: Heritage Cooking Demonstrations and Classes Local area chefs demonstrate and teach their own style of heritage cooking.
  21. 21. Cumberland County CulinaryStars Safe With a Smile Food Safety & Hospitality Training
  22. 22. Cumberland County CulinaryStarsBridgeton Culinary Marketplace: A retailincubator for food related businesses toserve as a springboard for aspiringentrepreneurs looking to serve the localfood service industry. In planning stage
  23. 23. In ProcessA centralized food preparationcenter designed to be employedby a variety of community entities. This program is seeking funding currently for fit out.
  24. 24. Why a Co-op or Community Kitchen Serve as a catalyst to the revitalization of downtown Bridgeton Help to establish the Culinary District in downtown Bridgeton as a destination Attract entrepreneurs of all levels to the restaurant and food service industry Bridgeton is building ◦ Help to develop entrepreneurs for the Rutgers Food Innovation Center
  25. 25. Community (Co-op) Kitchen Provide much need commercial kitchen space to local/area caterers, food based home businesses and upcoming entrepreneurs Provide training for food related businesses
  26. 26. Community (Co-op)Kitchen Also allows access to business ownership in underserved communities Can serve as an entry point back into the workforce for many ◦ Provide training to these individuals Provides a “sense of community” in downtown Draws more people into downtown creating much needed foot traffic.
  27. 27. Plans call for: Commercial kitchen on first floor Retail store and shop in storefront  Space for teaching classrooms &
  28. 28. For INFORMATION