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Creative Classroom


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Here is a great visual display of some of my accomplishments in my career

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Creative Classroom

  1. 1. Professional Career Presentation Carol Ann Johnson “Passion Fuels Excellence”
  2. 2. Professional Overview An extremely organized, passionate, and dedicated teaching professional who strongly desires to positively impact the lives of young people. I have a myriad of skills, abilities, and training that would add value to the organization's team of dedicated personnel. Below are the hi-lights of my qualifications,skills, and abilities: BA, Vocational Education Two AA degrees, one in Liberal Studies and the other in Sociology. Special Education, Level 1, Teacher Credential Adult Ed Credential & Vocational Ed Credential Connecting Math Concepts Training. Online I.E.P Training. Open Court Training. Smart Board Training. Scripted Direct Instruction Training.
  3. 3. Career Hi-Lights Credentials EDUCATION SPECIALIST, LEVEL 1, expires 2013 VOCATIONAL EDUCATION CREDENTIAL, expires 2012 ADULT EDUCATION CREDENTIAL, expires 2012 Experience Highlights: Teacher/Educator/Instructor : 7 Years Program Planning and Development : 8 Years Management and Supervision : 10 Years Entrepreneurship : 4 Years Educational Counseling : 2 years Desktop Publishing : 20 years Customer Service: 25 years Professional Experience: 2009-2010 Career Counselor, JobTrain, Menlo Park, CA 2008-2009 Special Education Teacher, The Williams Academy, Sacramento, CA 2007-2007 Elementary Teacher, 1st Grade, Twin Rivers, Sacramento, CA 2005-2007 Special Education Teacher, Grant High School, Sacramento, CA 2003-2005 Vocational Education Teacher, ROP, Sacramento Unified, Sacramento, CA 2002-2003 Instructional Aide, Natomas Unified Schools, Sacramento, CA 2001-2002 Vocational Counselor, Goodwill Industries, Sacramento, CA
  4. 4. Educational Philosophy To encourage all students, staff, and colleagues to become life long learners.
  5. 5. Creating a Conducive Environment  Strong belief that a classroom should be warm and welcoming. A place where kids can feel safe as they learn and meet their personal goals.
  6. 6. Using Smart Board Technology  I feel comfortable using new and emerging technologies to deliver comprehensive lesson plans.
  7. 7. Staff works closely together These staff members embraced my idea of academic competitions. These staff members worked on the judging panel of the school wide spelling bee.
  8. 8. Participating in the Democratic Process  Help design and implement the leadership program. Students were able to vote for who their representatives were going to be by filling out the ballots.
  9. 9. Academic Competitions  Indicate the financial advantages for the customer  Compare quality and price with those of the competition
  10. 10. Using Creative Energy  Student pictured here using his creative energy to make an Indian Mask replica used to demonstrate cultural awareness.
  11. 11. Staff is encouraged to Participate in activities  A teacher assistant in my classroom was encouraged to participate in art activities.
  12. 12. Science Projects In my creative classroom, science is not just textbook it is lived out loud Performing science projects and experiments was a regular occurrence in my classroom.
  13. 13. Positive Rewards helps student's self esteem Rewarding positive behavior and good grades is very important for student self-confidence, morale, and promotes intrinsic learning principles.
  14. 14. School Participation is Key As ridiculous as I may look, I found the students participated more in activities when I did. Therefore, I don't mind encouraging school wide buy-in by looking silly from time to time. This was crazy hair day.
  15. 15. Creative Classroom Projects
  16. 16. More Classroom Creativity
  17. 17. Encourage Family Visits At open house I had quite a turn out. Student's were excited to bring their family members to see what they've been doing in class.
  18. 18. Participated in Community Events I volunteer often to assist organizations with their goals and objectives by providing leadership, and recruiting services at open community events. I'm an effective communicator and love to share information.
  19. 19. Accomplishments Accomplishments: *Designed a parent information night at Peoples High School *Designed career seminars for vocational education students SCUSD *Designed recognition program for participating community agencies in Sacramento. SCUSD *Began a student recognition program at Grant High School. *Volunteered as a dance instructor for the community church. Christian life *Volunteered as a community leader for adolescent children Girl scouts. Vallejo *Began a newsletter team led by students. Williams academy *Developed academic decathlon competitions for students. Williams academy *Participated in a business recognition program in El Sobrante, CA for the chamber of commerce. *Developed a summer bridge program at Contra Costa College. *Developed an online travel agency business. *Developed Femi's wearable art business.
  20. 20. Contact Me for an Informational Meeting Carol A. Johnson 1961 Howe Avenue #12, Sacramento, CA 95825 #916-583-2273 LinkedIn: