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Activating Social Spaces. Presentation at NAMPC, Portland 2013 by Deeksha Gaur and Carol Jones

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1 activating social spaces nampc 2013 v.dg

  1. 1. ACTIVATING SPACES: Using your venue to promote engagement and drive your arts business forward Alex Delotch Davis, addavis@atlantaga.gov Deeksha Gaur, deeksha@woollymammoth.net Carol Jones, carol123jones@mac.com #socialspace | #NAMPC
  2. 2. WHY DO IT? We’re all over-stressed, over-worked, and under-resourced. Now this too? Income Growth Prestige Belonging #socialspace | #NAMPC
  3. 3. A BRIEF (but relevant) DETOUR into the for-profit world: why we can’t ignore our spaces if we want young audiences #socialspace | #NAMPC
  4. 4. ALSO ABERCROMBIE Now these guys take their branding to an offensive extreme, but still…bear with us! #socialspace | #NAMPC
  5. 5. THE EXPERIENCE ECONOMY “Work is theatre and every business a stage” The text book was written in the late 70s. Embraced by the giants: Apple, Nike, Coke to name a few. This is the world Millennials know. Who is better placed to succeed in an experience economy than those who create experiences for a living? #socialspace | #NAMPC
  6. 6. WHO ARE WE? What are we all about? And how did we get here? Besides by plane, of course. Our History Our Mission Our Values What was that moment that led to us activating our missions and values through our public space? #socialspace | #NAMPC
  8. 8. CHAPTER Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom Not Chapter by numbers but Chapter by people, by spaces and the artistic vision that molds and drives it. #socialspace | #NAMPC
  9. 9. CHAPTER Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom So, what are we all about? Vibrant art AND community relevance with values of collaboration, openness, accessibility and sustainability #socialspace | #NAMPC Lightbox image: Bedwyr Williams
  10. 10. CHAPTER Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom New people, more people, attending more things, more often #socialspace | #NAMPC
  11. 11. CHAPTER Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom We opened our doors in 1971 a vision to bring performance, film and exhibitions together under one roof united by a dynamic social space. #socialspace | #NAMPC
  12. 12. CHAPTER Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom Nutshell Theatre, Allotment Ultrasaurus, Heather and Ivan Morison; Pete Williams #socialspace | #NAMPC
  13. 13. CHAPTER Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom Collisions Chapter is known and loved for the open space we create and the combination of radical new work that coexists with our many diverse users. A place where artforms collide Contemporary AND Community Arts AND Audience #socialspace | #NAMPC
  14. 14. CHAPTER Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom The community garden. Inflatable football pitch for Iris Prize Festival. Hotel Shampoo, Gruff Rhys #socialspace | #NAMPC
  15. 15. CHAPTER Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom A Social Space 800,000 visits 395,000 customers for our caffi-bar 175,000 hot drinks sold (1 every 90 secs) / 150,000 pints of beer sold (1 every 80 secs) / 14,000 bottles of wine (1 glass every 2 minutes) 58,000 gallery visits 52,000 participants at classes and workshops 1,920 film screenings/ 430 theatre performances #socialspace | #NAMPC
  16. 16. CHAPTER Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom And some more numbers Trading income - c£2.7M Turnover - c£4M Over 70% of our turnover is earned income—making us one of the largest social enterprises in Cardiff. Providing jobs for local people we employ over 170 people, 95% live in Cardiff #socialspace | #NAMPC
  17. 17. CHAPTER Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom #socialspace | #NAMPC
  18. 18. WOOLLY MAMMOTH Washington, DC #socialspace | #NAMPC
  19. 19. WOOLLY MAMMOTH To ignite an explosive engagement between theatre artists and the community; Implementing new ways of using the artistry of theatre to serve the people of DC. #socialspace | #NAMPC
  20. 20. WOOLLY MAMMOTH Explosive engagement necessitates the most vital, engaged audiences Who is the play for? What is the conversation? Who needs to be in the house to activate the conversation? How do we prime our audience to be the most dynamic and energized? How best can we co-create meaning with our audiences? #socialspace | #NAMPC
  21. 21. WOOLLY MAMMOTH Activating spaces for each show using 3 principles: insight, interactivity, shareability. #socialspace | #NAMPC
  23. 23. WOOLLY MAMMOTH YOU FOR ME FOR YOU #socialspace | #NAMPC
  25. 25. In the context of the city • Cardiff the capital of Wales • Population of 350,000 • Growing reputation as a vibrant city where people want to live and visit • Hwyl – a complex and intangible mix of passion and sense of belonging
  26. 26. The challenge • Three years ago Chapter underwent a major redevelopment • Opening up its entrances and creating a large, open central space • The challenge – to turn a busy café-bar into something much more - a dynamic social space
  27. 27. A social space that locks audiences into our vision and values Research by Matthews Millman as part of the redevelopment confirmed that loyalty to Chapter was not just repeat purchase behaviour but a stronger emotional attachment that locks audiences into our vision and aspirations
  28. 28. To turn an empty space
  29. 29. Into a place that has hwyl - a genuine sense of belonging
  30. 30. Riverside Garden Market, Cardiff Ukulele Band, Caroline Sabin in rehearsal
  31. 31. A social space growing the public life of the city Users appreciate the high degree of diversity, and the tolerance of people who are often not tolerated elsewhere. At the same time, cutting edge film and art helps confer a sense of status and esteem.” - People Make Places: Growing the Public Life of Cities, Demos 2005
  32. 32. Creative Cities Creative cities provide countless opportunities for everything from accidental connections to formal collaborations. And it’s those opportunities, those sparks that act as a catalyst for new thinking and innovation.
  33. 33. It’s not just about making money – it’s about making meaning
  34. 34. Real creative vision requires a much deeper and wider set of transformations that takes cultural marketers way beyond the traditional view of ‘place’ in the marketing mix.
  35. 35. Community powered It involves keeping community at the heart of what we do communities of artists, audiences and local people building partnerships and reimagining the city and its spaces.
  36. 36. WOOLLY MAMMOTH Building relationships by serving the members of the Greater DC Community #socialspace | #NAMPC
  37. 37. WOOLLY MAMMOTH From Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin: A Town Hall on Black Bodies & American Racism #socialspace | #NAMPC
  38. 38. WOOLLY MAMMOTH Election Night Party #socialspace | #NAMPC
  39. 39. WOOLLY MAMMOTH Reading of 8 and Activism Fair for Marriage Equality #socialspace | #NAMPC
  40. 40. WOOLLY MAMMOTH Building Relationships: Panels and Partnerships #socialspace | #NAMPC
  41. 41. WOOLLY MAMMOTH Curating your mission-driven rentals business to build new audiences #socialspace | #NAMPC
  42. 42. Pop-up graffiti, Sioned Huws, 40th birthday
  43. 43. Major creative cluster • Resident companies, artists and creatives - we’re home to 40 small, creative businesses • These businesses employ over 100 more people • Our social space acts as a catalyst for creative entrepreneurs and creative independents to meet, discuss and collaborate. It’s a vibrant platform for social media surgeries, games events, book and film clubs etc • Our hire spaces provide affordable options for dance classes, youth theatre, poetry, music and comedy Catherine Ashill
  44. 44. Melanie Counsell goes up. Mark Gubb comes down.
  45. 45. Creative Capital We invest in art and in our audiences - we believe that everyone has a creative voice. Our education work opens up possibilities for people who struggle to express themselves in conventional ways. We don’t just add value we create value with projects that take the centre out into the community and also bring the community back into our arts and social spaces Local community choir. Kids party on the frontage.
  46. 46. Art Car Bootique
  47. 47. Public Experience • “Status and esteem: Chapter manages to blend its neighbourhood social club role with a culture and consumption cache. It’s the place to be seen if you’re interested in the latest art house film or the month’s most fashionable beer.” • DEMOS spoke to a number of young adults with learning difficulties who said that Chapter was one of the few places in Cardiff where they felt comfortable socialising. • Chapter is a space that has “ a transformative quality, helping formerly timid Home Birds to become more confident and
  48. 48. But don’t just take our word for it... • “These are exciting times: Chapter Arts Centre has just re-opened after a major redevelopment and it’s now a stunning space for art, film and theatre, and hanging out in the cafe-bar.” - The Guardian (reasons to move to South Wales) • “The refurbishment of Chapter has been well worth the wait, and the investment will ensure that it remains an important centre for the arts in Cardiff and Wales as a whole as well as a major landmark in Canton, well into the future. Chapter provides jobs within our local community, supports local artists and makes a massive contribution to the local economy.” Cllr Cerys Furlong
  49. 49. “If there is a better municipal arts centre in Europe I would like to see Former First Minister Rhodri Morgan
  50. 50. WOOLLY MAMMOTH The Stats and the Moolah #socialspace | #NAMPC
  51. 51. Loyalty; quotes Image: Patrons
  52. 52. Word of Mouth Image: Social Media
  53. 53. Recognition Image: Article image
  54. 54. PROVOCATION Some thoughts and questions for your consideration. Do we make the most of our spaces to encourage shared experiences, collaborations, interactivity, and belonging? What makes a public space effective as a social, democratic space of interaction for all? How can we encourage those who rarely participate in civic life to take more risks and access a wider set of experiences? What role can cultural marketers play to make this happen? And how else are we attracting, engaging, and retaining the experience economy generation? #socialspace | #NAMPC
  55. 55. Royal Welsh Collge of Music and Drama, Cardiff Case Study
  56. 56. Artistic Voice The National Conservatoire of Wales competes alongside an international peer group of conservatoires for the best students globally, enabling students to enter and influence the world of music, theatre and related professions. The College educates some of the most talented students from around the world, aiming to give them not just the technical and craft skills they’ll need to succeed at the top levels of the profession, but also to help them to develop their individual artistic ‘voice.’
  57. 57. In June 2011 their dream of having their own world class performance space became a reality
  58. 58. A new community The new buildings incorporate: •The Dora Stoutzker Hall •Richard Burton Theatre •Four state-of-the-art fullsized, double height rehearsal studios •The Linbury Gallery •Cafe bar and terrace overlooking the beautiful Grade I listed Bute Park
  59. 59. Enhancing the city “Offering world class facilities in such a stunning location allows us to continue to attract leading international arts practitioners to work here, and to increase national and international recognition for Cardiff as a home of world-class artistic training. These new facilities also provide enhanced opportunities for the residents of the city and region of Cardiff, and the many professional and community groups that contribute to Cardiff’s vibrant cultural life.” Hilary Boulding, Principal
  60. 60. The challenge To create social spaces that allowed students and the wider public to mingle, to merge – for the students to have an opportunity to share their work and for the public to encounter the life and work of the college Both needed a sense of belonging and to feel as if it was ‘their space’.
  61. 61. From this…
  62. 62. to this…
  63. 63. to this…
  64. 64. A dynamic social space Students perform regular events, sometimes programmed, sometimes impromptu Everything from jazz to folk, contemporary to classical Plus a great café!
  65. 65. Creative Diversity The College’s events calendar includes over 300 public events and many more that …just happen. This stimulating mix of programme and ‘serendipity’ ensures a stimulating and broad experience – for everyone.
  66. 66. QUESTIONS? Comments? Want to share your own activated spaces? Please contact us! Alex Delotch Davis addavis@atlantaga.gov Deeksha Gaur deeksha@woollymammoth.net Carol Jones carol123jones@mac.com @addtwitterhandle @deekshagaur @carol123jones #socialspace | #NAMPC