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Psg Networker Aug 2010

  1. 1. Volume 2, Issue 2 August 2010 Dear PSG Members and Friends, Recently, I came across the article “Retailers’ Rx: Heal Thyself” in The Star-Ledger that was a result of an interview with Bob Phibbs, the author of The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business. I don’t even know why I started reading this article, but I’m glad I did because I learned something new that day. For example, a simple fact from the “retail anatomy” states that as people tend to walk to the right after entering a store (after all, we drive on the right side of the road), thus the best merchandise should be put on the right. Phibbs also stated that people buy not because they want to buy, but because they feel good when they buy. (I know firsthand that “retail therapy” works!) You might wonder why I’m writing about retail and how it is related to you. There is a direct connection between a job search and retail psychology. It's not what you want to sell, it's what they want to buy to feel good. On the interview you don’t sell the skills you have, you have to make them feel good that you are the right person and can fix their problems. When you go on the interview, sell your confidence and your ability to help the company, and make your interviewer feel good. You should put everything that is important and relevant to a TABLE OF CONTENTS particular position right on top of your resume, “on the right side of the store,” where it can be easily found and “bought.” Inside This Issue, Media Communications Committee ..........p2 And don’t forget about appearance; it came in third place on PSG Speaker Kenny Moore .............p3 the level of importance in making a decision. If you come Networking - Following Up .............p4 groomed, well dressed, confident and with a nice smile to an Getting Your Resume Read ............p5 interview, you make a great first impression. Remember, 90 Marketing Yourself .......................p5 percent of the decision to hire is chemistry. The person hired NJWLD Launches New Site .............p6 for the position is often not the best qualified. He or she is LinkedIn Strategies .......................p7 perceived to be the best. PAR of the Month ..........................p8 If you will start using “retail mentality,” you will do much better Frugal Online Tips of the Month in your job search. .................................................p10 June Landings, PSG Committee Chairs Good luck! .................................................p13 PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 1
  2. 2. INSIDE THIS ISSUE Where has the summer gone? Can you believe it’s August already? Caroline Bucquet opens this month’s issue with a story about Kenny Moore’s recent presentation to PSG on dealing with the emotions of a job search. Stephen Matthaey provides some valuable information about improving the quality of the contacts you meet while networking. Do you think snail mail is too retro? Read what Bob Loder, Co-Chair Suzanne Elward Abby Kohut says about ways to get your Caroline Bucquet, Bruce Goldman resume read by employers. Idelle Kursman Co-Chair Peter Herbst tells us what she learned from a presentation Andrew Brandt Idelle Kursman on self marketing during your job search. Michael Davy The New Jersey Department of Labor and Mark Yonskie Workforce Development has launched a new website to assist job seekers, and Caroline tells us what they said at a recent PSG meeting. Michael Davy explains in his story how you must be thorough and careful with the information you provide on your LinkedIn profile. Suzanne Elward’s Par of the Month describes another career situation that is turned into a useful PAR. Andrew Brandt revisits his extensive resources for frugal The MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE software available on the Internet. Many meets following the Morris County Networking stories this month meant much editing by Group at 70 Maple Ave., Morristown on the 2nd Bruce Goldman, while Bob Loder and and 4th Monday of each month at 11:00 a.m. Peter Herbst managed the design and Please join us! distribution processes, respectively. Have a job search story to tell? We want to hear from you. -Bob and Caroline The PSG Dover Networker is looking for " *%$$% writers! Whether you want to become a '%)& %"& regular member of our team, or just !"#$ (%( contribute a story now and then, we want to '%% hear from you! Drop us a note at, and introduce yourself! Or, talk to any member of the Media Communications Committee. PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 2
  3. 3. YOUR JOB SEARCH Moore encourages us to embrace our emotions in “each room.” Especially in the rooms where we feel malcontent because these feelings often give Former Monk Delivers Words of us the impetus to bring about change. “We all are Inspiration in one of these rooms at any given time because life either puts us on the By Caroline Bucquet road to transformation or Which Room Are You In? we seek it ourselves, but it will happen,” he advocates. With humor and common sense, author and “It’s how we handle the speaker Kenny “The Monk” Moore recently difficult situations." addressed the Dover Professional Services Group (PSG). His subject was bringing one's whole By refuting controversial person to the workplace. By “whole person,” feelings and/or behavior, Moore means our bodies, our minds and our we could be ignoring the spiritual selves. Moore asserts that interacting spark that could ultimately with all employees/colleagues from a perspective elevate our careers or of respect, consequence and increased moral refuel our organizations. consciousness for the entire organization Along these lines, Moore Kenny Moore stimulates a more positive work environment than believes that we should not other traditional methods. A noble thought, settle into docile perhaps, but buying into this approach is not acceptance or a quest for the common—either easy. individually or organizationally. He believes results and morale are improved when we are employed Moore believes that no matter where we are in in careers that we are passionate about and our employment journey, we all experience a where the manager actively supports us (and all variety of emotions throughout any situation. team members) and values our contributions; that They range from contentment, to feeling lost and may include creating our own jobs. hopeless, to feeling invigorated. These emotions run in repetitive cycles, and generally when a As for organizations that seek the common cog, situation is “fresh” is when we are feeling content. Moore says with a wry smile, “Why settle for Moore uses Claes Velveeta cheese when what we really Janssen’s metaphor of want is Camembert or Gorgonzola. This a four-room apartment [life] is not a dress rehearsal, why wait to in which we move from CONTENTMENT RENEWAL be who you really are?” room to room—from From Monk to Corporate Change satisfaction to being Agent depressed and psychologically Kenny Moore spent 15 years as a priest uncomfortable, and DENIAL CONFUSION before entering the corporate world. He then to being endured two life-threatening health reinvigorated and conditions, cancer and a quadruple recharged. bypass, that ultimately fueled his fervor for improving behavior and traditions in Moore believes that this cycle of emotions applies the corporate environment. Top-selling to the jobless and employed alike, but for book The CEO and the Monk that different reasons. For the unemployed it means Moore authored with former Keyspan CEO Robert going from job security to being out of work and Catell and writer Glenn Rifkin documents the in denial, to confusion about what to do, to success of a Fortune 500 company based upon developing a plan of action and reestablishing engaging the hearts and souls of employees energy in a new job. For the employed it could through ethical leadership and non-traditional mean going from being content at work to being methods. Catell had hired Moore to be his human bored, to causing unrest among the team and resources leader when ushering in necessary, being a loner, and then perhaps launching on a competitive change at Keyspan. new company assignment. Different from rolling out other corporate initiatives, Catell trusted Moore’s judgment on PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 3
  4. 4. how to engage and inspire people—including we both took a bit of time to become acquainted himself. Moore’s method included accepting and with each other, and maintained personal contact accommodating people's viewpoints—especially even for just a few minutes on a regular basis, I the disgruntled—as having value that provided would be able to synopsize your unique fit for a momentum for change that ultimately brought position that might yield you an interview. The Keyspan enormous success. For Moore, it was an time that we’ve invested in the quality of our opportunity to “build community, repair trust, connection can yield dividends for us both. offer hope and try to heal an inherently flawed There are many simple human system.” He continued, “Knowing that ways to improve the some people were discontented was not enough. quality of your contacts: Bob [Catell] and I wanted to know who they were, why they were unhappy and what proposals they • Take a few minutes on a had for improvement. Many changes took place as daily basis to write an a result of suggestions from the cynical.” email or call one or two of your contacts. Make For more information on Kenny Moore and to sign the communications up for his newsletter, please visit his Web site at: experience a two-way, give-and-take proposition. • When you read an NETWORKING interesting article, Stephen Matthaey forward it to individuals Networking and the in your network who Art of the Follow-Up would enjoy or benefit from it, with a personal note. This adds value to your connection and By Stephen Matthaey, PHR strengthens your bond. When I attend “networking” events, I meet a lot • Avoid “blast” emails updating everyone on what of people. Typically, I have a brief conversation you are doing. Make your interactions personal. with each person I meet. We exchange cards, and • Periodically review your list of connections on off we go to our next encounter. I often find an LinkedIn or other social media sites. If you have invitation to connect on LinkedIn later that day or not corresponded with a person in a while, take the next. My response is normally, “Let’s meet for the definitive action of either contacting him or coffee or lunch.” Those whom I have the pleasure removing him from your list. of meeting I then connect with. I have a simple rationale for this: I know all of my contacts, which I’m fortunate to have met so many skillful and allows me to both ask and give help effectively. terrific people in my life. By regularly following up with them, my life continues to be enriched on a The quality of your contacts is much more daily basis. The strength and quality of my important than the quantity of contacts. There is connections have consistently helped me to only one way to build a quality relationship: you succeed in my career and endeavors. need to invest time and effort into the other person. Dr. Stephen R. Covey likens this to Stephen Matthaey is the founder of GPS Career making emotional deposits into an account. He Mapping LLC, whose mission is helping transitional advises us that as you cannot make a withdrawal professionals land their ideal positions. He can be without having sufficient funds in an account, you reached at cannot expect to ask a person you don't know well to do you a meaningful favor. © GPSCM LLC. Rights for PSG to reproduce this Imagine this scenario: there is an opening at a article and distribute granted; all other rights particular company, and you have found out that I reserved. am working in the target company. You reach out to me and ask for my help. If our only contact has been a brief interlude together at a networking event, I would not be able to represent any of your skills or abilities to the hiring manager. Yet, if PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 4
  5. 5. GETTING YOUR RESUME READ In any economy, you must do things differently than your competition to get noticed. Can I guarantee you that the mailed-in or faxed The Museum of Old Technology resumes will be read, or that the phone call will be By Abby Kohut a.k.a. Absolutely Abby taken seriously every time? Absolutely not. But I can promise you that persistence and out-of-the- These days there are many new ways of box thinking will keep you miles ahead of your forwarding your resume to a company—most of competition. which involve a computer. We have online applications, online resumes and online Abby Kohut is an HR professional with 15 years of networking. Sometimes differentiating yourself is experience whose goal in 2010 is to help as easy as turning back 1,000,000 job seekers get back to work. You can the clock . . . literally. learn more about Abby at These days, the old- fashioned metal mailbox in the Human Resources department tends to be MARKETING YOURSELF very lonely because the only mail we receive are Learning and Applying Self Marketing invoices, new-product Techniques advertisements and miscellaneous A Program delivered by Beverly Feldman, Job propaganda. Seeing a Developer of the Jewish Vocational Service resume printed on bond Abby Kohut paper every once in a By Idelle Kursman while, complete with a well- I got a proverbial shot in the arm when I attended written cover letter, is a “Learning and Applying Self Marketing breath of fresh air. Do you think I would risk a Techniques” on July 22. The speaker was Beverly paper cut and open it? Absolutely! Feldman, Job Developer for the Jewish Vocational Fax machines around the country are lonely as Service. The program took place at the Jewish well. They are no longer the most used piece of Community Center in Whippany. office equipment as they have given that title Ms. Feldman had previously worked as National away to their cousin, the computer. I remember Sales Account Executive for Hewlett Packard looking forward to Monday mornings to see piles (formerly Digital Equipment Corp and then bought of faxed resumes in response to my newspaper out by Compaq Computer before being bought out ads. So why not fax your resume to the lonely fax by HP). She was with all 3 for 23 years. Her machine? It's a great way to make sure that account was the US Postal Service. someone is going to actually read it. While you're at it, apply online as well so that you have two Not only has the job market changed drastically in chances of being seen and so that you're not seen the last few years, but this is as a rebel who cannot follow directions. also arguably the longest and toughest job market since The last piece of antiquated equipment to bring the Great Depression. back to life is the telephone. With text messaging However, as a Job Developer and e-mail becoming so prevalent, Alexander for the JVS, Ms. Feldman Graham Bell's famous invention has become a hears about job openings dinosaur in itself. If you are sure that you are the every day. How? She ideal candidate for the job, why not call and tell explains that 80% of all job the hiring manager that? He or she might be listings are unadvertised happy to hear from you so that they don't have to because employers do not waste time looking through the many unqualified want a deluge of thousands candidates' resumes. Remember that calling is of resumes coming to their one thing, but stalking is another, so block your desks. This is where caller ID with *67. Idelle Kursman relationships come in. Networking is the number PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 5
  6. 6. one way people find jobs. Networking can be will find that these jobs no longer exist. “Are you through social media like LinkedIn, talking with fishing in a pond where there are no fish?” Ms. people you know, attending a Chamber of Feldman quotes. Although it is a very difficult job Commerce meeting, or even striking up a market, be true to yourself and your values. Do conversation with a stranger. For instance, learn what you enjoy and if you have not been to make small talk with people when you are in successful so far, it’s time to change your the supermarket line or chat with the people you marketing strategy. know who work at the coffee shop you frequent. Any way you do it, you must network every single day. NEW TOOL FROM THE NJLWD Keep in mind that you are selling a product—You! You must come up with a personal brand that NJ Hosts New Site to Bolster Job distinguishes you from others by having a unique Hunting Success marketing strategy. Define yourself and your talents. How do you want to be seen? How do you By Caroline Bucquet want to be seen by others? And you must be Representatives of the New Jersey Department of competitive-how are you better qualified than the Labor and Workforce Development (NJLWD) person standing next to you? Read the job recently delivered an inspiring discussion to the descriptions of open positions carefully. If you Dover Professional Services Group (PSG) on how don’t have all the skills required for the position, to make one’s search more gratifying. don’t bother applying. Companies are not willing Unemployment remains high across the nation to train and there will be other applicants who will and the state, but this new tool poses an have all the skills the company is looking for. Your opportunity to expedite the job search for all resume should be all accomplishment-oriented seekers. and dead-on with the position you are applying for. And don’t discount volunteer work! Think Coined “Real Time Jobs in Demand,” this new about the skills you are using when you volunteer planning tool is available now to prepare New and list them on your resume. Jersey’s workforce for the continuing evolution of and changes in the economy today, and in the If and when you get the interview, come across as future, by drilling down to a strong person who always shows the value you specific employer needs. can bring to your potential employer. The job is Real Time Jobs in Demand not about what you are looking for. Rather it is all focuses on what jobs are in about what you can do for the company. Make demand today and sure you’ve done your research beforehand on the tomorrow, where the labor company using websites like Reference USA and shortages are, credentials/ be aware of what is happening in your particular licenses necessary for one’s field. Google search the names of people to get next job and how much a more information. Find out how the company is given profession could pay. doing in the marketplace and what the trends are. It also can show the Keep up your knowledge by reading the business percentage of workers with section of the newspaper or go to your library and various educational levels read periodicals like NJBIZ and Book of Lists. for each job. “This tool Ms. Feldman also spoke about cold calling. It is provides job searchers in all Caroline Bucquet generally agreed that nobody enjoys doing this, categories with an idea of but when you make cold calls, be sure to get a the competition they could face in a given area,” name of a key person or the hiring manager. Then said Frank Ferdetta, Bureau Chief Labor Market write off a dynamic cover letter and ask for an Information. informational meeting. The first step is logging on to the New Jersey Also, finding a job doesn’t mean “ just doing Department of Labor and Workforce anything.” Know yourself. Take an inventory of Development’s website at http:// what you are good at and what you enjoy. Make Next, click on “Job Seekers,” sure the job you are pursuing is still viable. For a button located right below the header. “Real instance, a person that worked as a printer or the Time Jobs in Demand” appears on the right side of former vice-president of importing and exporting PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 6
  7. 7. the screen. Click on the “Real Time Jobs in find the best match for their employment Demand” graphic, which will take you to a site opportunities. where you may explore opportunities based upon Ferdetta notes that “Real Time Jobs in Demand is job seeker credentials. The search can be one tool among many that should be used by conducted statewide or on a county-by-county counselors and job seekers in the job search basis. It is even possible to combine counties to process.” develop a custom geography. Data is updated monthly; however by clicking on an occupation Real Time Jobs in Demand is nationally recognized title a “real time” job search may be launched. by the U.S. Department of Labor as an innovative workforce development application. The U.S. DOL “Real Time Jobs in Demand is meant to be user- has encouraged other states to follow New friendly, covering a wide array of occupations from Jersey’s model. executives to field workers; from technical to creative,” explained John Ehret, Labor Market Analyst for Morris County. “You may choose to view the top twenty-five in demand occupations in LINKEDIN STRATEGIES your geographic area. Or you may conduct a guided search to find the openings for your Making the Most of Your LinkedIn particular occupation, or openings suited to your Experience educational and skill level. Once you determine which search option is best for you, the system By Michael Davy pretty much walks you through each step.” Network, network, network. It's the mantra for “What Real Time Jobs in Demand does is confirm job seekers and all those trying to help them find the availability of job openings for workers with work. various backgrounds in the state of New Jersey. It The reason: it works. If you know someone who is important for all job seekers to remember that can put in a good word for you, place your resume experience may be used in lieu of educational on top of the pile in HR or can let you know about background,” stated Ferdetta. “For example, if a a vacancy before it’s advertised, your chances of job write-up stipulates that applicants have a landing a job increase exponentially. bachelor’s degree, but fewer than 70 percent of workers with similar job titles have a bachelor’s But what if you have only a small group of degree, candidates without the degree may still contacts or you’re in a qualify for the job.” strange city? How do you build that network? The Real Time Jobs in Demand model is updated each quarter, giving job seekers a current and The answer is LinkedIn, the realistic view of the job market. Real Time Jobs in professional, business Demand is appropriate for people searching for aspect of social media. work, job counselors, trainers, curriculum LinkedIn enables you to developers and more. An explanation of the build a vast network of methodology and how the Real Time Jobs in people who can help you Demand tool can be used is available on the web get to the top of the pile in site in the Real Time Jobs in Demand Fact Sheet. the job market. It’s become so widespread that even Training programs may also be available for some when you type it, the latest “in demand” occupations. However, this list is not Michael Davy versions of MS Word do not meant to be a “final authority” on approval or underline it as a spelling denial of training in Workforce Development or error. any other program. The Training Programs for Demand Occupations list can be accessed at, But there are pitfalls that you need to be aware of because too many mistakes can force you out of LaborDemand_index.html the network. The Real Time Jobs in Demand tool is part of the The first thing to do when you join LinkedIn is commitment the New Jersey Department of Labor build your profile. Be accurate and truthful and Workforce Development has made to help job because that profile becomes a matter of public seekers find employment and also help employers record. If you catch a company’s interest, it's PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 7
  8. 8. going to check on you by using that information. connection and the other to the prospect If you’ve been deceptive, it could lead to explaining why you want to link in. Make sure you embarrassing questions in an interview ... or no have a good reason. People can become very interview at all. protective about their contacts. Nowadays you’re advised to insert a picture of The best way to build your contact list is to join yourself. Have it shot by a professional and resist organizations in your profession. There are the urge to use the "happy" one taken at the last masses of them. Then, at least you have a office party or one from your high school “network connection” and can give a reason for yearbook. Why? Reread the preceding paragraph. wanting to link in with them. I always send a short message when inviting someone to join me Once you’ve built the profile to your satisfaction, or accepting an invitation. the next step is to reach out to contacts who are also on LinkedIn. This is a process that can be Pitfalls aside, building your network is actually a strewn with land mines. lot of fun. Have I asked people I don’t know? You betcha. I’m always polite and I explain why. Most LinkedIn’s advice: make sure you know the people want to link in with you because it builds person. When you arrive at the window used to their contact list. Those who say no often don’t go make the connection, LinkedIn has a warning: as far as rejecting you. They just file away your "Only invite people you know well and who know invitation and ignore you. you." If you click on the link “Find out why,” you will. The explanation reads: With over 70 million members worldwide, LinkedIn can be a huge asset. And I’ve just “Connecting to someone on LinkedIn implies that exposed the tip of the iceberg. you know them well: • They’ll have access to people you know • Others may ask you about them and vice versa of the Month* • You’ll get updates on their activity LinkedIn lets you invite colleagues, classmates, roblem As the economic crisis was unfolding it was clear that that the market for securitized friends and business partners without entering products was collapsing. I was told that we were their email addresses. going to have eliminate a hundred positions out of unionized workforce related to the support of this However, recipients can indicate that they don’t market. The seniority displacements that would know you. If they do, you’ll be asked to enter an have resulted from this would have been so disruptive as to be devastating to the ongoing email address with each future invitation.” needs of the remaining businesses. That’s the least of your problems. I have been ction I immediately told the union the size of the told, though I’ve been unable to find it in the upcoming reduction-in-force and proposed that we rules, that if you are rejected five times LinkedIn negotiate a program that would provide an enhanced severance payment to anyone who would voluntarily will suspend your account. give up a similar position so that those at risk who wanted to stay could and those who were safe but So spamming people is out. So is pretending you wanted to leave could. know them. esult The program got enough volunteers So how do you get to know people you don’t know so that no involuntary separations occurred and already? LinkedIn provides the tools. Beside every the business was able to achieve its headcount name you look up, the network puts a blue reduction numbers without any disruptions to the rest of the viable businesses. number. A One means you’re already linked in, a Two means you have links in common and a Three means you have a link who has a link. However, a Preferred Resume Bullet Example Three is akin to getting into Kevin Bacon’s six (flip and state the esult first) degrees of separation and linking nn is often a lot Achieved headcount reductions by negotiating of work. enhanced severance payment program; seniority displacements minimized, preventing disruption to If the person you want to meet has a Two beside ongoing business needs the name, you can ask your One connection for an * Provided courtesy of PSG member John Gillen, Human Resources introduction. LinkedIn provides the means to do. Labor Relations Manager You’ll have to write two notes: one to your PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 8
  9. 9. FRUGAL TIPS OF THE MONTH (abbreviated as OOOP or O2OP) is free and can be downloaded from ooop/. Linux users, in particular, should look at The Frugal Job Hunter's Guide to some other software suites from the Gnome Free and Cheap Software Revisited Project (by the Gnu Foundation) at http:// and KOffice at http:// by Andrew Brandt Some of their software is also ( translated for PCs and Macs. The Frugal Job Hunter articles began a year ago with a simple question. You need serious office software to find a job these days, but if you're out of work and can't afford to buy Microsoft's great Online, one site stands out as a complete office but expensive software (or if you can't afford to solution. includes word processing upgrade your home computer (Writer), spreadsheet (Sheet), presentations to run the newest, fastest (Show) and database and reports software software), what are you (Creator and Reports). If that were all that Zoho supposed to do? offered, it would be impressive, but Zoho also The solution is to use some offers a wide array of other productivity and of the free or cheap software business tools, including email hosting, a calendar, alternatives to Office (Web- a Wiki creator, chat software, Web conferencing, a based or downloadable). In contact manager, a notebook creator, project previous articles, we've management software, customer relationship reviewed many of the management (CRM) software (which can also be software options available. You don't have to used as a more sophisticated contact manager), spend a lot of money outfitting your home office To Do lists, HRIS (Human Resources Info computer. (If you want to be really frugal, you can Services) and more. Up to three people can share install Linux on your computer, but that's beyond an account for free, which may be useful for those our scope here.) of you doing consulting or setting up a small freelance outfit. Zoho is an SAAS (Software as a Service) provider and is used online rather than installed on your Before we go further, we'll give a quick shout-out computer, although some components can also be to two sophisticated office suites. used when not connected to the Internet. In 3 includes word processing addition, Zoho allows you to share data with (Writer), spreadsheet (Calc), a draw program, a Google Apps, Google and presentations package (Impress) and a database Outlook calendars, smart creator (Base), all in one package. It's available phones and much more. for Windows (including Windows 7), Macintosh OS You can use individual X and Linux versions. It is open-source software applications, or you can and is free, always, at http:// set up a Zoho Business There are also a gazillion center with quick access free add-on software plug-ins to expand to all your Zoho OpenOffice's capabilities. programs. If you have special language needs (say, for Some sources of free and example, Korean, Farsi and French) or other cheap software are requirements, there are other open-source available only online, variations of OpenOffice with various language, some install on your programming and file translation features. Sun computer, some connect Andrew Brandt Microsystems has StarOffice 9.1 at http:// to your smartphone and for $34.95 (for Windows, some combine services. Macs and Linux) and StarSuite for Chinese On the following pages are my personal (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, and recommendations. Most online services work with Korean. Go-OO (for "Go OpenOffice") is free at any computer type, but a few may have special Oxygen Office Professional Web browser requirements. PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 9
  10. 10. PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 10
  11. 11. PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 11
  12. 12. PSG - Driving Employment Through Member and Organizational Strength OUR VISION: PSG will dedicate membership resources to become the leading provider of services to help fulfill our mission. Through active participation, members will obtain valuable new knowledge, expand personal and life experiences and leave each meeting revitalized for the tasks of securing gainful employment and enhancing our economy. These efforts will create the organization of choice for linking job seekers to employers and alumni. OUR MISSION: PSG is a self-help volunteer organization for professional level job seekers. Members pursue three goals: • To find employment as quickly as possible • To help other PSG members find employment • To help the group as a whole PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 12
  13. 13. June 2010 Landings Committee Chairs CONGRATULATIONS PSG Steering Committee: 1. Paul Cecala – Counselor (Morris County) Thomas Brankner ( 2. Elliot Krichman – Logistics Specialist (Daikin Dale Favia ( America) Computer: 3. Linda McKenna – Sales Administrator (AT&T Peter Katzenbach ( Advertising Solutions) Ali Flint ( 4. Frances Tabor – (Merrill Lynch) 5. David Bergman – Research Scientist Instructors: (Systems Engineering Inc.) Frank Magdits ( 6. Paul Schaefer – Project Manager Dale Favia ( (Cyberthink) Business Process 7. Marion Nolz – Customer Service Agent Michael Alterman ( (Liberty Sport) Documentation: 8. Judith Rosen – Regulatory Affairs Associate Thomas Brankner ( (Johnson & Johnson, via Kelly Scientific) 9. Etya Novik – Owner (Respira Spa) Career Events: 10. Renee Dorn – Business Development Project Mark Muschko ( ) Manager (ACS) Alumni Events: 11. Bruce Banks – (Royal Coachman Worldwide) Ira Sieber ( 12. Kevin Mullin – Software Engineer contract Mark Muschko ( (Merrill Lynch via consulting company in GA) Andy Brandt ( 13. Patrick Maiello – Purchaser ( Electroid Co.) 14. John Oyhagaray – Consulting Project New Business: Manager (FYI Business Solutions) Vincent Iannaccone ( 15. Michael Higgins – Business Analyst Membership: (Citicorp.) Dan Harrison 16. Shan Krishnan – Principal Product Manager ( (Telcordia) Bob Delpizzo ( 17. Wendy Casey – Property Accountant (Silbert Opportunity Center: Realty & Management Company, LLC.) Lauren Anello ( 18. Holly Akers – Director of Business Rob Lotstein ( Development (Joshua Zinder Architecture) Kristen Bishop ( 19. Tim Miller – (Vonage) 20. Keith Roy – Accounting Assistant (Target Media Communications: 250) Bob Loder ( 21. Nick DeMonte – Business Analyst (Komodo) Caroline Bucquet ( 22. Ina Jorge – Quality Manager (DRG Marketing: International) Mary Pellecchia ( 23. Tomita Burlacu – Graphic Designer/ Caroline Bucquet ( Illustrator (ITT) 24. John Donne – PROFESSIONAL SERVICES GROUP 25. Michael McMullen – Technical Consultant 107 Bassett Highway, Dover, NJ 07801 Phone: 973.361.1034 Fax: 973.361.8727 (Accountnet, Inc.) Email: 26. Brenda Olson – SQL Developer (Analytici) PSG Website: 27. Devin Day – Territorial Sales Manager (Minifibers, Inc.) Sponsored by the NJ Department of Labor 28. Harriet Treddin – Executive Assistant and Workforce Development (Jackson Hewitt, Inc.) © 2010 Professional Services Group, 29. Bart Zoni – IT Project Manager (Concord, Dover, NJ Inc.) 30. Louis Wasser – Consultant P/T (Cost Reduction Solutions) PSG Dover Networker, August 2010 Page 13