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Video reflection


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Video reflection

  1. 1. Video/ReflectionUniversidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia TecnologíaDesign and Use of Educational TechnologyIII CO-2012 Video/ReflectionProfessor Dylan Wiliam: His Experiment. ( this video (part 1 and part 2) professor Wiliam gives differents recommendationsto teach and have better result on students.The theory and practice meet head on as education expert Professor Dylan Wiliam setsup an experimental school classroom. For one term, he takes over a year 8 classes at asecondary comprehensive to test simple ideas that he believes could improve thequality of childrens education. His first radical technique is to ban hands up when theteacher asks a question and instead choose students at random. The idea is to geteveryone in the class to engage, not just the handful of students who usuallyparticipate. The change though is met with resistance as both teachers and studentshave to break habits of a lifetime.Some of the higher ability students are not responding well to the new rule of "NoHands Up" in class, and Wiliam is worried they are at risk of being left behind.There is a classroom revolt when the teachers remove grades from work. The idea is tomake the students actually read the comments on their work in order to help them
  2. 2. Video/Reflectionimprove, but they are left confused and angry after becoming so used to thetraditional grading system.By the end of term, however, even Wiliam is surprised by the impact the experimenthas had on the students academic achievement because the results on students arerewarding.For us as teachers, we can take different experiments seen in the video and applythem in our class; however, we have to take in consideration the necessities ourstudents have in order to use a tecnique with them. The general goal Mr. Williamproposed is to increase the student’s engagement with education. Usually students donot like participate in class for different reasons, so, using different strategies we asteachers can motivate to students to participate actively and build a better learningprocess.It is important to make a review in our way of teaching and found what things we haveto change and what things we can improve on, changes are good if we are not doingeverything correctly. As we know it is very difficult to change students way of learningbecause they are used to use it in a traditional way or all the time it is same, for thatreason all the time we have the same results.It is very challenging to change a way of learning and or way of teaching, however, theprincipal objective in learning process it is learn and we have to choose the correct wayto do it.Nowadays, we as teachers, we have different resources to teach and students need tolearn in different ways, so, we have to creative. In the video, the expert showeddifferent activities we can use in our classes and also with different purposes.It is time to break the rule where everything it is by the use of the traditional way,teachers have to be more active and more professional at time to teach, students havedifferent necessities and our work it is to try to find the correct way to answer thosenecessities in order to have nice results and be good teachers. The change to do betterthings it is not a decision, it is an attitude.