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Assignment OEP

  1. 1. Online Medical Records Providing solutions for doctors and parents
  2. 2. Fundamental Problem In many parts of the world, high tech hospitals are far from the norm. In fact, many are luck to have a good hospital within a few hours drive! So the residents rely on Doctors making house calls. With only so many files that Doctors can carry with them, a travelling Doctor rarely has access to a patients full medical history.GreenTech
  3. 3. Fundamental Problem E-MedRecords seeks to provide Doctors online access to all of their files. Simply by having the ability to see a patients full history, the standard of care that Doctors can provide will sky rocket. This is extremely true in our target market of Pediatricians. Child care is one of the most universally recognized needs in all countries be they first-world or third-world.GreenTech
  4. 4. Fundamental Problem E-MedRecords online platform allows Doctors to access any file on any patient from any computer, tablet, or mobile device world wide. To ensure patient confidentiality, our system has a 256-bit encrypted protection system. Each doctor also has a secure log in and password that is automatically time and date stamped whenever they log into the system.GreenTech
  5. 5. Marketing E-MedRecords will explore several marketing avenues: Direct Approach to Doctors Similar to Pharmaceutical Sales Reps. This will allow for direct contact with users. Mailers to Office Managers This will but information in the hands of the main influencers of Doctor Office practices Social Media Campaign aimed at Parents By focusing on parents, we can get them to approach their Doctors about our service as the Parent is often the most vocal advocate of their child’s wellbeing.GreenTech
  6. 6. Costs Site Maintenance Payment of cloud service and rent of backup serverGreenTech
  7. 7. Revenue Stream • E-MedRecords will allow this online access to all doctors who subscribe to our service. Under an annual contract with monthly installments, we will achieve a consistent revenue stream. • By also allowing for longer term contracts with lower rates, we can lock in a revenue stream for the long term. • We also plan to allow families to purchase plans for their families so they will always have access to their family’s files. They will not have full access however, and will be unable to alter or update their medical files.GreenTech
  8. 8. Partners and Allies Suppliers of drugs Clinical analysis laboratories Medical centers Insurance ProvidersGreenTech
  9. 9. Funding Funding would come from partnerships with leading hospitals and insurance providers as a way for them to reduce their risk of liabilities.GreenTech
  10. 10. Personal story “When I was a child, my family moved around quite a bit. In just a few years we were in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Every time I was sick, the doctors always had to get my records sent to them by the previous doctor. If my medical history had been available online to my new doctors, I could have spent a lot less time in the hospital on follow up visits and saved my parents a lot of money.” – Michael S.GreenTech
  11. 11. The team In GreenTech our goal is to develop software which make use of green technologies or in connection with the improvement of the environment. "Satisfying the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"GreenTech