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Looking for that ‘one-of-a-kind’ venue?                                           Working with External PromotersThe UK Ce...
What we need from you                                                              What you will get from usBefore we work...
The Financials                                                                        Are there any extra costs?We like to...
Sound Equipment and Technical Specifications                                  6      Shure SM57 Microphone                ...
Promotion and Brand UseThe promotion of your event is your responsibility and we at                 Also…UKCCA expect you ...
The UK Centre of Carnival ArtsExternal Promoters ContractThis document is an agreement between UKCCA and                  ...
Proposed EventProposed Artists (ifyou require a latelicense we will requirefull names of allartists)                      ...
Target Audienceincluding AgeAudience Numberexpected (or thenumber of people youwould expect to come)Proposed Ticket PriceN...
The UK Centre of Carnival ArtsExternal Promoters Risk AssessmentGuidance for Artistes and Promoters(Users should ensure th...
Your signatureThe dateUKCCA Manager’s nameUKCCA Manager’s signatureThe dateWHEN COMPLETED RETURN TO UKCCA’S EVENTS MANAGER...
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UKCCA External Promoters Pack


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UKCCA External Promoters Pack

  2. 2. Looking for that ‘one-of-a-kind’ venue? Working with External PromotersThe UK Centre for Carnival Arts (UKCCA) in Luton is a £7.4 million state We work with a range of External Promoters for a variety of events.of the art facility providing an exciting and pioneering artistic space for If you haven’t already visited the centre we would urge you to comeclub nights, live music, theatre productions, exhibitions, launches, and meet the team who will be more than happy to show youconferences, awards ceremonies and your unique events. Our first-rate around. We are extremely flexible in working with Externalfacilities include everything you need to make your event stand out from Promoters to ensure your night goes as you have planned.the rest: This document will tell you everything you need to know about  The Mas Camp: A 500 capacity standing or 250 capacity seated promoting at the UKCCA and will also inform you of the Terms & performance space Conditions of using the space. At the end of the document you will  The Mas Café: A 150 capacity space for intimate gigs and launches also find everything you need including Risk Assessment Forms,  A state-of-the-art sound system Tech Specs for all our in-house equipment and your Contract.  Staging that can be changed to your requirements  An impressive lighting rig By signing the Contract you are confirming that you have read and  Artist dressing and shower facilities understood this document and you are agreeing to the Terms &  On-site catering Conditions set out by the UKCCA for External Promoters.  Outside courtyard for peripheral entertainment or crowd control  Fully stocked bar and catering facilities If you don’t find what you need to know in this document, or you have questions about how we can accommodate your event further,  SIA Security and confidentiality assured then please contact our Events Officer on 01582 437 100 or email  Fully accessible spaces 2
  3. 3. What we need from you What you will get from usBefore we work with you as an External Promoter, you will need to give As part of our External Promoters Package you will receive;us the following information:  The Mas Cafe and/or The Mas Camp (including artists  Full contact details including name, address, phone and email dressing rooms upon request) plus PA, in-house technical contacts. equipment (list provided at back of this document),  Name of the event, club night and/or band(s) you would like to put staging and lighting. on.  Full use of our qualified in-house Sound and Lighting  A short proposal stating your experience, details of the type of Technician (this is a requirement). event you propose to put on, how often you will put it on, preferred  One or Two SIA licensed security person (if your event is date and times of the event, who your event will be aimed at i.e. deemed to show a risk upon Risk Assessment you will be U18s, 18 – 35, audience numbers expected and your proposed required to pay for extra security provided by UKCCA) ticket sale price.  Bar Staff will be provided and an extra bar can be set up in The Mas Camp.All proposals must meet the centre’s Artistic Policy. Our Artistic Policy is  Box Office for ticket sales if requiredvery broad but we will not entertain proposals such as Boxing Nights or  Distribution of posters to our networksworking with Artists on the Police Risk Register.  Entry on our website and Face Book.Once we have all of the details about your event our Events Officer will be  Entry in our monthly e-shot to our databasein touch to discuss the finer details and to make sure we have dates  Extra Marketing and PR support (Please speak toavailable. If the date you preferred is not available we will make sure we Marketing Team)can accommodate you elsewhere. The venue is fully licensed to serve alcohol all day and all night.Where possible, especially for events that are to be held every month or UKCCA also has a license to stay open until 2am. Should youregularly throughout the year, we would ask that you have at least 3 – 6 require extended hours we will have to apply for a Temporarymonths of dates so that we can get them in the diary. The centre gets Event Notice on your behalf and therefore require you to providebooked up very quickly with External Hires so we want to make sure our all the details stated in this document.External Promoters get the nights they want in advance!We will also require a filled in Risk Assessment Form, a signed Terms &Conditions Contract (all found at the back of this document) and, if yourequire us to apply for a license extension, we will need full names ofeach DJ, MC or band member. 3
  4. 4. The Financials Are there any extra costs?We like to encourage new events, club nights and new music so we will Everything mentioned in the ‘What you will get from us’ section ofnot ask you to pay any hire charges for the room rental or for security and this document is included in your package. The only extra costs youbar staff costs (unless extra security is required). We do work on a door- may incur will be because your night may need extra security orsplit basis, to make sure that we can recoup some of our costs for because you want to purchase one of our add-on support services.opening the centre, but there is a sliding scale depending on how yourevent works. Security & SafetyHere are the guidelines; The security and safety of our customers and staff is extremely important to us. UKCCA has its own professional, well-trained SIA  UKCCA will take full bar revenue for the night security staff and they will be on hand to assist with the security at  All External Promoters must pay £100 for our qualified Sound and your event. However, should you have special requirements, such Lighting Technician. We are more than happy for you to also bring as very late event, large numbers or a potentially rowdy crowd, your own but our equipment is very expensive and our in-house please fill in your Risk Assessment and discuss the situation with us system must be run by our in-house Technician. This is not prior to the event. Should it be necessary to bring in extra security negotiable. staff we will ask you to contribute to extra staffing levels on a per  We will operate a door-split based on the sliding scale below; hourly basis. Audience Numbers % Door Split In favour of Event Set-Up Services 50 – 100 people 60 : 40 UKCCA 100 – 250 people 50 : 50 Equal If you require help with setting up your event, equipment or just 250 – 350 people 60 : 40 Promoter more ‘hands on deck’ to clear up after a busy night we can offer you 350 – 500 people 70 : 30 Promoter staff to make your event go even smoother. These services are charged at a rate of £15 per hour.We think that if an External Promoter is putting on a good event andpromoting well this works out as a fair deal for all. If the night is not doing Marketing Servicesas is expected then UKCCA will look to cover costs to pay for opening thecentre. We do stipulate that if a regular event or club night is continually We can help give your event an extra push with the help of ourdoing badly or the External Promoter is not delivering what was proposed Marketing and PR Team. Whether you want a Press ReleaseUKCCA reserves the right to cancel the event without notice. written and circulated to local, regional or national press or just need help getting your event noticed out Marketing Team can help.However we do understand that some promotions take time to develop These services are charged at a rate of £20 per hour.and we are happy for you to speak to us. All External Promotions arenegotiated on an individual basis with the Events Officer. 4
  5. 5. Sound Equipment and Technical Specifications 6 Shure SM57 Microphone 6 RAT Opera Stand + HalolampThe UKCCA sound and lighting system is available for you to use 16 K&M Telescopic boom 25600however you must adhere to the following: 4 K&M Microphone stand 255  Our Sound Technician must be present for the changing of any 6 EMO E525 Passive DI Box equipment, including leads, PA’s, mixers, ipods, cd mixers (or 4 EM Acoustics i-12ULF Sub woofer anything else) even if you have your own Sound Engineer. 2 EM Acoustics EMS 152 Speaker  Promoters leaving equipment on our premises do so at their own 4 EM Acoustics EMS 81 Speaker risk and should collect any equipment left on site the next day. 1 EM Acoustics i-8 Sub Woofer  Our insurance does not cover damage to or theft of your 3 Yamaha P7000S Power Amplifier, 2U equipment.  No more than two people behind the sound desks at any time. 3 Yamaha P3500S Power Amplifier, 2U Management and security staff are under instruction to ask you 1 Alice DA6-2 Distribution Amplifier move if there are ‘too many DJ’s’ behind the decks. 2 Shure MX202 Overhead microphone + A400Sm Shock Mount  No drinks near the sound desks or other equipment. If you spill a 1 Overhead microphones to be mounted on soffit and cabled back to rack drink on any of the equipment we will charge you for repair even if it is one of your customers. We do not provide;UKCCA provides the following Sound equipment:  Headphones  Vinyl decks or CDJs Qty Item  Mixers 1 Yamaha LS9-16 mixer  Amps 1 MY16-AE expansion card 2 Sennheiser EW 345 G2 Radio Mic Receiver + Handheld Transmitter, 1U If you are struggling to find equipment for your event our Facilities 1 HME DX200 Wireless Intercom System, 1U Team may be able to recommend a reputable Equipment Hire company that may be able to help you. 1 Tascam CD-01U Pro CD Player 1U 1 Tascam CD-RW901 CD Recorder 2U If your event needs any Audio Visual Equipment or you would like 1 Tascam MD-350 MD Recorder 2U to see any Lighting Specifications please speak to our Event 8 HME WH200 Wireless Headset Officer about your requirements. 2 HME AC40A 8-battery Charger 8 Shure SM58 Microphone 2 AKG Drum Set Big II Microphones 5
  6. 6. Promotion and Brand UseThe promotion of your event is your responsibility and we at Also…UKCCA expect you to do so. You can, and should, use all methods  Fly posting is not allowed in Luton. The Council willavailable to you which include phone calls, flyers, posters, text, e- prosecute and the fines are heavy, so don’t do it. We havemails, word of mouth, radio, magazines, competitions, web site a very good relationship with the Council and if we discoverlistings, interviews and anything else you can come up with. that you, or the acts in your line-up, have been involved in fly posting, we have no alternative but to give the CouncilWe will do what we can to assist you by putting your event on our your details otherwise our relationship may be jeopardised.web site, getting it in the listings if we can, e-mailing our database  You should start your promoting activity at least two weeksand we will display your posters/flyers in the centre and the other before the event. Some magazines require a months notice.places with which we have arrangements. However you must  We will need your full line up as soon as you have itunderstand that the promotion of your event is largely up to you, available.and should we feel that you are not promoting your event properly,  Remember to include all the details on your literature; you’dwe reserve the right to cancel it. be amazed at how many people forget to say where the event is!Prior to your event o Name of the event.We must have approval of the marketing literature produced to o Full line up of the artistes/DJ’s/bands involved.make sure that our logo and name is displayed correctly. When o Date and time.referring to UKCCA on marketing material please keep to a few o Venue. The UKCCA logo must be displayed in asimple guidelines: reasonably large size. As soon as we have your email address we can send it on to you.  Always use the UKCCA logo as stated within the Brand o Price Guideline. Logos and guideline available by request from o Dress Code if there is any. the Events Officer  Where UKCCA’s name or logo is used alongside other  Put effort into any literature you produce – we want it to look brands, UKCCA reserves the right to approve the use of its the part. name and logo in advance  Be sensible with the content of your flyers and posters etc. Don’t joke about contentious issues such as drugs or drugPlease send all the details of your gig by e-mail along with pictures takingand hi-res artwork (in jpeg or hi-res PDF) 4-6 weeks prior to theevent for approval. Please also send any printed posters, leaflets or .postcards 2-4 weeks prior to the event in order to allow time forthem to be distributed. 6
  7. 7. The UK Centre of Carnival ArtsExternal Promoters ContractThis document is an agreement between UKCCA and in which we set out theTerms of Use of UKCCA’s premises.Name:Address:Email Address Phone NumberEvent Name andPromoters NamePromoters Experience(include any websitesyou have and otherplaces you promote /have promoted) 7
  8. 8. Proposed EventProposed Artists (ifyou require a latelicense we will requirefull names of allartists) 8
  9. 9. Target Audienceincluding AgeAudience Numberexpected (or thenumber of people youwould expect to come)Proposed Ticket PriceNameName of your EventYour addressYour phone noYour signatureThe dateUKCCA Manager’s nameUKCCA Manager’s signatureThe date 9
  10. 10. The UK Centre of Carnival ArtsExternal Promoters Risk AssessmentGuidance for Artistes and Promoters(Users should ensure that this guidance sheet is handed or sent to all persons disclosing their personal details)The Promotion Event Risk Assessment Form 696 is designed to allow the management of licensed premises, promoters of music events, eventsecurity and the police to work in partnership to identify and minimise any risk of serious violent crime happening at a proposed event. Shouldareas of concern be identified the police intention is to work together to create a Risk Management Plan that enables the event to proceed withminimum risk.The use of this form is voluntary. However, we note that the completion of this form may be a condition on some premises’ licences. Thismeans the completion of this form is mandatory for those premises. The management of the licensed premises (UKCCA) or the promoterconsiders that the proposed event requires a Promotion Event Risk Assessment Form 696 to be completed and it is for this purpose that yourpersonal details are required. Systems and Databases held by UKCCA will be checked and will be checked on the Police Register whenrequired.When to complete Form 696Our recommended guidance to music event organisers, management of licensed premises or event promoter on when to complete Form 696 iswhere you hold an event that is – • promoted / advertised to the public at any time before the event, and • predominantly features DJs or MCs performing to a recorded backing track, and • runs anytime between the hours of 10pm and 4am, and • is in a nightclub or a large public house.The recommended guidance does not restrict the use of the form solely to any specific event. Event managers and promoters may, if they wish,use it for events not strictly covered by the guidance. 10
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  14. 14. Your signatureThe dateUKCCA Manager’s nameUKCCA Manager’s signatureThe dateWHEN COMPLETED RETURN TO UKCCA’S EVENTS MANAGER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AS ANY HOLD-UPS MAY MEANTHE EVENT CAN NOT TAKE PLACE.Return to: Lena Patel, Events Officer UK Centre for Carnival Arts, 3 St Mary’s Road, Luton, Beds, LU1 3JAEmail: Phone: 01582 437 100 14
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