Most popular costumes of 2012


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Most popular costumes of 2012

  1. 1. MOST POPULAR COSTUMES OF 2012 BY ANNIES COSTUMESCheap Halloween Costumes
  2. 2. 2012 • In 2012 Americans spent millions of dollars on costumes for themselves, their children, and even their pets. • While many costumes remain popular throughout the years, 2012 brought in a new popular.Cheap Halloween Costumes
  3. 3. ITS ALL ABOUT THE THEMES • Each year there tends to be popular themes that help create the most popular costumes. • Current events, fashion trends, media, and advertising play a large role in the popularity of costumes in any given year. • While 2011 brought themes such as popular actors, royal wedding, popular apps and games, and couples, 2012 didnt hesitate to welcome its own popular themes.Cheap Halloween Costumes
  4. 4. POPULAR ADULT COSTUME THEMES OF 2012 • Once again current events, movies and television, and popular trends set the stage for a variety of themes in 2012Cheap Halloween Costumes
  5. 5. POLITICS • The presidential election brought in a high popularity for political costumes. • Wearing an Obama or Romney mask was just as popular, if not more so than the ever-popular Nixon masks.Cheap Halloween Costumes
  6. 6. COMICAL • Americans seemed to trend towards random and humorous costumes such as food items, skin body suits, and tin foil.Cheap Halloween Costumes
  7. 7. TELEVISION AND MOVIES • Top hits of 2012 brought in a wide range of popular costumes including characters from classic shows and movies to recently developed characters.Cheap Halloween Costumes
  8. 8. SEXY & MUSIC • Princesses, pirates and other sexy costumes were popular among adults. • Artists from all music categories made the list for popular costumes of 2012.Cheap Halloween Costumes
  9. 9. HORROR • Halloween is just not the same without a bit of thrill from zombies, vampires and masked creatures.Cheap Halloween Costumes
  10. 10. PETS • Costumes for dogs, cats, and other pets were very popular in 2012. In fact, pet owners spent millions of dollars on costumes for their pets.Cheap Halloween Costumes
  11. 11. MOST POPULAR • Though themes set the stage for the season, there are always costumes that become the most popular that year. 2012 was no different with its own unique characters and style. Children and adults both had their own favorites. • Go ahead and click the link below and see all the kind of costumes, check out all the costumes that you can have for this next costume party or Halloween!Cheap Halloween Costumes