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Holocaust & WWII ppt


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This ppt was designed for an 8th grade language arts class. The purpose was to introduce the topic of the Holocaust and some background info on WWII.

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Holocaust & WWII ppt

  1. 1. World War II &The Holocaust
  2. 2. What was WWII?• 1939-1945• 61 countries were involved• 72,000,000 deaths
  3. 3. Why did WWII start?• After WWI, Germany had to give up land and their armed forces• Germans elected Adolf Hitler (Nazi party) as Chancellor in 1933• Hitler promised to make Germany a great country again
  4. 4. Who was Hitler?• Absolute ruler of Germany from 1933 until 1945• Responsible for Germany’s military decisions• Responsible for the restrictions placed on Jews• Responsible for the treatment of Jews in the
  5. 5. Why did Hitler dislike Jews?• Hitler saw the world in terms of race.• He believed that all of the different races were in competition to world domination.• Hitler thought the superior race were those with fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair (Aryan race).
  6. 6. Examples of Jewish Restrictions
  7. 7. Leaving Germany• Jews began to leave Germany because of the persecution they were facing.
  8. 8. (Greek) Sacrifice by fire.The systematic, state-sponsored persecution andmurder of Jews by the Nazi regime and theircollaborators.
  9. 9. Ghettos• Jews were forced to leave their homes and live in ghettos – ghetto (n.) : a part of a city predominantly occupied by a particular ethnic group that may be looked down upon for various reasons
  10. 10. From Ghettos to Concentration Camps
  11. 11. Concentration Camps• There were two kinds of concentration camps: death and work.
  12. 12. The Final Solution• The term refers to Germanys plan to murder all the Jews of Europe. The term was used at the Wannsee Conference (1942) where German officials discussed its implementation.
  13. 13. The Final SolutionGas chamber at Camp Auschwitz
  14. 14. Young Faces of the Holocaust Play this video: estimated 6,000,000 people died as a result of the Holocaust.
  15. 15. How did WWII end?• May 8, 1945 Germany surrenders• August 15, 1945 Japan Surrenders
  16. 16. Comparisons• 9/11 2,977• The U. S. Civil War: 620,000• Rwanda* 800,000• Holocaust* 6,000,000* Genocide: The systematic elimination of a people or nation.
  17. 17. Anything you would like to add to our KWL chart?