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Intro to DotNetNuke


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Published in: Technology
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Intro to DotNetNuke

  1. 1. An  Introduc+on  to  DotNetNuke  Open  Source  CMS  from  the  Dark  Side  Please tweet this presentation!#BarCampCHS #DNN
  2. 2. Michael  Carnell  •  On  twi<er  at  @carnellm  •  Partner  in  DesignTechWeb  •  Data  Mechanic  in  Databases  and  VB  •  Web  Development  in  WordPress  and  DNN  •  This  and  other  presenta+ons  ath<p://  
  3. 3. Background    DotNetNuke  Corp  MicrosoJ  based  Was  VB  now  C#  .NET  plaMorm  SQL  Server  backend    IIS  and  Windows  Server  ...  and  yup,  its  open  source  
  4. 4. Edi+ons  Available  Community  Edi+on  -­‐  Free  •  community  support  Professional  Edi+on  •  adds  technical  support  &  training  •  more  rigorous  tes+ng  and  cer+fica+on  Enterprise  Edi+on  •  adds  SharePoint  connector  
  5. 5. The Building Blocks
  6. 6. Where  To  Get  Add-­‐Ons  Open  Source  Repository  •  The  Forge  Commercial  Repository  •  DNN  Store  •  Reviews  •  Version  history  •  Support  
  7. 7. What  Version?  Current  is  6.2  -­‐  August  of  2012  Coming  is  7.0  -­‐  Announcing  on  November  14  Currently  700,000  produc+on  web  sites  
  8. 8. Who  Uses  It?  Over  700,000  produc+on  websites  •  Chrysler  •  US  Military  •  Verizon  •  Bose  •  Motorola  •  NASCAR  And  many,  many  more  ....  
  9. 9. Some  Of  Our  Sites  Lowcountry  STEM  Collabora+ve  The  Unitarian  Church  of  Charleston  Charleston  Regional  Arts  Alliance  Charleston  Saltwater  Fishing  Angel  Oak  Animal  Hospital  Bohicket  Creek  Boat  Rentals  and  more  -­‐  see  our  porMolio  
  10. 10. Some  of  the  Benefits  Corporate  support  Stable  plaMorm  Known  database  Known  language  Integrates  with  ADS  Integrates  with  SharePoint  and  Office  Robust  security  with  user  levels  and  groups  
  11. 11. There  Are  Some  Limita+ons  Is  Windows  a  limita+on?  Seriously?  More  resource  intensive  than  some  Those  resources  can  mean  speed  Size  of  the  ecosystem  But  compared  to  ...  WP?  Drupal?  Joomla?  
  12. 12. So  How  Do  We  Choose?  
  13. 13. And  Now  .  .  .  Website Login: BG45PI_hostPassword: BG45PI_dnnhost
  14. 14. Thanks  For  Coming!!  h<p://