How to Ruin Your Life with Your Online


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Presentation by my business partner and friend Amanda Byfield Albertson on the perils of social media and other online tools. This was delivered to a local high school for the Charleston County School District. Amanda is my partner in the web design and consulting firm DesignTechWeb which can be found at She has extensive experience in web design, social media, marketing, and graphic design. In addition she is a concerned mom and educator who helps students of all generations undertand technology and the implications of the use of that technology.

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How to Ruin Your Life with Your Online

  1. 1. How to Ruin Your Life with YourOnline Presence(or Internet and Social Media Safetyin the Digital Age)
  2. 2. Where are you online?
  3. 3. A Venn Diagram
  4. 4. Another Venn Diagram:Social Networks
  5. 5. I am only posting for my friends…
  6. 6. You in the Cyber Universe
  7. 7. Bye Bye College• A Minnesota man has beenexpelled from college for postsmade on his private Facebookpage unrelated to anyone athis school.• He had a semester left in hisnursing program when he wasexpelled last fall for allegedlycommenting on his privateFacebook wall.
  8. 8. College – Denied!!• 80% of college admissions officersuse websites such as Facebook and Google tovet applicants• Of those, more than one-third say they havefound something that has hurt a studentschance of admission
  9. 9. Yep, they know how to searchFacebook!
  10. 10. Being a Professional• Publishing stories of what you’ve done?Really????
  11. 11. And….• A teacher in GA , was dismissed from workdue to her profile on Facebook.• The problem: PHOTOS
  12. 12. Well duh
  13. 13. It’s private though?• Employers, Colleges:Most states allow access to socialmedia as part of an “investigation”• What they do with that information may belimitedBUT>>>>
  14. 14. What to Do or Remove• EVERY photo that includes a glass or container• Every picture from a party• Ask people to remove your tags
  15. 15. Yes, more photo stuff• Unfriend people who post “wild” pictures• Set your Settings so you have to approve Tags
  16. 16. • Don’t join silly groupsI push the cross walk button numeroustimes because it’s fun.There are three versions of this group. Andto the 4,500-plus people who joined: Whatis wrong with you?)
  17. 17. • Don’t post comments about fanatical orextreme views• Don’t post nasty comments aboutanyone, or anything!!• You may think it’s funny, but someone willbe offended
  18. 18. Use it to your advantage• “Like” the schools you are interested in• Add photos of “team” extracurricular activities• Use photos to show your interests andactivities• “Like” and ”share” posts of causes that yousupport that you will nbe using on yourapplications and resumes
  19. 19. Yes, you can• Fill out the boring profile stuff –favorite, books, music, films…• Check your language!• AND YOUR SPELLING!!!
  20. 20. So, what else??•EVERYTHING ELSE
  21. 21. I am only posting for my friends…
  22. 22. SnapChat… yep, that too.
  23. 23. Teenage Romance - NOT• Sending pictures thinking they are “private”• Thinking the person you are sending them towill respect you (well, maybe today)• They’ll go away in 1 minute – NOT• Do you want to send “selfies” and put themon the Internet! REALLY?????
  24. 24. Revenge photos• Naked pictures posted against your will• Personal information posted on “Sharing”sites• Real names, phone numbers, addresses
  25. 25. Cyber bullying• Using technology for:– Harassment– Embarrassment– Threaten– Target
  26. 26. You are a person online
  27. 27. The cyber bully likes:• Anonymity• Global audience• No time limits
  28. 28. Real people get hurt• 18 year old Jessica hanged herself after an ex-boyfriend sent naked pictures to high school• An 8th grader learned an internet romancewas a hoax• Two 14 year olds taped a teenage couplemaking out at a party and distributed the clipat school
  29. 29. What do I do?• THINK before you send that email or text• Don’t be a bystander• Take away the anonymity – REPORT IT• Don’t use chat rooms or websites that allowbullies to operate• Be supportive of someone who is hurt
  30. 30. I am only posting for my friends…
  31. 31. Be a smart Friend• Offenders may pretend to be someone youknow!• Or will try to become your FriendSO BE PICKY ABOUT YOURFRIENDS
  32. 32. Be aware• Using the internet toget “in person”meetings• Online chat abuse“show me” onwebcams, IM, Chat, iMessage