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Charleston, SC Trolleys


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Charleston, SC Trolleys

  1. 1. Charleston’s TrolleysMichael Carnell
  2. 2. A Question From MyChildhood•Why did the power company run the buses?•Answer: Because buses started off as trolleys, andtrolleys ran on electricity!•Originally lights and power weren’t such a bigthing, but transportation was.
  3. 3. Pre-Electric Street Railways
  4. 4. October 15, 1866 horse street railways begin - manydifferent vendors. Just before the merger in 1897CCRC operated 20 horse cars with 20 more in reserve,the Enterprise company operated ten cars. Each ofthese could hold 20 to 25 passengers.
  5. 5. Historical Perspective•1901 President William McKinley shot at Pan American Expo, 9/6/1901 died 9/14•1901-2 West Indian Expo and Ivory City•1901 Start of shipyard•1907 Union Station built at Columbus Street•1910 shipyard opens•1912 Titanic sinks•1914 World War 1 starts, but US not in it yet•1915 May 15 - Lusitania sunk off Ireland•1916 July 15-17 closed due to hurricane•1917 April 6, US declares war on Germany and enters WW1•1917 Women’s suffrage reaching a high point and National Women’s Party formed•1918 shipyard highpoint•1918 First World War ends•1920 Women’s voting rights passed in summer and women can vote in Nov elections•1920 to 1933 - Prohibition in the US•1927 new company and layoffs•1928 Grace Memorial Bridge over the Cooper River starts construction•1929 Cooper River bridge opens as toll bridge•1929 October, stock market crash•1934 Navy yard line replaced by buses•1936 May, Gone with the Wind published
  6. 6. First Electric Trolley In Charleston -June 26, 1897
  7. 7. Trolley vs Streetcar vsTram vs .....Note: A cable car is not a trolley!
  8. 8. About 1902
  9. 9. At East Bay
  10. 10. Date Unknown, But Note The Wagons
  11. 11. A Short VideoQuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.
  12. 12. 1906 - Note The Poles
  13. 13. The 1920s
  14. 14. King Street 1910
  15. 15. And Night (Same Guys?)
  16. 16. About 1912
  17. 17. East Bay Street
  18. 18. Meeting at Market
  19. 19. Meeting S.O.B.
  20. 20. The Station At ColumbusStreet
  21. 21. Getting Around
  22. 22. Example Times
  23. 23. Mt Pleasant to Sullivan’sIsland To Isle Of Palms
  24. 24. The Tourist Route•Train into Charleston•Ferry from Charleston wharf to Mt. Pleasant•On to trolley at Pitt Street•Across the inlet to Sullivan’s Island•On to amusement park on Isle of Palms
  25. 25. A Day At The Beach
  26. 26. Murder She Wrote•December 1936•Cast:•Motorman Grover P. McClure•Corrie McClure - His Estranged Wife•Her Dog•Clarence Levy (age 81) -The Oldest Policemanin Charleston
  27. 27. Last Electric Trolley5pm February 10, 19385pm February 10, 1938
  28. 28. The Metrics
  29. 29. A Fond FarewellPerhaps I’m just old fashionedbut my heart is sore within.I’m grieving for the streetcarsin spite of clamor and din.I’m thinking of that welcome soundwhen a restless night is o’er,the comfort of that early caras it passes by my door.I’m thinking of the men who drivetheir patience and their cheer.How they must have grown to love itand - I find I shed a tear.‘Tis hard to see the old things goto make a way for new.Tho buses may be very grandhere’s, old streetcars, to you.- News & Courier
  30. 30. History of MergersCharleston Gas Light Co. Charleston Electric Light Co. Charleston City Railway Co.Enterprise StreetRailway Co.Charleston & SeashoreRailway Co.United States IlluminatingCompanyCharleston Light & Power Co. Charleston City Railway Co.Charleston Consolidated Railway,Gas & Electric Company - 1899South Carolina Power Company - 1926South Carolina Electric & GasSCE&G - 1948
  31. 31. Tokens - Signs of Change
  32. 32. The Trolley Barn665 Meeting Street
  33. 33. The Trolley barn Today
  34. 34. Current PLans??
  35. 35. What Has Happened?
  36. 36. Used as House in WestAshley Until 2008
  37. 37. Were Going To BeRestored•Magnolia Development was going to restore them•To be used in a development on the neck•Then the markets crashed•Post & Courier article on them in 2010 Link•Unfortunately they now sit exposed to weather,vandalism and general decay
  38. 38. As They Are TodayActually even worse now...
  39. 39. The Interior
  40. 40. For SCANA’s 150th
  41. 41. A Tale With A Twist
  42. 42. For Further Reference•• Palmetto Traction: Electric railways of South Carolina by Thomas T. Fetters,1978• SCANAs First 150 Years: Building on Success by SCANA Corporation, 1996• South Carolina Electric & Gas Company: 1846 - 1964 by Nell C. Pogue, 1964• Uptown/Downtown in Old Charleston: Sketches and Stories by Louis D. Rubin Jr,2010• The Golden Weather ("Fiction") by Louis D. Rubin Jr, 1995• Southern States Trolleys in Color (Does not include Charleston!) by Edward A.Ridolph, 2004
  43. 43. Thank You!