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Concha espina


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It shows a presentation of a famous Cantabrian writer

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Concha espina

  1. 1. Concha EspinaShe was a famousCantabrian writer
  2. 2. Concha EspinaShe was bornin Santanderon 14th may of 1869.
  3. 3. Concha Espina• Maria de laConcepción JesusaBasilisa Espina,better known asConcha Espina.
  4. 4. Concha Espina• She was the daughter of Victor Rodriguezand Garcia AscensiónOlivares Y TagleY Vega and she was theseventh of ten children.
  5. 5. Concha EspinaThe familyhome is onthe street ofMéndez Núñez fromSantander,in the neighborhood of Sotileza.
  6. 6. Concha EspinaSome of her works are:• Mujeres del Quijote of 1903 .• La niña de Luzmela novel of 1909 .• La Esfinge de Maragata of 1914. It was the Award of the Real Academia Española.• Dulce Nombre of 1921 novel.
  7. 7. Concha Espina• Homage to her:• A school.• A theater.• A madrid`s metro.
  8. 8. Concha Espina • She died in Madrid on 17th of may of 1955.
  9. 9. We say good byeBy:• Joan Oviedo• Sebastián Ospina• Josué Santana• Ismael Cantero
  10. 10. •TheEnd