The devil's favourite game


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student's projects on myths and legends

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The devil's favourite game

  1. 1. The DevilsFavouriteGame
  2. 2. The Devils Favourite GameDevils favorite game is to scare people. It walks through forests at midnight and terrorize people who are camping.
  3. 3. The Devils Favourite GameThis story took place not long ago, in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire (England)
  4. 4. The Devils Favourite— GameThree people were camping in the woods. They loved camping. Josh said: “Lets go down the river and get some wood”. Annie, the second camper, said “wait for me I’ll come”, as she put her boots on. The third camper Charley said “I’ll come, that gives us something to do”.
  5. 5. The Devils Favourite Game to the den that theyAn hour passed, they decided to go back had made. In shock the three campers stood still. The tents had been blown up and set on fire and the fire that they set up for the food to go in had been snapped in half. As they came back to their senses they put the fire out with their water bottles and then set the tents up again.
  6. 6. The Devils Favourite GameNow it was 7 oclock. They finished. They went in their own tents to sleep. Josh didnt want to go to sleep, he stayed awake. He left his book outside so he wanted to get it to pass the time. As he went out to grab his book he saw something in the woods, it was bloody red and it was dripping. He said “¿hello are you ok?”, but no answer back. Josh wanted to get a better view. He said again “hello are you ok”, still no answer, just someone standing there.
  7. 7. The Devils Favourite GameHe reach the woods and he saw nothing, he thought that’s so weird, I swear I saw something. When he turned around a dripping bloody man come right near him. He had just white eyes and really sharp teeth. Josh screamed out loud. It worked, the other campers woke up but as they rushed down to where Josh was, it was too late. His head was on the floor they didnt know who it was or nothing, but as they turned around they saw the devil. They ran to the car and they got in it. They escaped but poor Josh didn’t.
  8. 8. The Devils Favourite Game went in herWeeks passed and then Anniebed to go to sleep. Suddenly the Devilsaid let’s play my favourite game andkilled poor Annie.
  9. 9. THEEND
  10. 10. THEEND