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Skipping class- Muckrakers


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Skipping class- Muckrakers

  1. 1. How to Fix the Problem
  2. 2. • Many students roam the halls for classes that they do not want to attend that day.• It is pointless to even come to school if the student does not bother to go to their classes.
  3. 3. • If a student is caught skipping, a possible punishment is Saturday school.• They did not think the class was important enough to attend at its regular time, so they will be expected to make up that time over the weekend.• It will teach students very quickly that skipping is pointless and that its better to go to class anyway.
  4. 4. • Some students don’t even bother to come to school.• The attendance incentive is a good way to prevent students from missing school, but some students view it as unattainable.
  5. 5. • Students who do make an effort to go to class every day should not be penalized for being sick or having a doctor’s appointment.• The attendance incentive should be either extended or excused absences should not count towards it.• This way, students who would not normally bother to achieve the incentive might see it as more manageable and make more of an effort to make it to school.
  6. 6. • Students are constantly skipping their lunch period to go to McDonalds, Subway or another fast food restaurant.• This is technically considered skipping class, but just telling the students to stay at school will not work.
  7. 7. • Create a waiver system (to prevent liability issues) in which the parents sign off permitting their child to leave for lunch• The student receives a student ID, verifying that they are allowed to go.• A teacher stands at the doorway and monitors, making sure that the student has their student ID.
  8. 8. • If the student is late coming back from lunch, it is their fault, and they will be marked as late to class.• This responsibility should teach students time management and how to prioritize.