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adwords presentation


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adwords presentation

  1. 1. Is Adwords auto-bidding setting good for your finances? And does really count the native language of the Adwords Specialist?
  2. 2. I will answer showing some of my Adwords Experiences and Results. • I would like to show what I get when I started an Italian Adwords campaign for a brand new product for the Italian market and then applying what I learned by experience and keeping confirm to Adwords Best Practices. • First I disabled the Adwords auto-bidding setting. • I put at at the lowest bid possible (0,01). This after two important consideration : 1. No competition for the keywords and even for related keywords. 2. The real bid amount of related keyword to lower down the historical bid that Adwords hat saved and on which it based its suggestion.
  3. 3. Looking at first a the data it did not seemed to be a right choise, but… I encountered as you could imagine less performance in the first time, but in the same time I understood which keywords and Ads Groups were more worth investing and with which bid on each of them.
  4. 4. Clicks Graph’s of Italian Campaign
  5. 5. Ads Groups View This Graph show insight after few days I did the changes I described above. As you can see in the end the Avg Position of Ads Groups was still very good but now the keywords was elegible for just 0,01 cent against the historical CPC around 0,30(the deafult bid by Google was 0,49 cent).
  6. 6. Of course the costs rose up but…
  7. 7. This was taken into account as an aim was built brand knowledge and awareness(due a new product in Italy)
  8. 8. The Avg CMP rose up in the first 2 weeks but because I optimized the Display Campaign choosing personally sites and blogs the same AVG CMP decreased after a while meanwhile Impressions increased ( as shown in the preview image).
  9. 9. The Search Impr. Share also rose up ( so this means more relevant keywords and increased of Quality Score )
  10. 10. Another very important Adwords’ campaigns indicator , the Search IS Exact Match increased as well.
  11. 11. Unfortunately I do not have directly data from Analytics as I did had not directly access that time, but I do can show some quite direct data from the back office of Prestashop, where are evident the rising up of the Italian sales and others correlated with Adwords.
  12. 12. The sales for Italy, Spain and German increased of :
  13. 13. And more… N. Orders, Products and Sales
  14. 14. I improved also other countries campaigns as for example the Spanish one, that has to be said, it was already good, but I obtained few improvements. Mostly it decreased the AV CPC but I kept high the CTR ( the clicks here how can you see rose up up) and other indicators.
  15. 15. I obtained the rising up of Impressions meanwhile a very good low AVG positions ( from 1.5 to 1.1)
  16. 16. Here the Avg Ads position is more evident as it was kept stable, with some picks when I put down to a minimum default CPC bid to “reset” Adwords historical data ( as it was started with automated bidding and for some keywords there was not competition and this was giving unnecessary money to Google )
  17. 17. Here the rose up of Impressions
  18. 18. The German Campaign was a bit more difficult to improve and to be optimazed. The product has a strong competition, but I got also few good results that as showed before on the % sales, in other words it come up to an increase in sales that is what a business is looking for ( so a net positive ROI considering even the short rose up of costs ). Market competitive campaign : still space to improvement:
  19. 19. First I tried to improve brand awareness changing few words from exact match to broad but thinking about it strategically in terms of keywords searchs and they historically indicators. The process was long to understand which words were worth work with, but in the end I got the same amount of clicks meanwhile I improved of others indicators
  20. 20. Here I show the rose up of Impressions ( as planned )
  21. 21. After the all process, Search Exact match IS rose up again. This indicators is correlated with the increase of the CTR.
  22. 22. Other indicators such as costs rose up, but this is normal having in the same time more impressions. In the end this turned out having more sales and a brand awareness built up.
  23. 23. Conclusions Adwords campaigns are more easly to manage in terms of markets with less competition for given keywords or new brand names, but still they have to be under control and managed due to the nature of the “bidding” system where the unite value (click bid) can change drammatically dipending on your competitors strategies and more more important it depends on people queries. For the same reason without leaving a default bidding even in competitive market thinking strategically in terms of business aims, it is not impossible achieve Improvements. It has to be said that there are many performance indicators that are difficult to control as they dipend closely with others in a non-linear way ( Search impression share , Search lost impression share, Search lost impression share “rank”, etc )