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  1. 1. Lecture 2 - Season 1
  2. 2.  Centralised around the protagonist and at times antagonist of this Generation, Tony Stonem. Effy‟s entrance to the show was quite memorable as straight off the bat her rebellious side is displayed. “You take me for a complete James Blunt don‟t you?” – Jim Stonem “Bring some frands?” – Abigail Stock (That accent is just shocking)
  3. 3.  The entire generation are deeply immersed into their characters during their introductions. For example: ◦ Sid – The lazy and unmotivated virgin. “Wake up you lazy, ball-eyed, little fucker! Huh?! You complete and total fucking sodden waste of fucking space!” ◦ Jal – With her Clarinet. ◦ “Nips” I mean Michelle – Beautifying herself. ◦ Chris – In bed... ◦ Anwar – Praying at the Mosque. ◦ Maxxie – Tap-dancing. “Big day out with the lads!”
  4. 4.  Chris highlights how careless the rich and famous are when he takes the phones left on the table at Abigail‟s party. “I mean what would you do if everything‟s so fucked up and you just don‟t know what to do?” “I stop eating until they take me to hospital” The irony of the drugs floating to the top after the car “dunkage.” Image of Sid and Tony laying in bed with the sheets is a reminder of how close they are in the friendship.
  5. 5.  The opening scene displays how much havok and trouble the gang can cause. Cassie has overly sexual parents, who don‟t have time to pay attention to her or her little brother. Neglected child. Featured Abigail‟s mother, the person in charge of the rehabilitation centre. “(On the phone with Abigail) ...I am your mother! Have you taken your medication? Well take it now. Now!” “Mad”ison Twatter One of Cassie‟s most significant scenes would have to be the one where she‟s showing Sid how she hides her eating disorder.
  6. 6.  It has become her way of living and is the way that she functions. “And it‟s not like anybody cares so...” “I care.” “I‟m a bad person.” “Look up if you like me.” It appears that not only does Cassie have the eating disorder but other mental health problems as she had been hallucinating the “eat” notes and messages. Also shown in Rich‟s character in Season 6.
  7. 7.  Jalander "Jal" Fazer - Portrayed by Larissa Wilson who has an uncanny resemblance to Laya Lewis who portrays Liv in Generation 3. Young Musician of the Year Finalist, with her Clarinet. “We want to celebrate this wonderful achievement for a girl of your background.” Note: “your background” Her father is successful in the music industry dating a much younger woman and her brothers are overbearing leaving her to be the “mature one” in the family. No mother figure in the picture.
  8. 8.  The moment when Jal breaks out of her comfort zone when Michelle gives her a dress to wear and stuns everyone with a figure she‟s been hiding underneath all of her insecurities. Michelle recognises that Sid “fancies” her but says that she sees him as a brother. After that, Cassie comes over and buys him a drink but is completely ignored. Mad Twatter goes mad, and destroys Jal‟s Clarinet after she and Sid had been ambushed. Her father‟s love is shown through the replacement of the Clarinet and “sorting out” Mad Twatter. One question to ask: Why didn‟t Jal play during her recital? What was holding her back?
  9. 9.  Quite humorous yet serious opening scene with Chris having to urinate in the shower due to the Viagra. The he sees the £1000 left over from his Mother who is later revealed to have left him, for good. Intimate moment shared between Chris and Angie until “something” gets in the way. Michelle is neglected and Tony always points her supposedly unsymmetrical “nips” but she still stays with him. Even after selling the electronic devices, Chris decides to spend the money on more drugs. Only to be kicked out of his own house the next day by a squatter, walking aimlessly naked afterward.
  10. 10.  Turns to his Dad‟s family for support. It is shown that he is hesitant to interact with his baby half- brother Sammy, most likely a product of coming from such a broken upbringing. When he holds Sammy, he stops crying but is then drop. Represents the fragility of everything. Chris then runs away and speaks to Jal about Peter. “The best day of my life.” Despite all of his partying and positive attitude towards most things, he is one of the most broken characters in the first Generation.
  11. 11.  Sidney "Sid" Jenkins – Portrayed by Mike Bailey. “I didn‟t eat for three days so I could lovely.” – Cassie Sid‟s father Mark wishes that Sid could be more like Tony. Living in a dysfunctional family where his parents are constantly fighting. Tony grows “bored” with Michelle. He stirs things between her and Abigail.
  12. 12.  Neglected Cassie sitting in Sid‟s room. “Hey. Wow, fuck you... It‟s your choice Sid, everything is your choice.” – Cassie Goes back to fight for Michelle after Tony‟s permission but then Michelle figuratively runs back Tony. Not wanting to let go. All the while, Cassie attempts suicide and is taken by the ambulance with Jal accompanying. Sid‟s mother left and he finally tries to finish his coursework.
  13. 13.  Maxxie Oliver – Portrayed by Mitch Hewer (Also known for his work in „Brittania High‟. Anwar Kharral – Portrayed by Dev Patel (Also known for his work in „Slumdog Millionare‟.