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SECTIO         I – JOB IDE         TIFICATIOJob Title:         Vice President, Facilities and Administrative ServicesDepar...
this role will involve setting aside excess capacity, balancing the demands of     multiple internal departments/ executiv...
SECTIO       IV – POSITIO            DIME      SIO    SReports To:             Senior Vice President, Facilities and Admin...
Strategic perspective and business acumen - Looks                     toward the broadest possible view of an issue/ chall...
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VP, Facilities, Administrative Services Position


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Facility management career opportunity available for a growing SF bank. Must have undergraduate degree (MBA preferred), management and facilities experience and relevant financial/banking background. Details attached. Contact Betsy Reinking at 707-360-5041 or email

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VP, Facilities, Administrative Services Position

  1. 1. SECTIO I – JOB IDE TIFICATIOJob Title: Vice President, Facilities and Administrative ServicesDepartment: FacilitiesLocation: San Francisco SECTIO II – JOB SUMMARYThe VP, Facilities and Administrative Services is an important member of the Bank’smanagement and leadership team. The Facilities department is generally responsiblefor the following critical functions: Lease negotiations, administration, and management of landlord relations Market surveys and new branch site evaluation Architectural design and development for new locations and existing portfolio remodels New office/ branch acquisition and build-out Facilities project management (including coordination/ participation with a wide range of Bank activities with Facilities impacts or dependencies) Day-to-day property management Construction management Long-term Bank-wide space planning and capacity management Coordination and execution of internal personnel moves Developing and managing Facilities-component of the Bank’s energy and sustainability programs Support efforts to ensure the safety and security of the Bank’s facilities Manage the compliance with applicable laws and regulationsThis executive will play an important role supporting the department in accomplishingthese objectives. In addition to providing his/ her leadership and participation to theseimportant activities broadly, this individual will have specific responsibility for spaceplanning, corporate remodels, and corporate employee moves. SECTIO III – DUTIES A D RESPO SIBILITIES1. Develop and maintain the Bank’s long-term space plan, related reporting, and planning activities. Ensure that the Bank’s anticipated growth and evolving facilities requirements are closely monitored, anticipated and satisfied. At times 1
  2. 2. this role will involve setting aside excess capacity, balancing the demands of multiple internal departments/ executives for limited space, and defining a clear long-term strategy (with specific goals and standards).2. Manage corporate remodel and department/ employee relocation activities. This regularly involves coordinating complex schedules, adjusting to shifting requirements/ priorities, managing diverse internal and external resources, providing regular interdepartmental updates/ reports, and resolving/ escalating issues as required on a timely basis.3. Support the management and delivery of day-to-day Facilities services and functions. This includes managing effective processes/ controls and responding to issues on a timely, cost effectively, and to the satisfaction of the end user.4. Keep abreast of current trends and provide feasibility studies and cost proposals for new innovative opportunities (particularly in the sustainability and energy efficiency areas). Demonstrate ownership of the Bank’s premier customer experience, the success of our front line and operational partners, and shareholder value.5. Keep abreast of regulatory, legal and industry best practices to maintain compliance and an appropriate level of risk. Partner closely with leadership of Audit, Risk Management, Information Systems, Information Security/ Disaster Recovery, and Compliance/ Legal to develop and execute risk management activities. Regularly report on the status and success of risk management and any open remediation activities.6. Perform duties & responsibilities specific to department functions & activities.7. Performs other duties & responsibilities as required or assigned by supervisor.8. Responsibilities include the following: 1) adhering to and complying with the applicable, federal and state laws, regulations and guidance, including those related to anti-money laundering (i.e. Bank Secrecy Act, US PATRIOT Act, etc.) 2) adhering to Bank policies and procedures, 3) completing required training, 4) identifying and reporting suspicious activity to the AML Officer, and 5) knowing and verifying the identity of any customer(s) that enters into a relationship with the Bank. 2
  3. 3. SECTIO IV – POSITIO DIME SIO SReports To: Senior Vice President, Facilities and Administrative ServicesPositions Supervised: Manager, Space PlanningInternal Contacts: Deposit Services, Lending Services, Information Services, Audit, Compliance, Legal, Relationship Managers, Preferred Banking, Preferred Banking Office Management, Project Management, Executive Management, and other teams/ resources as required.External Contacts: Current and potential business partners/ vendors.Skills, Knowledge and Education/ work experience:Abilities: Undergraduate degree required; MBA preferred 10+ years in a facilities management role required 5+ years of management experience required Relevant experience with a financial institution or firm with comparable concerns and quality standards desired Technical skill/ competency Must be highly conversant with lease terms, conditions, and the associated negotiations/ administration processes Strong business orientation, understanding of business processes, and the resulting applications to Facilities from an employee, customer and Bank perspective Possess depth of knowledge and competency in facilities management, construction management, and decisively resolving Facilities-related issues Skilled at identifying and evaluating new locations Skilled at development and managing related policies and enterprise standards Leadership skill/ competency Demonstrated leadership, planning, and managerial skills with the ability to contribute broadly at an executive level Pragmatic with an ability to generate trust and build alliances across business and functional lines Empowers others and demonstrates a positive and energizing style Consistently demonstrates and follows high standards of integrity in business decision-making, and expects the same standards of performance from his/her subordinates Personal skill/ competency 3
  4. 4. Strategic perspective and business acumen - Looks toward the broadest possible view of an issue/ challenge; can easily pose future scenarios; can think globally about all aspects of the Bank; can discuss multiple considerations of an issue and forecast them into the future; understands how the Bank works, competes, serves clients, and generates shareholder value Decision making - Makes decisions in a timely manner, often with incomplete information and under tight deadlines; makes good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment Communication skills - Demonstrates excellent communication and interpersonal skills; able to communicate clearly and concisely in a variety of settings and styles; is effective in a variety of formal presentation and meeting settings; commands attention and can manage group process during presentation/ discussion Change management - Gains support for change by providing context and responding with sensitivity to concerns; removes obstacles that prevent or slow the implementation of change; takes initiative to recommend/ develop innovative approaches to getting things done egotiation skills - Negotiates skillfully in tough situations with internal and external groups; can win concessions without damaging relationships; can be both direct and diplomatic Peer relationships - Can quickly find common ground and solve problems for the good of all; can represent own interests and yet be fair to others; is a team player and encourages collaboration; can be candid with peersPhysical - Vision must be sufficient to read data reports, manuals andRequirements: computer screens. - Hearing must be sufficient to understand a conversation at a normal volume, including telephone calls and in person. - Speech must be coherent to clearly convey or exchange information, including the giving and receiving of assignments and/or directions. - Position involves sitting most of the time, but may involve walking or standing for brief periods of time. - Must be able to travel in a limited capacity. 4