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  • All students participate in experiences purposefully designed to engage them in meaningful and relevant learning that encourages them to think creatively, express themselves, and explore the collaborative powers of technology.

  • The kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders are all involved in digital storytelling projects that allow them to create work and share with a global audience. (Pic and explanation)
  • In the “hi Around the World” project The first graders are working on creating a video that shares the different ways we greet each other in Hawaii. The video will be shared with students form schools in many other countries who are creating and sharing their own video.

    Brown bear brown bear kindergarten project – multiple classrooms around the world are collaborating on a brown bear book that showcases animals native to that classrooms area; digital book to be posted online and we will also publish copies for each of our students

    The second graders are participating in a video exchange project with Discovery Elementary School in San Jose, CA. They are in the process of storyboarding and filming their video clips. When the videos are done both schools will post their videos to our second grade global connections wiki where students will be able to comment, ask questions, and interact with each other.

    Among other digital portfolio projects, the First graders keep track of their reading progress by creating digital progressfolios.
  • Email penpals from Boston and Ireland are giving us a global audience for our work. We are collaborating on a number of projects with these classrooms. The latest of which was a sharing of photos from a recent photography unit, the next is a video sharing of words in Hawaiian and Gaelic.

    Chat across America– the third graders are Skyping with states across the country to share who we are and to learn about others. The project involves numerous technology tools/skills ranging from conducting online research to word processing, photography, and using web-based tools like
  • This collaborative workspace grew out of the Chat Across the USA project. A group of the teachers involved in the project started dialoging about ways we could further the interaction of our students.
  • The Way We Are” is a Collaborative project with our fourth graders and fourth graders in Kentucky; the project involves emailing, interacting online, sharing work, and a final project that is a collaboration of groups from both places. The students in Kentucky entered a Technology competition highlighting our project; (the teacher emailed me the other day saying that everyone loved hearing about the project and seeing/watching the videos we created for them)

    On our global connections wiki ( we have posted a mahalo video to them. We plan and create relevant experiences as we progress along in our collaboration.
  • Fourth graders are collaborating with fourth graders to create podcasts and share them with these fourth graders. That project is going to lead to further collaboration, with a final event taking place when the 4th graders from Honolulu visit our campus in the Spring. Our task was to listen to the podcast and then vote based on what the students presented, which island we would want to move to.
  • Email pals from Illinois, California, Boston, and Turkey - Allowing for cultural exchange, connection with others, and global audience for our work.

    “My Message to the World” – students are creating videos of their message to the world that incorporate many of the things they have learned in technology class; their work will be shared with their epals and posted on the blog and wiki. To begin getting them thinking about how Technology can be used to spread important messages I used our blog and had them watch various videos and respond to them.
  • Each grade has a class wiki that I use as a teaching tool to enhance and extend lessons. The 3rd-5th graders are all users and have their own individual pages that they design and manage; Our global connections wikis are used to share work and collaborate with people outside our school

    An example of my use of the class wiki to enhance and extend class instruction is the current project the fifth grade is working on –

    We are currently looking into the possibillity of using the wiki as a digital portfolio for the students.
  • Planning and collaboration time

    My first year – last year as homeroom teacher I really saw how technology could change a classroom, with these kinds activities and much more, it was amazing

    There is a technology gap and there are different perspectives on the role of technology in education…
  • Technology use ksh elem

    1. 1. Engaging Learners with Technology
    2. 2. We use technology to… Create Inspire Connect Learn Communicate Share Grow Collaborate
    3. 3. With tools like… Wikis Animoto Blogs Slideshare Virtual field trips Google tools Webquests Prezi Podcasts Symbaloo Videos Voki Learning networks Flickr Epals Global School Net Glogster Wallwisher And many more…
    4. 4. How? Meaningful and relevant learning that encourages creativity, self-expression, and collaboration…
    5. 5. Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Digital Storytelling = Global Audience The second graders collaborated on fairy tales using PowerPoint and Kidpix. Their stories were then uploaded to Slideshare and embedded into the technology class blog (
    6. 6. Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade cont… “Hi Around the World” – First Grade Video Project “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” Around the Globe – Kindergarten project “My School” - Second grade video exchange with Easterbrook Discovery School in San Jose, CA
    7. 7. Third Grade Epals in Boston and Ireland Chat Across America Project
    8. 8. Third Grade cont… Kindred Communities Wiki – Grew out of our Chat Across America project as we desired more ways for our students to interact.
    9. 9. Fourth Grade “The Way We Are” – Hawaii and Kentucky
    10. 10. Fourth Grade cont… New Zealand and Belarus cultural sharing and comparison project Hongwanji Mission School in Honolulu – Podcasts and other kinds of collaboration on our wikis.
    11. 11. Fifth Grade Email pals from Illinois, California, and Boston “My Message to the World”
    12. 12. Fifth Grade cont… Wallwisher is a tool that the fifth graders have used to give sharing time to all members in the class. The fifth graders Google Earthed their email pals before sending their first email.
    13. 13. Wikis - home wiki for all our wiki sites; grade level wikis and global connections wikis
    14. 14. Challenges Time Technology access – few computers in grade level classes Communication and collaboration among teachers (New Technology Teacher) Technology Gap - Connected Teaching
    15. 15. In conclusion… The journey is only beginning. Using technology to create learning experiences that engage our students and transcend the constraints of time and space is an achievable goal. Creating truly innovative experiences (not just taking the traditional and putting it online) is what I am continually working towards.