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Fitness Presentation


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Fitness Presentation

  1. 1. ...Opening a business in New Zealand‟s fitness industry... Fit „n‟ Well Carmen Ooi
  2. 2. Things to consider: Will it make profits in the future? What is the competition like? What appeals to customers?
  3. 3. Factors and Important ideas
  4. 4.  Gyms have a membership growth of 5-10% each year  People are understanding the fact that gyms are a good option to help maintain a healthy lifestyle  7th highest membership per capita in the world Lewis, R. (2008, November 23). Flat to Fab on beach. New Zealand Herald The Business of fitness. (2008, July 03). Scoop Independent News
  5. 5.  Obesity rates continue to grow each year which shows more people will want to do something about their weight Ministry of Social Department (2008) Obesity – Current level and Trends retrieved April 17, 2009 from
  6. 6.  Is it safe to open a new business during this time of economy?  The Fitness industry has shown to be “recession proof”  Gyms are being seen as a necessity rather than a luxury Beddie, R. (2009, March). Fitness industry recession-proof? Fitness life, issue 41, pg 126
  7. 7.  Many types of Gyms located around NZ  Normal/Original Gyms  Luxury Gyms (provides soaps)  Gyms with Swimming Pools  Women only gyms
  8. 8.  Another form of competition  Attracts many people deciding how to lose weight  Fastest way to lose weight however not the healthiest  5% of people wanting to lose weight would choose a dieting program Houlahan, M. (2009, February 13). Surge at gyms as Kiwis tackle obesity. Retrieved April 13, 2009, from
  9. 9. Expand the company or too many risks
  10. 10.  Gyms are seen to have a membership growth each year  Fitness industry not affected by recession  People are always considering to go to a gym  Good way to stay fit and healthy  New Ideas is a key thing