WINNERS 2º bach


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WINNERS 2º bach

  1. 1. One day Rachel left the school as usual, but that day,for some reason, she decided to take a different path.After walking a few minutes, she saw a little girl cryingand Rachel asked her what was wrong. She pointedout to an old house and sobbing, she explained thather cat had gotten there but the girl did not want togo to find it because she was afraid, she was veryfrightened.Kindly Rachel, who was a good person, decided tohelp the girl and look for the cat
  2. 2. At the entrance, the door was open, and there wasnobody in the house so she decided to enter. Whenshe entered, the door slammed. Nevertheless Raqueldecided to go ahead. The cat suddenly camerunning up the stairs.Raquel followed it and reachedthe second floor, the cat was there in the hallwaystaring at her, it seemed as if the cat had beenwaiting for her and when Rachel approached to takeit, the cat ran into a room that had the door ajar.
  3. 3. Upon entering the room, Rachel was surprised, it wasa childs room, and the walls were lined with pinkpaper and shelves full of beautiful dolls who stared atthe intruders.But Rachel was not surprised by the amount of toysthat were in the house, nor by cardboard horserocking just mysteriously either. The room, unlike therest of the house was new, as if time had stood still.Suddenly she stared at a photo, where it could see afamily, apparently the father, the mother and adaughter, the girl who now was there on the streetwaiting for her to bring her kitty.
  4. 4. Rachel started to be really scared of all this and didnot like it, so she decided to return without the catand escape from the house before somethinghappened. As she turned to leave, there was the girl,bloodied and crying:THEY KILLED ME!, And so will YOU!The next day they found the body of Raquel, just asthe girl was found many years ago.You may ask how I know this story. I am that girl and Iwant you to bring me my cat ... Mª José Moreno
  6. 6. THE HOSPITALSergio was asleep. He was hospitalized in a hospital nursery. His mother had leftfor a moment, leaving him alone, but when he awoke he was not alone.The first thing I looked at was the chair where he sat his mother to care for him,and remembered that she had left. Looking to the other side his eyes saw a girlwho was lying.- Hello - said the girl.- Hello.- How long have you hospitalized? - Asked the girl as she settled into a sittingposition.- A day ago - Sergio replied, and coughed a few times.- Im here for a while. When I brought were sleeping.- Yes, I get sleepy, Im already kind of boring, but mom says that in two days ...- Theres something under your bed! - The girl suddenly shouted while pointing arm-. There is an ugly thing that is hiding there. And now it is beckoning to me to shutup!
  7. 7. Sergio A sudden cry startled him, butimmediately thought that the girl was lying.- Theres nothing, do not lie - Sergio said trying to smile.- - There are other. Hes making all kinds of faces, there, that horrible! - Said the girl, and covered his face as if he felt much terror.- Liar!- If you do not believe me look under your bed!
  8. 8. Sergio hesitated, approached the edge of thebed and when I went to look down, a wrinkledhand came short and thick fingers projectingfrom there and took his face for a moment,then disappeared under the bed with the samespeed.Sergio screamed like never before did. At thatmoment his mother opened the door, andrushed towards him.- What happened? What was it? - He asked.
  9. 9. - Theres a monster under my bed! He grabbed my face ...!- My life!, You were dreamed.- No! was now that I was awake - Her mother looked under the bed and smiled.- Nothing, it was a nightmare.- I tell you, no! I was awake! She saw it first - Sergio said between sobs and pointed to where the child was, but the bed was EMPTY!!. Sergio Árevalo
  10. 10. THE BLACK BOX
  11. 11. When I woke up, I was in a very dark room. Itwas so dark that I couldn´t see anything. Igot up and I was dazed. While I was turningon the lantern of my mobile, I tried toremember how I had come there. At thatmoment, I saw a piece of paper with lettersand numbers forming a circle. It was an Ouijaboard. Then I remembered everything. After acrazy night, in which we had been drinking alot, my friends and I decided to go to anabandoned house to play with an Ouija board.After a while, somebody grabbed me by my neckand later I fainted.It was 4:00 a.m., two hours later after I hadfainted. I called my friends but they weren´tthere. I was very angry with them becausethey had left me alone. However, the mostimportant thing was to go away from that
  12. 12. I found a door and I opened it. There was along corridor with a door leading outside. AsI was walking throught the corridor, Irealised that all the pictures in the housewere covered with a cloth. I was very amazedand I uncovered one of the pictures to seewhat was happening. I was frightened: therewas a family without faces, except for achild in the middle of the picture who had ablack box in his hands. It was the mostmacabre face I had ever seen.Suddenly, all the lights of the corridor wereturned on, as if somebody had woken up. Allthe pictures had been uncovered and the child´s desfigured face with his black box couldbe seen in them.
  13. 13. When I was about going out, somethingattracted my attention. There was the littleblack box of the picture. I was curious toknow what was in it. When I took the box, Ifelt as if a lot of hands were grasping me. Iwas petrified. The door was opened and thechild appeared with the box in his hands andsuddenly...This story was found next to a dead boy withhis face desfigured. He was holding a blackbox which disappeared mysteriously when thepolice arrived.“Have you looked for it in your bedroom?” Ángel Molina Mariscal