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Maria josé 1º bach ccss


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Maria josé 1º bach ccss

  1. 1. In Pántul , a small town , two years ago a girl calledRoxy, committed suicide because she was insultedand harassed by HER classmates.One of the classmates was Peter. Peter celebrated hissixteenth birthday with HIS friends. While they werecelebrating the doorbell rang. Peter opened the doorand there wasn´t anyone, only a small box WITH AMESSAGE WRITTEN ON IT: “For Peter”. He thoughtsomeone had given HIM it. He opened the box and itwas a alarm clock.
  2. 2. When Peter went to sleep, set his alarm clock up.Next morning the alarm clock rang, Peter pressedthe button to stop IT ringing, but something strangehappened . Suddenly, he appeared in a dark andgloomy place. BESIDES, it was cold.
  3. 3. Scared, HE began to cry.FROM darkness agirl with a terrifying aspectAPPEARED.IT Was a zombie! . The zombiewith a painFUL voice said: - I felt lonely and helpless!Like you now!Now all, one BY one ,are going to feel this pain!-.QUICKLY, the zombie ,Roxy,killed Peter with a bite.
  4. 4. In Pántul, the child was found dead in his bed but no one understood the reason . The alarm clock was passed to from child to child and each day a child appeared dead. This case was never SOLVED and everyone thought it was a deadly epidemic.
  5. 5. The last girl , Mary, who had the alarm clock alsoappeared in that dark place but she managed tokill Roxy with a rock, but OUT of darkness Peterand otherS in the form of zombies APPEARED andfinally they bit her.The spell of the alarm clock ended. THE END.