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Lucia 1º bach mixto


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Lucia 1º bach mixto

  1. 1. THE OLD MANSION  By : Lucía Rodríguez López
  2. 2. The old mansion The story of Halloween, HASBEEN celebrated FOR a long time inmany parts of the world. The children wear their costumes and walk with their pumpkins and GO KNOCKING AT doorS and they say: “trick or treat”It´s a night for meetINGfriends and watchING horror films and havING fun. But in a small village ofEngland, Brampton, almost ten years ago, nobody celebrate this party. People go home and the village is indarkness and the silence is total. But what is the reason WHY nobody celebrateS this party?
  3. 3. The old mansionAll happened ON the night of 31ST of October. Sally, a girl with thirteenyears old, blonde, short hair and brown eyes met her friends in the village. They were fed up because they ALWAYS dID the same and they wantED to do different things. Sallydecided to go to the old mansion of Dr. Smith. It was an abandoned big house of wHich many legends WERE TOLD but she was not FRIGHTENED. IT WAS Halloween and it WAS the opPortunity TO go to visit IT
  4. 4. The old mansionTom decided go home because he DIDN’T want TO enter the mansion. But Sally and Rachel decided TO go. They arrived at the door and a cat jumped to their side and scared theM, but they decided TO continue.They entered and went through a long hall and they heard some noiseS.
  5. 5. The old mansion Rachel was scared and decided to return but Sally DID not want TO. She thought that the noise was “the wind”. She continued walking and she arrived AT a room. IN The room THERE seemed to be a girl. Then, Sally CHECKED the room and suddenly the door closed. Sally was scared and she sought another exit but she heard a voice, she turned around and she saw a small girl.
  6. 6. The old mansionThe girl seemed real. She was SHORT and dark SKINNED. She was wearing a nightgown, but...she was floating. The girl seemed sad and she told Sally and story. Dr Smith was an old man that lived alone. People in the village told that he killedchildren because he never had a baby. “I entered here because I lost my ball and she killed me” said the girl.
  7. 7. The old mansionSuddenly someone opened the door. The girl disappeared but Sallycouldn´t Escape. THE next day Tom, Rachel and Sally’S PARENTSwere very WORRIED because they didn´t know whERE Sally WAS. HER parents called the police and the police went TO Dr. Smith´s house but they never returned AGAIN. The people in the village heard this and since THEN, NOBODY celebrates Halloween in Brampton. The end...