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Prepositions of place.

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  1. 1. PrepositionsWe use at to show a specific time, place or position.He is at the door.
  2. 2. We use in to show that something isenclosed or surrounded.The dog is in thegarden. We also use in to show position within land-areas (towns, states, countries, and continents).They are ina taxi.
  3. 3. We use on to show position on a horizontalor vertical surface. The cat sat on the table I was born on May
  4. 4. From …….to
  5. 5. Let’s Practice The baby was born on Monday. The baby was born in July. The baby was born at 2:00 am
  6. 6. Let´s Practice I work from 8:30 am to 6pm
  7. 7. Let’s Practice I teach English at 8:00 pm on Monday.
  8. 8. Where is the apple?The apple is_____________
  9. 9. Where are the grapes?
  10. 10. Where are the books?
  11. 11. Where is the cat?
  12. 12. Where is
  13. 13. Prepositions of Place
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