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Past simple


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How to use the past simple

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Past simple

  1. 1. Simple Past Tense uses1. Completed actions• To talk about events, actions or situations which occurred in the past and are now finished, and the time reference must be given. •I walked with Julian yesterday.•It must be understood from the context: •I saw Peter in town. (i.e. when I was there this morning) •I never met my grandfather. (i.e. he is dead)
  2. 2. Simple Past Tense uses2. Past habit Like used to, the simple past can be used to describe past habits. • I smoked forty cigarettes a day until I gave up. I used to smoke3. The immediate past To describe something that happened a very short time ago: • Jimmy punched me in the stomach. • Did the telephone ring? • Who left the door open?
  3. 3. Time signals Last night Last Yesterday summerI saw Jane yesterday/last summer. Ten a long time ago minutes ago Two years ago agoI met Robert many years ago in Berlin.
  4. 4. Regular verbs form Ed for all personsPlay playedWork workedStay stayedlisten listened
  5. 5. Spelling1. Verbs ending in -e add only d:Phone phoned.Smile smiled.Love loved.2. Verbs not ending in -e add -ed:.Ask askedClean cleanedFollow followed
  6. 6. Spelling3. Short verbs ending in one vowel + one consonant Stop stopped Beg begged4.Verbs ending in consonant + y study studied cry cried try tried.
  7. 7. Simple Past Tense affirmativeRegular Verbs (ED) Irregular VerbsI played I wentYou played You wentHe played He wentShe played She wentIt played It wentWe played We wentYou played You wentThey played They went
  8. 8. Simple Past Tense Negative Regular Verbs Irregular Verbs (didn´t + verb) (didn´t+ verb)I didn´t play I didn´t goYou didn´t play You didn´t goHe didn´t play He didn´t goShe didn´t play She didn´t goIt didn´t play It didn´t goWe didn´t play We didn´t goYou didn´t play You didn´t goThey didn´t play They didn´t go
  9. 9. Simple Past Tense Interrogative Regular Verbs Irregular Verbs (did+ subject + verb) (did+subject + verb)did I play? Did I go?Did you play? Did you go?Did he play? Did he go?Did she play? Did she go?Did it play? Did it go?Did we play? Did we go?Did you play? Did You go?Did they play? Did they go?
  10. 10. Simple Past Tense Irregular Verbs TO BEI was Infinitive PastYou were tenseHe,she,it was Have HadWe were Do DidThey were
  11. 11. Simple Past Tense Irregular VerbsVerbs which don t Cut cutchange: Hit hit Fit fitVerbs which their Get gotvowel change: Sit sat Drink drankVerbs which change Go wentcompletely Bring brought Teach taught
  12. 12. I gave (give ) the boy a present last year.Peter drove (drive) to Baltimore last Sunday.We enjoyed (enjoy) our vacation last summer.It rained (rain) a lot here yesterday.They received (receive) a letter two months ago.Father told (tell) the boy a story last night.Mother made (make) an apple pie in may.