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Comparative & superlative adjectives


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Comparative / superlative

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Comparative & superlative adjectives

  1. 1. Comparative & Superlative AdjectivesTo compare people ,things, animals , weuse the comparative: Claudia is older than PaulTo describe the extreme quality of one thingin a group of things, we use a superlative. Claudia is the oldest from the class. To express the highest degree of a quality.
  2. 2. quiet → the quietest/most quietclever → the cleverest/most clevernarrow → the narrowest/mostnarrowsimple → the simplest/most simple
  3. 3. Happiness is more important than money Paul is taller than Peter
  4. 4. tallJustine is taller than Paris
  5. 5. importantFamily is more important than money
  6. 6. The superlative Using – Est and Mosta) Comparative:My brother is older than me. b) Superlative: Grandpa is the oldest of all.
  7. 7. Using More with nounA rugby player gets more injuries than a tennis player
  8. 8. Using More with noun More with nouns Additional Than not necessary
  9. 9. Making Comparasions with AS…..AS
  10. 10. Making Comparasions withMaking Comparisons with AS….AS AS…..ASPaul is not as old as Sandra
  11. 11. heavy A horse is heavier than a dog.An elephant is the heaviest of all.
  12. 12. Comparative:Jamie works more quickly than Pat. Superlative:Ben works the most quickly of all
  13. 13. Whats Chicago like?1 You are asking Todd about Chicago.Complete thequestions with is or are and thecorrect words from thebox.
  14. 14. Read the second part of the conversation with Todd. He compares the places he visited last year.Can you complete any of the sentences?