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Simple future


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Simple future

  1. 1. Simple Future Tense
  2. 3. _________ _______ What will Eddie do after breakfast ? It will have lunch. Modal verb infinitive + Afterwards, it _______ will go _______ to sleep.
  3. 4. Simple Future Tense Shows that an action will take place in the future (basic form of the word) Will + infinitive eg. will go
  4. 5. This tense is often used together with soon Next week tomorrow In a few minutes
  5. 6. Simple Future Tense will will come come I/ We She/He/You/ They/It tomorrow. tomorrow. Adverb of time Infinitive Modal verb Pronoun
  6. 7. USE PREDICTION: Based on what you think or imagine EX: I think it will rain tomorrow PROMISE: EX: I´ll be there early. I promise WARNING: EX: Hurry up!, or you´ll miss the train
  7. 8. USE REQUEST: EX: Will you make dinner? ON-THE-SPOT DECISION EX: It´s hot. I´ll open the window