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  • Provide energy investigation and have them investigate as every item is demonstrated in teams!
  • Committee Members present introduce themselves • Chair : Jeff Wegener , AIA, LWPB Architecture / U.S. Green Building Council/ OK Chapter Carmen Clay , Casady School, Service Learning Coordinator • Donney Dorton , OG&E Demand Side Management (DSM) Andrea Palmer , National Program Coordinator, Guaranteed Watt Savers (GWS) Kelly Parker , P.E., President, Guaranteed Watt Savers (GWS) Beth Landon , Oklahoma City University, Department of Biology • Jennifer Gooden Siebold , OKC Office of Sustainability • Dawn Casey, PSO Energy Education and Outreach • Les Pace , President, Pace Applied Technologies, Inc. Susie Shields , OK DEQ, Land Protection Sustainability Educator • Christina Stallings Roberson , ODAFF/Forestry, PLT Coordinator • Carolyn Sullivan , OK Dept. of Commerce, State Energy Office • Gail Loving , OK State Dept. of Education, Science Assessment • Sara Ivey , OK Water Resources Board • Gayle Bartholomew , OK Office of the Secretary of Environment (OSE) • Kylah McNabb, OK Dept of Commerce, Career & Technology Education • Ilda Hershey , OSU Extension Project Learning Tree (PLT) • Craig Immel, Green Property Funds OK Sierra Club • Melody Martin, OGE Energy Corp OK Sustainability Network (OSN) • Sonny Wilkinson, Keep Oklahoma
  • Provide energy investigation and have them investigate as every item is demonstrated in teams!
  • Provide energy investigation and have them investigate as every item is demonstrated in teams!
  • 20% of America goes to school every day and ¼ of those are in unhealthy buildings Cost-effective enhancement of student performance On average, a GS can save $100,000 per year which = 2 teachers, 200 computers or 5000 text books GS is a healthy learning environment with correct lighting and safe air Average asthma reduction of 38.5% in green buildings Proper lighting increases student achievement Financial benefits of greening schools outweigh the cost
  • Provide energy investigation and have them investigate as every item is demonstrated in teams!
  • Provide energy investigation and have them investigate as every item is demonstrated in teams!
  • Provide energy investigation and have them investigate as every item is demonstrated in teams!
  • 2012brainstormingtrainings

    1. 1. /
    2. 2. Christina Stallings Roberson OGSP Presenterhttp://www.okgreenschools.org/
    3. 3. SCHEDULE8:30 – Registration & OGSP Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBsMiwuQAFM 2:9:00 – Welcome, Introductions & Logistics -Oklahoma Green Schools Mission -Green Schools Committee: Why & Who -Benefits of Greening Schools -Participants: Who & Why9:30 – Track I: Oklahoma Green Teams YES (OGTY) -Project Learning Tree Investigations: C02 Footprint, Tool Kits -Service-learning11:30 – OKGTY Networking Lunch1:30 – - OKGTY Presentations -Goal Setting2:30-- Ask the Experts: Tracks I-III Reflection, Evaluation , Door Prizes
    4. 4. Green Schools Committee (GSC) WHY?Supports, Promotes, Recognizes “GREEN SCHOOLS”Since 2008, “GSC” facilitates for Oklahoma Schools:Environmental, Educational & Energy Resources fromGovernmental Agencies, Academia, Industry/Utilities GREEN SCHOOLS COMMITTEE PILOT PROGRAM GOALS 2009 – 2010: 10 schools 2010 – 2011: 20 schools 2012 – 2013: 30 schools
    5. 5. Paths Graphics from : http://www.nwf.org
    6. 6. Mission To educate and empower Oklahoma students and teachers to make a difference in theirschools and communities through an increasedunderstanding of environmental issues leading to stewardship of resources and personal responsibility.
    7. 7. Benefits of Greening Your School http://www.okgreenschools.org/benefits/Green school (GS) – a school building orfacility that creates a healthy environment that is conducive to learning while saving resources, energy and money. (USGBC) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c44qgjuPpus (3.18 MINUTES)
    8. 8. Track 1: School Investigations Experiential Learning of OGTY1. OGTY Formation3. Teams Registration @ OGSP website• C02 Footprint Survey• Toolkit Discovery & Research• One Project Learning Tree (PLT) School Investigation• Energy, Water, Waste & Recycling, Environmental Quality , School Site• School Site Investigation based S-L Project
    9. 9. OGS Program Partners http://www.okgreenschools.org/about-us/member-organizations/• AEP / PSO Casady School City of OKC—Office of Sustainability Guaranteed Watt Savers (GWS) Keep Oklahoma Beautiful (KOB) LWPB Architecture Office of the OK Secretary of Environment Oklahoma City University (OCU) OK Dept of Commerce—State Energy Office OK Dept of Environmental Quality OK Forestry Services / PLT OGE Energy Corp OK State Dept of Education OSU Cooperative Extension Service OK Wind Power Initiative (OWPI) Partnership in Environmental Education Foundation (PEEF) Sierra Club—OK Chapter US Green Building Council—OK Chapter
    10. 10. Track 1: School Investigations OGSP BENEFITS Experiential science education that saves money and resources from conservation and recycling habits. TOOLKIT FOR SCHOOL INVESTIGATIONS• WEBSITE & EXPERTS TO CLEARIFY AND VALIDATE RESEARCH• EPA TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS INDOOR AIR QUALITY KIT• FUNDING INFORMATION for recycling bins, trees for school grounds, rainwater barrels, compost bins, buses diesel fuel conversion, fluorescent lamp replacement, and much more• RECOGNITION for participation in the program
    11. 11. Program Overview http://www.okgreenschools.org/program-overview/GOAL: Help schools with opportunities to “green” buildings & operations: Energy & Supplies Consumed Indoor Environment Provided Solid Waste GeneratedRESOURCES: OKGS Committee, Website & ListservThe program has three tracks. Schools may choose tracks at will.Track 1: School Investigations (Student-Led) 1Track 2: Energy Star for Schools (EPA Certification) 2Track 3: LEED for Schools (Retrofits & New Construction) 3
    12. 12. TRACK ONE SCHOOL INVESTIGATIONSEXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: OKLAHOMA GREEN TEAMS YES! Finding C02 Footprint PLT Investigation with tool from tool kits Presentation of findings Creation of Service-Learning Project based on findings
    13. 13. Track 1: STEP ONE: FINDING C02 FOOTPRINTBaseline to create awareness of school issues & opportunitieshttp://www.okgreenschools.org/program-overview/challenge/calculators/ Footprint videos: Dreaming in Green http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPwDk9WhETo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ytg4FLMQQBg&feature=related
    14. 14. Track 1: STEP TWO: SCHOOL INVESTIGATIONS Project Learning Tree (PLT) http://www.owasso411.com/2010/09/owasso-schools-to-participate-in.html Sets the standard for environmental education excellence; teaching students “how to think not what to think.”PLT MATERIALS www.pltgreenschools.org ( download PLT Investigations)GUIDED TOOL KIT SERVICE-LEARNING RESEARCHSCHOOL BASED SERVICE-LEARNING PROJECT RESULTING FROM RESEARCH
    15. 15. Track 1: STEP THREE: USING THE TOOLKIT Tulsa Area Schools-•Light Meter toolkits•TIM8 Desktop Air Quality Monitor•Infrared Thermometer Sponsored by•50# Spring Scale AEP-PSO•Field Thermometer (Probe)•Kill-A-Watt Electricity Monitor•Ballast Identifier (no picture)http://www.okgreenschools.org/program-overview/challenge/toolkit-video/ 9:28
    16. 16. TRACK I: STEP FOUR A GREEN SCHOOL SITE SERVICE-LEARNING PROJECThttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTAfHBwW2mk 8:23 minutes
    17. 17. A SAMPLE GREEN Service-Learning Project 6) Sustain GREEN TEAM Advocacy TRACK I Of new INVESTIGATION recycling program to administrators Energy and C02 Reduction Advocacy of OGSRecycling programWith Village ProgramImprovement of whereRecycling ends-up andRewards for EC & school? Reduction C02 Footprint Advocacy Recycling Program Enhancement Energy Patrols MD and Mercy Green Teams Recycling Days http://www.nais.org/global/movie.cfm?ItemNumber=149859 http://casadynaischallenge2020.blogspot.com/ Edmodo: http://www.edmodo.com/ Create free account, Join with l0fhf7
    18. 18. Track 1: OKGTYNETWOKING LUNCH
    19. 19. Track 1: School Investigations OGTY SHARING TEAM PRESENTERS:A. CO2 FOOTPRINT FINDINGSB. TOOLKIT TOOLS USED:C. Project Learning Tree (PLT) School Investigations• Energy•Water•Waste & Recycling•Environmental Quality•School Site•*******School Site Service-Learning Project
    20. 20. Track One 10 STEPS TO SCHOOL GREEN LIVING• Go to OGSP, TRACK ONE, Program Overview www.okgreenschools.org,• FORM YOUR GREEN TEAM (ADMINISTRATION, GROUNDS MANAGER, STUDENTS, TEACERS)• REGISTER YOUR TEAM http://www.okgreenschools.org/program-overview/challenge/application/• CALCULATE PERSONAL AND YOUR SCHOOL CO2 FOOTPRINT• CHECK OUT THE TOOL KIT FROM OGSP Check your tool kit with the website list of what is in the Tool Kit Watch Tool Kit Demo Video with your Green Team6. DOWNLOAD PLT INVESTIGATION Handout to step by step scientific investigation, age appropriate7. TAKE ACTION THROUGH SERVICE-LEARNING (S-L) Choose & implement an investigation school-based S-L project• PROMOTE SUSTAINABILITY OF OGSP IN YOUR SCHOOL• MENTOR OTHER SCHOOLS ABOUT OGSP• CELEBRATE YOUR OGSP GREEN TEAM ON EARTH DAY, APRIL 22
    21. 21. Track One Website Linkswww.okgreenschools.orga. Program Overviewb. Track One6.Form your School Green Team7.Oklahoma Green Schools Registration8.Download PLT School Investigations9.Calculate students’ carbon footprint, establish a baseline and goals.10.Tools are available for use in PLT School Investigations 1.Check out an OK Green Schools Program Tool Kit 2.Watch Tool Kit demo video 3.See list of what’s in the Tool Kit11.Report Back to Us12.Take Action!13.Challenge Others!
    22. 22. Helpful Service-Learning Websites• National Service-Learning Clearinghouse:www.servicelearning.org•Youth Service America (YSA): http://servenet.org/• National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC): http://www.nylc.org/ • The National Youth Leadership Service Learning Conference! http:// nslc.nylc.org/ • State Farm: Grants and information about Youth Advisory Board (Provides $5 million for service projects) http://www.statefarm.com/about/part_spos/community/ed_excel/servlrng.a • International Conference in Service-Learning Teacher Education: https://dukedpn.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_77FnXMSHev4xNjK
    23. 23. Track OneSteps to A Green School
    24. 24. Track 1: School Investigations GREEN SCHOOLGETS STARTED:• Gets on the GreenSchools listserv!!! ‘Receive Our Updates’• Designates a school “Green Team” (STUDENTS & teacher coordinator(s). Facility/maintenance manager, administrator, PTA reps kitchen manager, nurse/counselor)• Registers as a Green School on both the national and state websites: • www.plt.org • www.pltgreenschools.org ( download PLT Investigations) • www.okgreenschools.org• Calculates school’s carbon footprint – a baseline awareness of issues• Chooses and conducts 1 of the 5 PLT GS Investigations• Sets school’s CO2 reduction goal [see what other schools are doing!]
    25. 25. Track 1: School Investigations GREEN SCHOOLTAKES ACTION:• Examines ‘Resources’ section of OK GS website for action ideas & funding• Findings & recommendations student-designed report to decision- makers• Develops & implements a SERVICE-LEARNING PROJECT generated by student findings • OTHER IDEAS-4- GREEN ACTION @ YOUR SCHOOL• Hosts an EE teacher professional development workshop (PLT, WET, WILD)• Invites a guest speaker: energy professional, Farm →School program, etc• States Energy Office- funding for professional energy audit of a building!• Takes field trip- recycling center, compost facility, energy generation plant• Does outreach to community & home on collaborative ‘Green’ event
    26. 26. Track 1: School Investigations GREEN SCHOOLCHALLENGES OTHERS:• Provides case studies and reports to OK GS CommitteeOther Ideas -• Establishes a Greening Our School web page on school or district website to post reports, videos, and photographs• Mentors other schools in district or region• Utilizes PR and social media to highlight projects•
    27. 27. Ask the Experts http://www.okgreenschools.org/program-overview/Track 1: School Investigations 1Track 2: Energy Star for Schools (EPA certification) 2Track 3: LEED for Schools (both retrofits and new construction) 3
    28. 28. Reflection & Evaluation http://www.okgreenschools.org/program-overview/ http://www.kidsforsavingearth.org /