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  1. 1.  Real estate industry executive Carmen Arruda maintains a strong commitment to living a value-centered life. For that reason, Carmen Arruda engages with several worthy causes, such as The organization, which has over 2.5 million members, challenges young people to raise awareness about social issues. One campaign, called Thumb Wars, reminds drivers of the life-threatening perils of texting and driving.
  2. 2.  Through the Thumb Wars campaign, members sent nearly 80,000 thumb socks in a single year to friends and family. These socks can be worn over the thumbs while driving to prevent drivers from texting. Transportation industry statistics reveal that drivers who send or read text messages are 23 percent more likely to become involved in a crash. On average, an accident happens within three seconds after the driver first becomes distracted. Thus, even a simple glance at an incoming message can lead to a motor vehicle accident.
  3. 3.  Often, accidents from texting can result in injury or death. The United States Department of Transportation reports that mobile phones are a factor in accidents that cause more than half a million injuries and 6,000 deaths each year. The Thumb Wars campaign directly addresses this important issue and helps make roads safer for everyone.