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Alcatel-Lucent Innovation award 2007 / IBBT iLab-O inauguration

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Etro Flyer

  1. 1. Department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO) 19/12/2007 1
  2. 2. The ETRO structure The Department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel ( i ii l (VUB) comprises f ) i four major research j h laboratories: Micro- and Optoelectronics (LAMI), Digital Speech & Audio Processing (DSSP), Image Processing & Machine Vision (IRIS), Digital Telecommunications and Parallel & Distributed Processing (TELE). These teams are covering a wide range of generic technologies, which cannot be dealt with separately when the real world ICT applications of the Information Society are envisaged. The collaboration between the four participating research groups leads to integrated transdisciplinary R&D, e.g. in speech/audio and image/video processing in the context of multimedia research, in the exploitation of new opto-electronic d i h li i f l i devices ffor applications of li i f ambient intelligence, and in joint source-channel coding.
  3. 3. ETRO: an IBBT partner From a complementary perspective, the groups IRIS and DSSP are partners in the Interdisciplinary Institute for BroadBand Technologies (IBBT). The major goal of IBBT is to pursue strategic and applied R&D activities in information technology. ETRO comprises a large pool of both fundamental research and strategic and applied R&D activities which is synergetically activities, related to the research in the context of IBBT. The IBBT-ETRO team (IRIS and DSSP) comprises 80 researchers and represents 19 nationalities. Belgium Bulgaria China Croatia Cuba Egypt Germany Greece Italy Jordan Malaysia Netherlands Pakistan Poland Romania Switzerland ld Tunisia Turkey Viet Nam
  4. 4. Key Competences Multimedia Communication wavelet theory, new geometric transforms, information theory, motion estimation and compensation, entropy coding, rate-distortion optimisation, region-of-interest coding, transcoding, error resilient coding, multiple desc iption coding, dist ib ted so ce description coding distributed source coding, object-based / segmentation- based coding, 3D graphics, watermarking, efficient implementation strategies Computer/Machine Vision active vision, audiovisual analysis, motion estimation and segmentation, 3D reconstruction from motion & stereo, Speech and Audio Modification image segmentation and classification, Techniques visual object tracking, ontology-based semantic scene analysis, event y, speech modification, emotional/affective p , / detection, robot navigation & sensing speech synthesis, fundamental models of (perception), 3D animation, wireless sound production and perception, digital positioning and tracking devices signal processing, stochastic modeling and machine learning, emotion recognition, keyword spotting, noise Medical Image Analysis and suppression for automatic speech eHealth recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, recognition , text to speech synthesis computer aided diagnosis, content-based audio post-production, automation for search, image registration, analysis of film and video, computer assisted biomedical signals, behavioral analysis, language learning, voice conversion, time activity recognition, image fusion, scaling and pitch shifting for speech and medical data compression, eHealth, music, speech analysis for biomedical medical imaging applications, analysis of animal sounds
  5. 5. Application domains Shot segmentation and scene identification Video segmentation and motion tracking The research activities of ETRO span a wide area of application domains covering applications such as new media, multimedia communication, security & surveillance, eCulture, eHealth, eLearning, mobility, remote sensing industrial visual sensing, inspection, medical imaging, Visible image mobility, virtual environments, robotics, asset & person positioning and tracking, post production automation, digital audio effects and editing, di ff t d diti expressive speech synthesis and recognition … Mm-wave i M image @94GHz @94GH
  6. 6. R&D Strategy Besides the area of medical imaging where – due to its specificity – ETRO has build a specific competence group most of the group, research is planned at a strategic and fundamental level, i.e. ETRO is delivering components for E2E systems. Often, the generic contextualization of the research in an industrial setting is done with strategic intermediaries such as IBBT, but also IMEC and IncGeo. ETRO possesses an intrinsically high knowledge of the applications covered covered.
  7. 7. iLab.O iLab.O is iL b O i one of the three iL b pillars of IBBT Th l b fh h iLab ill f IBBT. The laboratory studies di open innovation strategies in ICT and sets up test and experimentation platforms. It also performs Living Lab research for achieving policy and business goals using experimental methods as well as a multi-stakeholder analysis and co-design with users, policy and business partners. It is part of the IBBT-SMIT and IBBT-ETRO research group based at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and makes use of a WiFi mesh pilot network in the heart of Brussels.
  8. 8. Some IBBT Projects Multimedia Content Distribution Platform eHealth I f H lth Information ti (MCDP) Platforms (eHIP) This project investigates The focus of this project how to build-up a future- aims at realising a proof multimedia content patient-centric, distribution system that is communitywide open to different types of healthcare information content and network platform. This platform service platforms. ETRO p must provide secure and investigates transcoding reliable access to patient technologies. data at the point of care End-to-End Quality of by authorized healthcare Experience (QoE) professionals. A MAximising DVB-H The Quality of Experience volumetric extension of Usage in Flanders project is trying to match the JPEG2000 standard (MADUF) user quality expectations has been developed by For Mobile TV services with technology-driven technology driven ETRO and adopted as Part using DVB-H technology, and network-related 10 of the JPEG2000 this project is setting-up quality of service. Error- standard. an ad hoc Living Lab. resilient communication of ETRO focuses on the scalable video and 3D statistical multiplexing of graphics is studied by scalable video streams ETRO in this project. over DVB-H channels and the provision of interactivity. Image-based Computer Assistance for Diagnosis and Therapy (ICA4DT) The central, unifying theme of this project is to address the upcoming radiological crisis of ever g larger amounts of medical image data needing interpretation by the radiologist. ETRO examines 4D liver perfusion datasets as well as mammograms for the early detection of lesions and cancer.
  9. 9. Some IBBT Projects Wireless Building Automation (WBA) The purpose of the WBA Innovative Platform for project is to introduce the Electronic Archiving use of wireless networking (IPEA) technologies in the IPEA is developing management of public community standards for buildings or professional Virtual Individual the exchange and infrastructures. ETRO Networks (VIN) archiving of audiovisual contributes to the MPEG-2 Every person is, data in Flanders. ETRO to H.264 transcoding, consciously or not, a contributes to the media motion estimation and member of several format study. wireless positioning networks and activities. communities. Technological innovations support, color and configure sociality d fi i li within these networks and enable users to become more active in their social setting of everyday life and work. This requires Performing arts mid- and long-term Multimedia research on the relation Dissemination bt between user (Pokumon) communities and PokuMOn tackles the Grid Enabled technology, as well as into problems of online Infrastructure for the elaboration and distribution and archiving Service oriented High refinement of of multimedia of definition media methodological and performing arts Applications (GEISHA) technological tools. and (classical) music. This project aims at Immersive 3D ETRO investigates the g designing and building environments are studied necessary media formats. Proof of Concepts (POCs) by ETRO in this project of a High Definition media both from a signal production and storage analysis and signal environment, based on an synthesis perspective. optimal choice of mostly IP based components. ETRO focuses on the encoding HD media data data.
  10. 10. National and International C t t It ti l Context The Vrije Universiteit B Th V ij U i i i Brussel h l has selected ETRO as one of i three l d f its h IOF-poles (Industrial Research Fund), meaning that ETRO is recognised as an IOF-excellence centre due to its track record of industrial research based on a well-developed strategic and fundamental research portfolio. It is also important to mention the coordinating role of ETRO in the Audiovisual Systems (AVS) research community supported by the National Science Foundation (FWO) ( MeshGrid, a new scalable mesh representation developed by ETRO and adopted by MPEG-4. Over the years, ETRO pioneered the work in many fields, including: • the first designs of a lossless lifting scheme for wavelet transforms; • the design of fast algorithms for wavelet transform implementations; • the design of embedded multiple description scalar quantization; • the development of new scalable image, video and 3D graphics coding architectures, with significant impact at standardization level, both in the JPEG and MPEG committees; • etc.
  11. 11. Partners Barco, Nokia Siemens Networks, Ubiwave, Vooruit, Telindus, Televic, Niko, Cronos, Agfa, Medibridge, Language & Computing, Medicim, Namahn, Androme, 4C, Videohouse, VMMa, VRT, Belgacom, Option, Proximus, Scientific Atlanta, Telenet, Skynet, g ,p , , , , y , Vlaamse Overheid, Digipolis, Corv@, De Vlaamse Infolijn, Indigov, Rohde & Schwartz, Runcom, Wavecom, Vitec, Cisco, Comsof, IBM, NextiraOne, Porthus, Barco Silex,Ballet van Vlaanderen, Microsoft, De Bijloke, Siemens, De Filharmonie, De Singel, Muziekcentrum, Rosas, VCV, VTI, Vlaamse Opera, Alcatel-Lucent, Concentra, NXP, Concentra NXP ITS Telematics Cluster Icoms Communications, Cluster, Communications TC Matix, Touring, Traficon, Transport & Mobility Leuven, Van den Berg, Vialis, Vlaams Verkeerscentrum ...
  12. 12. Vrije Universiteit Brussel - IBBT Department of Electronics and Informatics p Pleinlaan 9 - 1050 Brussels - Belgium - IBBT-ETRO Contact: