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Bag powerpoint


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Bag powerpoint

  1. 1. Intro ArtDrawing from a bagMs. Dodd and Mr. Kucharski
  2. 2. Reviewing some of theElements of Art &Principles of Design
  3. 3. Contour Line: a continuous line Image information:
  5. 5. Cross Hatching RembrandtThe Flight into Egypt: Crossing the Brook Etching and dry point, 1654
  6. 6. Image information: html
  7. 7. Value Scale Sarah Beifuss
  8. 8. VALUE: lightness or darkness Henri MatisseMarc Chagall (original in colour
  9. 9. Texture: the appearance or feel of the surface Photographer: Jonathan Winkler
  10. 10. Texture Image information:
  11. 11. Contrast:to combine and stress bolddifferences in art elements(half close your eyes and look from a distance to seeif there is enough contrast)
  12. 12. Joe Bly
  13. 13. Movement:planning the placing of art elementsto make the viewer’s eye movearound the art work.Think of keeping your eye moving around thepicture like a ball on a pinball machine.
  14. 14. Pattern: using an art element overand over again.
  15. 15. Unity:a sense of harmony or wholenessin the artwork
  16. 16. Rhythm:repetition of an art element to suggestmovement
  17. 17. Composition:The way things are arranged on the paper.The main things that affect compositionare: size, repetition, position: vertical,diagonal, horizontal, positive and negativespace.
  18. 18. BalanceNotice how each figure has somespace to look into.
  19. 19. Previous Examples