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ArtMud Course Description- Lim


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ArtMud Course Description- Lim

  1. 1. ARTmud Semester Elective Grades 7 & 8 Anna L. and Chizzy D.Anu B. Carmel Lim-Torres Monika A. Blog:
  2. 2. Course Description- Ceramics- ARTmud- Semester long course- Quality work based on themes and technique Kaizer S.
  3. 3. Assignments• Medium – Ceramics• Techniques: Pinch, Coil, Slab, Modeling and Throwing on the potters wheel Sasha G.
  4. 4. Student ExpectationsStudents are expected to:- complete and submit their work on time- complete sketchbook or research work done both inside and outside the classroom- demonstrate a cooperative and willing attitude, show respect for each other and proper use of art work and tools
  5. 5. Assessments Studio Work:Students will spend the majority of class time working on Art projects and these will make up the majority of the students grade.- Artworks are self-assessed by the student as well as the teacher on a set of criteria given at the beginning of each project.- Students are encouraged to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and work to improve their skills. Sarah P. and Alyssa
  6. 6. Sketchbooks• Each student must keep a sketchbook.• Brainstorms, sketches, skill development exercises and research are all important steps towards creating quality works.• The sketchbook will relate to the project we are working on in class.
  7. 7. Personal Management• Punctuality• Handing work in on time• Preparation• Helpfulness• Cooperation Anna L.• Following instructions correctly
  8. 8. MaterialsThe Clay room is equipped with Clay, Clay tools, Sketchbooks and other art materials. Students will need to provide their own basic set of pencils, eraser, and pencil sharpener which they will use in other lessons too. Tito H.