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COM Ethics Final


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Published in: Education, News & Politics, Sports
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COM Ethics Final

  1. 1. By:CarmelaPetitto
  2. 2. There was a timewhen peoplereceived theirnews from anewspaper…
  3. 3. Next came theTelevision…
  4. 4. And last but certainly not least came…The Internet andthe Smartphone
  5. 5. Here, information was obtainedthrough various websites and search engines
  6. 6. You thought that would be it?
  7. 7. Guess Again…
  8. 8. Today we obtaininformation from…
  9. 9. Social Media PlatformsOffer the fastest and mosteffective way for sharing information with yourfans, followers and other businesses in real time.
  10. 10. This day and age people are severelyconsumed with digital media
  11. 11. What doesthat mean for news outlets?
  12. 12. News outlets areunder pressure to findmore and more news worthy stories each day to meet the demands of these social media users
  13. 13. Because of this, wehave to also question the reliability of the source.
  14. 14. With that being said,Here’s my question…
  15. 15. Is it ethical for the media to makeeverything available for the public eye?
  16. 16. OR…
  17. 17. Should something’s remain private?
  18. 18. I believe thatcertain thingsshould remain private.
  19. 19. The media is gettingto carried away with what they are disclosing
  20. 20. What it can’t forget is…
  21. 21. Once you postsomething to social media, you can’t take it back…
  22. 22. It becomes VIRAL!
  23. 23. Recently in thenews, there was asimilar issue.
  24. 24. On May 2nd 2012… Hours before the official announcement that President Barack Obama had landed in Kabul, Afghanistan, for a surprise visit, the media -- both social and electronic -- were already buzzing with reports about the trip.
  25. 25. “Had he indeedlanded in-country? Was it just a rumor? Should it be reported anyway?”
  26. 26. Let the tweeting begin…
  27. 27. @TOLOnews"BREAKING: UnitedStates PresidentBarack Obama hasarrived in Kabul tomeet AfghanPresident HamidKarzai."
  28. 28. Joshua Hersh of theHuffington Post…@joshuahersh "Is this right?RT@TOLOnews BREAKING:United States President BarackObama has arrived in Kabul tomeet Afghan president HamidKarzai"
  29. 29. @USEmbassyKabul "Reports thatPresident Obama isin Kabul are false."
  30. 30. That was enough to send the Twitterverse and traditional mediabuzzing. The New York Post posted a story onits website shortly after.
  31. 31. "Obama arrives inAfghanistan report says;White House denies it,"read the Posts headline
  32. 32. Where is Obama,"" read a similarheadline on The Drudge Report.
  33. 33. All of thisoccurred in only 1 hour.
  34. 34. Is it the people who crave theneed to know allthis information?
  35. 35. OR…
  36. 36. Does the mediaforce us to crave more information?
  37. 37. What is your opinion?
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  39. 39. Bibliography(Pictures) Note: The other images5522390/sizes/m/in/photostream/ were screenshot from my computer
  40. 40. Continued… 6890512/ 348550/ Facts: