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The DMPTool: A Resource for Data Management Planning


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Presentation/workshop for University of North Texas Libraries, 18 May 2012

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The DMPTool: A Resource for Data Management Planning

  1. 1. DMPTool   for  Data  Management  Plans     Carly  Strasser       University  of  California   Curation  Center  From  Flickr  by  dipster1     California  Digital   Library   17  May  2012  Ÿ    University  of  North  Texas  
  2. 2. Roadmap   4.  DMP  Progress   3.  DMP  Tool   2.  NSF  and  DMPs  1.  Backgound    
  3. 3. Partnership  between    CDL  |  10  UC  campuses  |  Peer  institutions    Provide  solutions,  services,  resources  for  digital  assets      Pool  &  distribute  diverse  experience,  expertise,  &  resources    
  4. 4. From  Flickr  by    DW0825   From  Flickr  by  Flickmor   From  Flickr  by    deltaMike   Digital  data   C.  Strasser   Courtesey  of  WHOI   From  Flickr  by  US  Army  Environmental  Command  
  5. 5. Where  data  end  up   From  Flickr  by  diylibrarian   www   From  Flickr  by  csessums   Data  Metadata   From  Flickr  by  csessums   Recreated  from  Klump  et  al.  2006  
  6. 6. Where  data  end  up   From  Flickr  by  diylibrarian   www Data   wwwMetadata   From  Flickr  by  torkildr   Recreated  from  Klump  et  al.  2006  
  7. 7. Trends  in  Data  Archiving  Journal  publishers  Joint  Data  Archiving  Agreement    Data  Papers  Ecological  Archives,  Beyond  the  PDF    Funders  Data  management  requirements    
  8. 8. What  is  a  data  management  plan?  A  document  that  describes  what  you  will  do  with  your  data   during  and  after  you  complete  your  research   Robert  Stadler  installation  from  Flickr  by  Dom  Dada  
  9. 9. Roadmap   4.  DMP  Progress   3.  DMP  Tool   2.  NSF  and  DMPs  1.  Backgound    
  10. 10. NSF  DMP  Requirements   From  Grant  Proposal  Guidelines:    DMP  supplement  may  include:   1.  the  types  of  data,  samples,  physical  collections,  software,  curriculum   materials,  and  other  materials  to  be  produced  in  the  course  of  the  project   2.   the  standards  to  be  used  for  data  and  metadata  format  and  content  (where   existing  standards  are  absent  or  deemed  inadequate,  this  should  be   documented  along  with  any  proposed  solutions  or  remedies)   3.   policies  for  access  and  sharing  including  provisions  for  appropriate   protection  of  privacy,  confidentiality,  security,  intellectual  property,  or  other   rights  or  requirements   4.   policies  and  provisions  for  re-­‐use,  re-­‐distribution,  and  the  production  of   derivatives   5.   plans  for  archiving  data,  samples,  and  other  research  products,  and  for   preservation  of  access  to  them  
  11. 11. 1.  Types  of  data  &  other  information  •  Types  of  data  produced  •  Relationship  to  existing  data  •  How/when/where  will  the  data  be  captured  or   created?   C.  Strasser  •  How  will  the  data  be  processed?  •  Quality  assurance  &  quality  control  measures  •  Security:  version  control,  backing  up  •  Who  will  be  responsible  for  data  management   during/after  project?   From  Flickr  by  Lazurite  
  12. 12. 2.  Data  &  metadata  standards  •  What  metadata  are  needed  to  make  the  data  meaningful?  •  How  will  you  create  or  capture  these  metadata?  •  Why  have  you  chosen  particular  standards  and  approaches   for  metadata?  
  13. 13. 3.  Policies  for  access  &  sharing   4.  Policies  for  re-­‐use  &  re-­‐distribution  •  Are  you  under  any  obligation  to  share  data?    •  How,  when,  &  where  will  you  make  the  data  available?    •  What  is  the  process  for  gaining  access  to  the  data?    •  Who  owns  the  copyright  and/or  intellectual  property?  •  Will  you  retain  rights  before  opening  data  to  wider  use?  How  long?  •  Are  permission  restrictions  necessary?  •  Embargo  periods  for  political/commercial/patent  reasons?    •  Ethical  and  privacy  issues?  •  Who  are  the  foreseeable  data  users?  •  How  should  your  data  be  cited?  
  14. 14. 5.  Plans  for  archiving  &  preservation  •  What  data  will  be  preserved  for  the  long  term?  For  how  long?      •  Where  will  data  be  preserved?  •  What  data  transformations  need  to  occur  before   preservation?  •  What  metadata  will  be  submitted   alongside  the  datasets?  •  Who  will  be  responsible  for  preparing   data  for  preservation?  Who  will  be  the   main  contact  person  for  the  archived   data?   From  Flickr  by  theManWhoSurfedTooMuch  
  15. 15. NSF’s  Vision*   DMPs  and  their  evaluation  will  grow  &  change  over  time   (similar  to  broader  impacts)   Peer  review  will  determine  next  steps   Community-­‐driven  guidelines     –  Different  disciplines  have  different  definitions  of  acceptable   data  sharing   –  Flexibility  at  the  directorate  and  division  levels   –  Tailor  implementation  of  DMP  requirement   Evaluation  will  vary  with  directorate,  division,  &  program   officer    *Unofficially   Help  from  Jennifer  Schopf,  NSF  
  16. 16. Roadmap   4.  DMP  Progress   3.  DMP  Tool   2.  NSF  and  DMPs  1.  Backgound    
  17. 17. From  Flickr  by  thewmatt                    
  18. 18. DMPTool  Participants  CDL/UC3   Smithsonian   University  of  Illinois  •  Trisha  Cruse   •  Günter  Waibel   •  Michael  Grady  •  Perry  Willett     •  Howard  Ding  •  Marisa  Strong   UCLA   •  Sarah  Shreeves  •  Tracy  Seneca     •  Todd  Grappone    •  Scott  Fisher   •  Gary  Thompson   University  of  Virginia  •  Stephen  Abrams   •  Sharon  Farbe   •  Andrew  Sallans  •  Mark  Reyes   •  Darrow  Cole   •  Sherry  Lake  •  Margaret  Low     •  Carla  Lee  •  Carly  Strasser   UCSD       •  Brad  Westbrook   Digital  Curation  Centre  DataONE     •  Martin  Donnelly    •  Amber  Budden    
  19. 19.                     Step-­‐by-­‐step  wizard  for  generating  DMP  Create    |    edit    |    re-­‐use    |    share    |    save    |    generate     Open  to  community     Links  to  institutional  resources   Directorate  information  &  updates  
  20. 20. Goals  of  the  DMPTool  I.  Provide  researchers  a  simple  way  to  create  a   DMP  for  their  funding  agency   •  Supply  questions     •  Include  explanation/context  provided  by  the  agency   •  Link  to  the  agency  website  for  policies,  help,  guidance  
  21. 21. Goals  of  the  DMPTool  II.  Provide  researchers  with  DMP  information   from  their  home  institution   •  Resources  and  services  to  help  them  manage  data   •  Help  text  for  specific  questions   •  Suggested  answers  to  questions     •  News  &  events  related  to  data  management  on   campus  
  22. 22. Accessing  DMPTool  •  DMPTool  added  to  campus  single  sign-­‐on   service  (InCommon  /  Shibboleth)  •  Researchers  use  their  campus  login  to  use  the   DMPTool  •  Access  to  institution-­‐specific  resources      
  23. 23. Institution-­‐Specific  Information  •  Help  text  •  Links  to  resources  and  services  •  Suggested  answers    •  Can  provide  specific  info  at  different  levels   –  All  DMPs   –  All  DMPs  for  a  particular  funding  agency   –  A  question  within  a  data  management  plan    
  24. 24. Roadmap   4.  DMP  Progress   3.  DMP  Tool   2.  NSF  and  DMPs  1.  Backgound    
  25. 25. Increasing  Participation     Johns  Hopkins  University   UC  Merced  Organizations     Michigan  State  University   UC  Office  of  the  President     Moss  Landing  Marine   UC  San  Diego  with  Shibboleth     Laboratories  (CSU)   UC  San  Francisco  log-­‐in  set  up     North  Carolina  State   University  of  Chicago     University   University  of  Illinois  at  American  University     Northwestern  University   Chicago  Arizona  State  University   Ohio  State   University  of  Illinois  at  Cal  Poly  State  University   Old  Dominion  University   Urbana-­‐Champaign  Cal  State  Chico   Penn  State   University  of  Iowa  Cal  State  Fresno   Purdue   University  of  Miami  Cal  State  Los  Angeles   Rice  University   University  of  Michigan  Cal  State  Office  of  the   Smithsonian  Institution   University  of  Nebraska-­‐Chancellor   Texas  A&M   Lincoln  Clemson  University   Texas  State  University  San   University  of  North  Carolina-­‐George  Mason  University   Marcos   Chapel  Hill  Georgia  Tech   Tulane  University   University  of  Notre  Dame  Humboldt  State  University   University  of  Arizona   University  of  Texas  at  Austin  (CSU)   UC  Los  Angeles   University  of  Virginia  Indiana  University   UC  Berkeley   University  of  Wisconsin-­‐Iowa  State  University   UC  Davis   Madison  James  Madison  University   UC  Irvine   Yale  University  
  26. 26. Increasing  Use   1800   1600   1400   1200   1000   800   600   400   200   0   Oct-­‐11   Nov-­‐11   Dec-­‐11   Jan-­‐12   Feb-­‐12   Mar-­‐12   Oct-­‐11   Nov-­‐11   Dec-­‐11   Jan-­‐12   Feb-­‐12   Mar-­‐12  Unique  Users   180   548   772   1146   1399   1624  Plans   114   398   582   882   1090   1291  Institutions   65   155   206   288   331   381  
  27. 27. Assessment:  User  Survey   Did  you  use  these  features?  (n  =  62)  100%   90%   80%   70%   60%   50%   40%   30%   20%   10%   0%   Links  to   Help  for   Suggested   DMP  News   DMPTool   Funder   Video  demo   resources   funder   answer   guide   requirements   question   Yes   No  
  28. 28. Ongoing  Work  •  Continually  updating  DMP  requirements  •  Adding  funders:  NOAA,  Sloan,  NASA  •  Adding  Functionality  for  editors  •  Addressing  accessibility  issues  •  Improving  speed  and  performance  •  Articulating  security  &  privacy  policies  •  Providing  multi-­‐author  access  to  DMPs  (sharing)  
  29. 29. Future  Work  •  Integration  with  other  systems  and  initiatives  (e.g.,   Databib,  UNT?)  •  Routing  DMPs  to  institutional  support  personnel  •  Analytics  •  Integrating  educational  materials    
  30. 30. Governance  and  Sustainability   Self-­‐funded   Sustainable   initiative     model  •  Ideal  model:  Transparent    |    Nimble    |    Community  input  •  Meeting  July  23-­‐24   –  Funded  by  DataONE     –  Will  include  2  experts  to  facilitate  discussion  of  sustainability   and  governance  issues   –  Cost  of  service  will  be  determined  prior  to  meeting  by  CDL    
  31. 31. Final  Takeaways  1.  Potential  to  be  a  data  management  focal  point  for   the  community  2.  Can  function  as  the  coordinating  mechanism  for   an  institution  3.  Can  be  used  to  scale  services  at  both  big  and  small   institutions,  with  or  without  dedicated  staff  
  32. 32. How  UNT  Can  Participate   –  Configure  Shibboleth  login  (“single  sign-­‐on”)   –  Add  links  to  local  resources,  help  text,  suggested   answers,  contact  information   –  Blog  for  local  news  and  events   –  Stay  tuned  for  updates  and  changes  after  July   governance  meeting    
  33. 33. Questions?  •  Contact  uc3:  •  Contact  me:  •  Important  links:   –  Info  on  Shibboleth  login: dmp_shibboleth   –  Funder  Templates: Documentation   –  DMPTool  Blog: