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DMPTool for IMLS #WebWise14


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Slides for workshop on Data Management and DMPTool for IMLS WebWise Conference, Baltimore, February 2014.

Published in: Technology, Education
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DMPTool for IMLS #WebWise14

  1. 1. From Flickr by David Blaine Carly Strasser | @carlystrasser California Digital Library WebWise Feb 2014
  2. 2. From Flickr by ransomtech I am not a librarian.
  3. 3. Why am I here? Because I believe in the scientific process
  4. 4. Because I believe in the scientific process … which includes reproducibility
  5. 5. Reproducibility Data management Documentation From Flickr by ~Minnea~
  6. 6. From Flickr by US Army Environmental Command From Flickr by deltaMike From Flickr by DW0825 From Flickr by Flickmor Courtesey of WHOI Digital data C. Strasser
  7. 7. Digital data + Complex workflows
  8. 8. OSTP data sharing mandates DMP requirements From Flickr by thewmatt Open Data
  9. 9. From Flickr by ahockey DMPs !
  10. 10. From Flickr by gsagostinho What I tell researchers…
  11. 11. What is a data management plan? A document that describes what you will do with your data both during your research and after you complete your project From Flickr by Barbies Land
  12. 12. From Flickr by 401(K) 2013 For funders: A short plan submitted alongside grant applications An outline of –  what will be collected –  methods But they –  Standards all have different requirements –  Metadata and express them –  sharing/access in different ways –  long-term storage Includes how and why
  13. 13. Why prepare a DMP? From Flickr by natalinha •  Saves time •  Increases research efficiency •  Satisfies requirements
  14. 14. When do you plan? Yes.
  15. 15. When do you plan? Plan Proposal writing Research Ideas Collect Analyze Assure Integrate Discover Publication Describe Preserve
  16. 16. Remember! From Flickr by gmacfadyen •  Keep plans current •  Incorporate changes •  Use as a guide for daily activities
  17. 17. Where to start? From Flickr by celikins
  18. 18. Small & Simple •  Document what you know now •  Share the plan with your team •  Avoid procrastination and immobilization •  Know who to talk to Where to start?
  19. 19. Who: " Support Services & Collaborators Plan section Support Information about data PI, co-PIs, research staff Metadata content & format Librarians, data repositories Policies for access, sharing, reuse Funder, institute, HIPPA, IRB, users Long-term storage and data management Librarians, IT staff, data repositories Budget Sponsored programs office, funder
  20. 20. Basic DMPs 1.  Types of data 2.  Data & metadata standards 3.  Policies 4.  Plans for preservation 5.  Budget From Flickr by Artful Magpie
  21. 21. 1.  Types of data •  Types of data produced •  Relationship to existing data •  How/when/where will the data be captured or created? C. Strasser •  How will the data be processed? •  Quality assurance & quality control measures •  Security: version control, backing up •  Who will be responsible for data management during/after project? From Flickr by Lazurite
  22. 22. 2.  Data & metadata standards •  What metadata are needed to make the data meaningful? •  How will you create or capture these metadata? •  Why have you chosen particular standards and approaches for metadata?
  23. 23. 3.  Policies for access, sharing, re-use •  Are you under any obligation to share data? •  How, when, & where will you make the data available? •  What is the process for gaining access to the data? •  Who owns the copyright and/or intellectual property? •  Will you retain rights before opening data to wider use? How long? •  Are permission restrictions necessary? •  Embargo periods for political/commercial/patent reasons? •  Ethical and privacy issues? •  Who are the foreseeable data users? •  How should your data be cited?
  24. 24. 4.  Plans for archiving & preservation •  What data will be preserved for the long term? For how long? •  Where will data be preserved? •  What data transformations need to occur before preservation? •  What metadata will be submitted alongside the datasets? •  Who will be responsible for preparing data for preservation? Who will be the main contact person for the archived data? From Flickr by theManWhoSurfedTooMuch
  25. 25. 5.  Budget •  Costs of data preparation & documentation Hardware, software Personnel Archive fees •  How costs will be paid Request funding!
  26. 26. From Flickr by mhlradio Current DMP tools
  27. 27. DMPonline: Step-by-step wizard for generating DMP Create | edit | re-use | share | save | generate Open to community
  28. 28. From Flickr by Max Chu
  29. 29. DMPTool Project •  Partners started working in January 2011 •  Developed requirements, divided work •  Self-funded / In-kind
  30. 30. •  Free •  Guides through creating a DMP •  Helps meet funder requirements •  Supplies questions •  Includes explanation/context provided by the agency •  Provides links to the agency website
  31. 31. Wait! Data management planning is complex & requires dialog Our focus: •  simplify & scale the common parts •  develop community •  provide incremental improvement in functionality From Flickr by ChrisGoldNY
  32. 32. Funder templates Support for 21 public and private funding agencies Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Institute of Education Sciences Institute of Museum and Library Services Joint Fire Science Program NEH Office of Digital Humanities National Institutes of Health National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NSF Astronomical Sciences NSF Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences NSF Biological Sciences NSF Chemistry Division NSF Computer and Information Science and Engineering NSF Earth Sciences NSF Education and Human Resources NSF Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation NSF Engineering NSF Materials Research NSF Physics NSF Social, Behavioral, Economic Science
  33. 33. From Flickr by OZinOH DMPTool2
  34. 34. DMPTool Uptake 1000   900   6000   800   5000   700   600   4000   500   3000   400   300   2000   1000   0   Unique  Users   Plans   Institutions   200   100   0   Number of Institutions Number of Plans (solid) & Unique Users (dashed) 7000  
  35. 35. DMPTool 2: Responding to the Community oming C oon! S
  36. 36. 2 Plan Creators & Plan Administrators
  37. 37. 2 Open RESTful API ?
  38. 38. Yelp APIs Google Maps
  39. 39. DMPTool API Other stuff •  Invisible to user •  Exposes specific functionality and/or data •  Other functionality/data protected
  40. 40. API Benefits Interactions Improve functionality Add more functionality Combine with their services Popularity
  41. 41. New Features
  42. 42. Refactored UI
  43. 43. Expanded roles & co-ownership Creator roles –  Owner –  Co-owner Administrative roles –  DMP template editor –  Resources editor –  Institutional reviewer –  Institutional administrator –  DMPTool administrator
  44. 44. Self-service admin functions
  45. 45. Self-service admin functions
  46. 46. Self-service admin functions
  47. 47. Sharing 1.  Private – owners & co-owners only 2.  Within institution 3.  Publicly
  48. 48. Review capabilities
  49. 49. Governance Steering group Partners 1.  Establish institutional authentication with the DMPTool (Shibboleth, LDAP, etc.) 2.  Customize the tool with resources, help text, suggested answers, or other information. 3.  Contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the DMPTool codebase. Partner principles From Flickr by orangesparrow
  50. 50. Governance: Principles 1.  Continuous improvement of the DMPTool’s utility & features 2.  User-driven requirements & development priorities 3.  Community-driven progress on tool improvement 4.  Enthusiasm for the DMPTool 5.  Integrity of plans created and resources offered 6.  Commitment to an open process for development, enhancement, and improvement 7.  Quality of code and materials created From Flickr by orangesparrow
  51. 51. Governance: Activities 1.  Enhance their users’ DMPTool experience by accomplishing one or more of the following: Authentication, resource customization, institution template creation 2.  Customize the appearance and functionality of the DMPTool with their institutional logo and/or contact information. 3.  Designate a contact person as the institution’s contact point for the DMPTool listserv and any partner communications. 4.  Designate a primary administrator to hold the institutional administrator role in the DMPTool. From Flickr by orangesparrow
  52. 52. Governance: Activities 5.  Designate a primary administrator to hold the institutional administrator role in the DMPTool. This role provides important privileges regarding customization of institutional branding; plan resources, help text, and suggested answers; and plan review. 6.  Help ensure that the DMPTool maintains its relevance and utility 7.  Contribute to an environment of shared efforts and resources 8.  Participate in the broader DMPTool Community 9.  Agree to and adopt intellectual property licensing and ownership principles From Flickr by orangesparrow
  53. 53. Improving Data Stewardship with the DMPTool Provide librarians with the tools and resources to claim the data management education space
  54. 54. Improving Data Stewardship with the DMPTool Webinar series Case studies Blog development Talking points Collect resources
  55. 55. Improving Data Stewardship with the DMPTool Provide librarians with the tools and resources to claim the data management education space ...and explore other tools for integration with DMPTool
  56. 56. Oakland January 2014 From Flickr by Michael MM!
  57. 57. From Flickr by scorpiorules58! Hopes & Dreams for DMPTool 3
  58. 58. 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  11.  Develop DMPTool 2 Analytics Recommend repositories & metadata standards Enable adaptive non-Linear templates Provide identifiers for everything Forge funder partnerships From Flickr by scorpiorules58! Generic, thorough, recommended DMP template Enable creation of Software Management Plan Generate checklist Consider new cost models Expand DMPTool Internationally Support for languages other than English
  59. 59.
  60. 60.
  61. 61. Questions? Website Twitter Blog @TheDMPTool Email Tweet me My slides @carlystrasser