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DMPTool: Data Management Made Easier at CNI 2012


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Presentation on the DMPTool at Coalition for Networked Information Fall 2012 Meeting in Washington, DC. December 10-11.

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DMPTool: Data Management Made Easier at CNI 2012

  1. 1. Data  Management  Planning   Made  Easy   Easier   From  Flickr  by  HA!  Designs  -­‐  Artbyheather  Andrew  Sallans  University  of  Virginia  Library    Carly  Strasser   11  December  2012    California  Digital  Library    Coali0on  for  Networked  Informa0on    
  2. 2. What  is  a  data  management  plan?  A  document  that  describes  what  you  will  do  with  your  data  during  your  research  &  a2er   you  complete  your  project   From  Flickr  by  spanaut  
  3. 3. NSF  DMP  Requirements   From  Grant  Proposal  Guidelines:    DMP  supplement  may  include:   1.  the  types  of  data,  samples,  physical  collecFons,  soGware,  curriculum   materials,  and  other  materials  to  be  produced  in  the  course  of  the  project   2.   the  standards  to  be  used  for  data  and  metadata  format  and  content  (where   exisFng  standards  are  absent  or  deemed  inadequate,  this  should  be   documented  along  with  any  proposed  soluFons  or  remedies)   3.   policies  for  access  and  sharing  including  provisions  for  appropriate  protecFon   of  privacy,  confidenFality,  security,  intellectual  property,  or  other  rights  or   requirements   4.   policies  and  provisions  for  re-­‐use,  re-­‐distribuFon,  and  the  producFon  of   derivaFves   5.   plans  for  archiving  data,  samples,  and  other  research  products,  and  for   preservaFon  of  access  to  them  
  4. 4. NSF’s  Vision*   DMPs  and  their  evaluaFon  will  grow  &  change  over  Fme   (similar  to  broader  impacts)   Peer  review  will  determine  next  steps   Community-­‐driven  guidelines     –  Different  disciplines  have  different  definiFons  of  acceptable   data  sharing   –  Flexibility  at  the  directorate  and  division  levels   –  Tailor  implementaFon  of  DMP  requirement   EvaluaJon  will  vary  with  directorate,  division,  &  program   officer    *Unofficially   Help  from  Jennifer  Schopf,  NSF  
  5. 5. From  Flickr  by  thewmaJ  
  6. 6. DMPonline:     Step-­‐by-­‐step  wizard  for  generaFng  DMP   Create    |    edit    |    re-­‐use    |    share    |    save    |    generate     Open  to  community    
  7. 7. From  Flickr  by  Serfs  Up!                    
  8. 8. DMPTool  Project  •  Started  working  in  January  2011  •  Developed  requirements,  divided  work  among    partners  •  Self-­‐funded  /  In-­‐kind  •  Usability  tesFng  at  Ecological  Society  of   America    conference  and  University  of  Virginia  
  9. 9. DMPTool  ParFcipants  CDL/UC3   Smithsonian   University  of  Illinois  •  Trisha  Cruse   •  Günter  Waibel   •  Michael  Grady  •  Perry  Wille`     •  Howard  Ding  •  Marisa  Strong   UCLA   •  Sarah  Shreeves  •  Tracy  Seneca     •  Todd  Grappone    •  Sco`  Fisher   •  Gary  Thompson   University  of  Virginia  •  Stephen  Abrams   •  Sharon  Farbe   •  Andrew  Sallans  •  Mark  Reyes   •  Darrow  Cole   •  Sherry  Lake  •  Margaret  Low     •  Carla  Lee  •  Carly  Strasser   UCSD       •  Brad  Westbrook   Digital  CuraJon  Centre  DataONE     •  MarFn  Donnelly    •  Amber  Budden    
  10. 10.                    •  Free    •  Guides  through  creaFng  a  DMP  •  Helps  meet  funder  requirements     •  Supplies  quesFons     •  Includes  explanaFon/context  provided  by   the  agency   •  Provides  links  to  the  agency  website    
  11. 11. Wait!  Data  management  planning  is…  •  Complex  •  Requires  dialog  •  Range  of  support  &  understanding   From  Flickr  by  ChrisGoldNY  •  Our  focus:     –  simplify  &  scale  the  common  parts   –  develop  community   –  provide  incremental  improvement   in  funcFonality  
  12. 12. Access  •  Added  to  campus  single  sign-­‐on  service  •    InCommon  /  Shibboleth  •  Researchers  use  campus  login      
  13. 13. Increasing  ParFcipaFon     Johns  Hopkins  University   UC  Merced  OrganizaJons     Michigan  State  University   UC  Office  of  the  President     Moss  Landing  Marine   UC  San  Diego  with  Shibboleth     Laboratories  (CSU)   UC  San  Francisco  log-­‐in  set  up     North  Carolina  State   University  of  Chicago     University   University  of  Illinois  at  Chicago  American  University     Northwestern  University   University  of  Illinois  at  Urbana-­‐Arizona  State  University   Ohio  State   Champaign  Cal  Poly  State  University   Old  Dominion  University   University  of  Iowa  Cal  State  Chico   Penn  State   University  of  Miami  Cal  State  Fresno   Purdue   University  of  Michigan  Cal  State  Los  Angeles   Rice  University   University  of  Nebraska-­‐Lincoln  Cal  State  Office  of  the   Smithsonian  InsFtuFon   University  of  North  Carolina-­‐Chancellor   Texas  A&M   Chapel  Hill  Clemson  University   Texas  State  University  San   University  of  Notre  Dame  George  Mason  University   Marcos   University  of  Texas  at  AusFn  Georgia  Tech   Tulane  University   University  of  Virginia  Humboldt  State  University   University  of  Arizona   University  of  Wisconsin-­‐(CSU)   UC  Los  Angeles   Madison  Indiana  University   UC  Berkeley   Yale  University  Iowa  State  University   UC  Davis  James  Madison  University   UC  Irvine  
  14. 14. InsFtuFon-­‐specific  resources  Possible  customiza9on:  •  Help  text  •  Links  to  resources  and  services  •  Suggested  answers    Can  provide  specific  info  at  different  levels  •  All  DMPs  •  All  DMPs  for  a  parFcular  funding  agency  •  A  quesFon  within  a  data  management  plan    
  15. 15. Growth  by  month  since  launch  in   October  2011  3500  3000  2500  2000  1500  1000   500   0   Unique  Users   Plans   InsFtuFons  
  16. 16. Growth  by  quarters  since  launch  in   October  2011  3000   1160   754   2012-­‐Q3  2000   682   2012-­‐Q2   600   2012-­‐Q1   852   2011-­‐Q4  1000   709   107   71   772   582   174   206   0   Unique  Users   Plans   InsFtuFons  
  17. 17. Plans  per  funder  template   (as  of  June  2012)   400   350   339  Approximate  number  of  plans  per   300   287   250   template   197   200   159   150   133   133   124   101   100   71   65   60   46   37   36   50   34   17   15   6   0  
  18. 18. Usage  by  ARL  InsFtuFons   Averages  Across  ARL   InsJtuJons  Users  at  77%  of  ARL  insFtuFons   40   30.37   29.74   30  Shibboleth  authenFcaFon  in  use   20   17.65   17.63   at  34%  of  ARL  insFtuFons   10   4.73   5.04   0   Difference  of  25.64  users   Avg  #  of  Users   Avg  #  of  Plans  between  averages  of  insFtuFons   with  and  without  Shibboleth   Overall   authenFcaFon     Without  Shibboleth   With  Shibboleth   Takeaway:    Shibboleth  authenJcaJon  appears  to  be  a  criJcal  turning  point   demonstraJng  insJtuJonal  commitment  and  gains  in  value/ROI.  
  19. 19. Governance  and  Sustainability  Unveiling  a  new  governance  plan    Formalizing  a  Steering  Group     –  clear  process  for  joining,  decision  making,   roles  and  responsibiliFes    DMPTool  stays  free   –  covering  development  and  management   costs  through  voluntary  in-­‐kind,  grant,  or   cash  contribuFons  of  Partners    
  20. 20. Training  through  IMLS  Grant   Improving  Data   Stewardship  with  the   DMPTool  1.  Provide  librarians  with  the  tools  and   resources  to  claim  the  data  management   educaFon  space.      2.  Promote  the  use  of  and  improve  upon  the   current  DMPTool.      
  21. 21. New  Areas  of  FuncFonality  in  2013   Granular  modeling   Granular  modeling   Role-­‐based  user   DMP  life  cycle   of  plan  templates   of  insFtuFons   authorizaFon   management   Search  and   OrganizaFonal   Enhanced  search   InsFtuFonal   reporFng  for   planning  acFviFes     and  browse   branding     business   intelligence     Advanced   CollaboraFve  plan   administraFve   Open  API     creaFon   interface    
  22. 22. Future  Work    Build  community  of  researchers,  insFtuFons,   funders,  and  libraries    Expand  funcJonality  of  the  current  DMPTool  for   users  and  administrators    Release  the  DMPTool2  and  provide  training  and   documentaFon    Create  an  open-­‐source  community  of  DMPTool   contributors      
  23. 23. Summer  2013  Intern  •  ExpecFng  to  have  a  role  for  an  intern  to   help  with  project  development   coordinaFon  in  coming  summer.      •  If  interested,  please  contact  Andrew   Sallans  (      
  24. 24. QuesFons?   Andrew  Sallans:      Carly  Strasser: