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Data Management Planning for ESA 2013

Overview of data management policies and data management plans, including the DMPTool. For Ecological Society of America 2013 Meeting in Minneapolis, MN 5 August 2013.

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Data Management Planning for ESA 2013

  1. 1.   Carly  Strasser      |  @carlystrasser   California  Digital  Library     5  August  2013   ESA  2013  SS  2   From  Flickr  by  dipster1   DMPTool     The  Data  Management   Planning  Tool  
  2. 2. Background   How  does  this  relate?   Current  DMP  tools   A  walkthrough  of   DMPTool   DMPTool2   Roadmap   From  Flickr  by    (Luciano)  
  3. 3. Why  is  data   management       a  hot  topic?   From  Flickr  by  Velo  Steve  
  4. 4. Back in the day… Da  Vinci   Curie   Newton   Darwin  
  5. 5. Digital  data   From  Flickr  by  Flickmor   From  Flickr  by  US  Army  Environmental  Command   From  Flickr  by    DW0825   C.  Strasser   Courtesey  of  WHOI   From  Flickr  by    deltaMike  
  6. 6. From  Flickr  by  ~Minnea~   Data  management   Documentation   Reproducibility  
  7. 7. From  Flickr  by  iowa_spirit_walker   •  Cost   •  Confusion  about   standards   •  Lack  of  training   •  Fear  of  lost  rights  or   benefits   •  No  incentives  
  8. 8. THE TRUTH Data  management   Metadata   Data  repositories   Sharing  data  publicly   From   YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT
  9. 9. From  Flickr  by  johntrainor   Who  cares?  
  10. 10. From  Flickr  by  hyperion327   From  Flickr  by  Redden-­‐McAllister  
  11. 11. …  “Federal  agencies  investing  in  research  and   development  (more  than  $100  million  in  annual   expenditures)  must  have  clear  and  coordinated   policies  for  increasing  public  access  to  research   products.”   Back  in   February:    
  12. 12. 1.  Maximize  free  public  access   2.  Ensure  researchers  create  data   management  plans   3.  Allow  costs  for  data  preservation  and  access   in  proposal  budgets   4.  Ensure  evaluation  of  data  management   plan  merits   5.  Ensure  researchers  comply  with  their  data   management  plans   6.  Promote  data  deposition  into  public   repositories   7.  Develop  approaches  for  identification  and   attribution  of  datasets   8.  Educate  folks  about  data  stewardship   From  Flickr  by  Joe  Crimmings  Photography  
  13. 13. From  Flickr  by  Mitmensch0812   But what does it all mean?
  14. 14. From  Flickr  by  twm1340   Culture   Shift  Ahead  
  15. 15. science   source   notebook   content   access   data   government   knowledge   From  Flickr  by  cdsessums  
  16. 16. Map  of  Scientific  Collaborations  
  17. 17. From  Flickr  by  ~shorts  and  longs   Publications  &     Their  Citation     & dataavailability
  18. 18. Data  are  being  recognized   as  first  class  products  of   research   From  Flickr  by  Richard  Moross  
  19. 19. Data  management  plans   Data  sharing  mandates   Data  publications   Data  citation   From  Flickr  by  torkildr  
  20. 20. Data  publications   Data  citation   Data  management  plans   Data  sharing  mandates  
  21. 21. Background   How  does  this  relate?   Current  DMP  tools   A  walkthrough  of   DMPTool   DMPTool2   Roadmap   From  Flickr  by    (Luciano)  
  22. 22. From  Flickr  by  Michael  Tinkler  
  23. 23.  There  is  a  social  contract  of  science:  we   have  an  obligation  to  ensure  dissemination,   validation,  &  advancement.   To  not  do  so  is  science  malpractice.       –  Brian  Hole,  Ubiquity  Press  at  UCL   From  Flickr  by  mikerosebery  
  24. 24. FromFlickrbythewmatt
  25. 25. Background   How  does  this  relate?   Current  DMP  tools   A  walkthrough  of   DMPTool   DMPTool2   Roadmap   From  Flickr  by    (Luciano)  
  26. 26. Step-by-step wizard for generating DMP Create | edit | re-use | share | save | generate Open to community DMPonline:  
  27. 27. From  Flickr  by  Max  Chu
  28. 28. DMPTool  Project   •  Partners  started  working  in  January  2011   •  Developed  requirements,  divided  work   •  Self-­‐funded  /  In-­‐kind  
  29. 29. •  Free     •  Guides  through  creating  a  DMP   •  Helps  meet  funder  requirements     •  Supplies  questions     •  Includes  explanation/context  provided  by   the  agency   •  Provides  links  to  the  agency  website                    
  30. 30. Background     What  is  a  DMP,  anyway?   Current  DMP  tools   A  walkthrough  of   DMPTool   DMPTool2   Roadmap   From  Flickr  by    (Luciano)  
  31. 31. Email   Tweet  me   My  slides   @carlystrasser     Questions?   Website   Twitter   Blog   @TheDMPTool    
  32. 32. DMPTool2     From  Flickr  by  andreknu   From  Flickr  by  dipster1  
  33. 33. DMPTool  Uptake   0   100   200   300   400   500   600   700   800   0   1000   2000   3000   4000   5000   6000   Number  of  Institutions   Number  of  Plans  (solid)  &  Unique  Users  (dashed)   Unique  Users   Plans   Institutions   736   5211   4519  
  34. 34. DMPTool  2:     Responding  to  the  Community    
  35. 35. Did  you  know?   From  Flickr  by  North  Carolina  Digital  Heritage  Center   From  Flickr  by  Madison  Guy   The  old  library   The  new  library  
  36. 36. •  Better  plan  template  granularity        discipline,  funder,  question   •  Better  institution  granularity    department,  college,  lab  group,  …   •  Role-­‐based  user  authorization  &  access   •  Enhanced  search  and  browse  of  plans   •  Access  to  metrics  for  reporting  &  follow-­‐up   Improvements  for   Administrators   For  you:  Better  plans.  More   templates.  Help  from  experts.  
  37. 37. •  DMP  life  cycle  management   •  Collaborative  plan  creation   •  Role-­‐based  user  authorization   &  access   •  Better  plan  templates  &   resources   Improvements  for   Plan  Creators  
  38. 38. PLUS…   Open  API  
  39. 39. DMPTool   2.0     From  Flickr  by  Lynn  Friedman  
  40. 40. Website   Email   Twitter   Slides   Blog   @carlystrasser   Today  11:30  –  13:15    WK  27:  Tools  for  Creating  Ecological  Metadata        Introduction  to  Morpho  and  DataUp       Tuesday  8-­‐10  pm.      SS  19  :    Open  Science  and  Ecology     Other  Cool   Stuff: