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Unit2 studentledlessontaskrubric


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Unit2 studentledlessontaskrubric

  1. 1. Grade 7 Wellness Unit 2 Rubric: student led lesson & magazine article By the end of this performance task, students will be able to: W2 Understand that the influence of family, peers, culture, media, technology and other factors affect health behaviors W3 Understand that practicing health-enhancing behaviors can avoid or reduce health risks. Exemplary (E) Critical thinking/ Problem solving (10 pts) M.W3.1 demonstrate healthy practices and behaviors that will maintain or improve the health of self and others M.W3.2 demonstrate behaviors that avoid or reduce health risks to self and others M.W4.2 demonstrate how to influence and support others to make positive health choices Communication/ Language (10 pts) Asks thought-provoking essential questions that elaborate on the problem. Asks extra questions that involve the audience. Proposes a variety of creative solutions/hypotheses that indicate a deep comprehension of the problem and prioritizes them in order to choose the most effective strategy. Proficient (PR) Asks essential questions that explore the problem. Proposes a variety of solutions/hypotheses that indicate general comprehension of the problem. The work is informative. It contains useful information presented in an accessible form. Developing (DE) Asks general questions about parts of the problem. Proposes a limited number of solutions/hypotheses that may not address all the issues of the problem. The work is somewhat informative. It contains material that is somewhat superficial. The audience is left with a clear sense of empowerment (‘aha moment’) and a deeper understanding. Student lesson is thought provoking, well paced, engaging and highly effective. Audience is involved. Article communicates the message in an exceptionally creative way including a clear explanation and thought-provoking message. Student lesson is effective and thoughtful. Student lesson is lacking thought and preparation. Article communicates the message in a creative way with a message that needed further development. Article needs more thought and appears rushed. Bibliography not MLA format or absent from the project Bibliography present (3-5 sources). Some errors in the formatting or not included as part of the project. MLA formatted bibliography included in the project (5 or more sources) (at least one is printed material) Connection and Collaboration (10 pts) Mature, disciplined; able to see and feel what others see and feel; unusually open to and willing to seek out the odd, alien, or different points of view and express them. All the tasks were shared out effectively and cooperatively to the group members equally. Stayed actively focused for the duration of the task. Sensitive: see and feel what others see and feel; open to the unfamiliar or different points of view but found it difficult to express them. Aware: knows and feels that others see and feel differently, and is somewhat able to empathize with others. Need support and guidance from a teacher. All the tasks were shared out to the group members but not always equally. Stayed on task throughout. Group needed help and support to divide the tasks and stay on task. Task is completed on time but needed time to prepare the group. Task was not completed on time. When working on a team, I am good at My strengths as a learner are Task is completed on time and they were well prepared and it was professional. Student Reflection An important lifelong lesson that I can take away is Some areas for improvement include
  2. 2. Unit 2 Task: Teacher Comments