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Eating disordera timeinthelifeandreflection


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Eating disordera timeinthelifeandreflection

  1. 1. Eating Disorder a Time in the Life Requirements – Grade 8 A Time in the Life Create a fictional character which suffers from an eating disorder and friends/family members to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. You will have to be creative to show and describe the information required below. It should be clear to the audience who is the sufferer and who are the friend/family members giving the advice. Project Requirements: ● Present the Eating Disorder in a media of your choice. (Comic Life, powerpoint, prezi, poster, brochure, dairy or animation, ). ● Accurate information about Anorexia Nervosa OR Bulimia Nervosa OR Binge Eating (teacher to decide which one you do) information to be included: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ● ● ● Content Requirements Signs that someone is developing an eating disorder Short term health consequences Long term health consequences Treatments Advice about how you can help a friend who you think is developing a disorder Advice about healthy eating habits Advice about how to control a healthy body weight Information Technology (IT) – Each end product must utilize IT in the creation of the display area. This could be in the form of excel tables/graphs, images, etc. Visual Aids – The end product should be visually appealing and make use of appropriate information, graphics, photos, models, and/or charts to inform the audience. Bibliography (MLA format) – reliable sources used and cited. Students will have three full class periods to work on this project. Recommended websites:
  2. 2. Eating Disorder A Time in the Life – Grade 8 – 30 points/Letter grade Standard 4 Students will understand that advocating for personal, family and community health promotes healthy behaviors and choices. A Exemplary 100% A- B+ Proficient 88% B- C+ Developing 76% C- D+ Emerging 64% D- Meets most of the project requirements. Includes persuasive information from reliable sources. Meets very few of the project requirements. Design of the end ● product is extremely eye-catching ● Very well organized and neatly done ● Shows imagination, ● insight and style Makes excellent use of pictures, slogans, facts and figures Design of the end ● product is eye-catching Organized and neatly done ● Shows signs of style Makes good use of pictures, slogans, facts● and figures Design of the end ● product needs more thought Some signs of ● organization and neatness Needs to refer to ● pictures, slogans, facts and figures Design of the end product is rushed and incomplete Lacking organization and neatness Needs to include more pictures, slogans, facts and figures Connection ✓ Communication ✓ Responsibility ✓ Self-directed ✓ Personal Management Completed ALL responsibilities, plus more Very high degree of knowledge about entire topic Completed MOST of my responsibilities Good knowledge about topic, but only for part that was researched. Did a minimal amount of work Was not very productive in class Minimal amount of knowledge about topic Did not do any work Offered no ideas Wasted time in class Had no knowledge of the topic Research / Bibliography MLA Format Accurately researched a variety of information. Used four or more resources, recorded and interpreted significant facts, meaningful graphics and evaluated alternative points of view. Correct MLA format. Recorded relevant information from multiple sources of information, evaluated and synthesized relevant information. Bibliography indicates you misinterpreted statements, graphics and questions and failed to identify relevant arguments. Bibliography indicates you didn’t recorded information from four or fewer resources did not find graphics and ignored alternative points of view. Accurate Information M.W4.1 state a health enhancing position on a topic and support it with accurate information M.W4.2 demonstrate how to influence and support others to make positive health choices Creativity ✓ Design ✓ Organization ✓ Neatness ✓ Style ✓ Use of visuals ● ● ● ● Includes all the project requirements. Gives the audience a clear sense of the main idea. Information is accurate, current and comes mainly from excellent sources. A few errors in the MLA formatting. Some of the information may not seem to fit. Sources used appear unreliable. Many errors in the MLA formatting. Information is incomplete, out of date and/or incorrect. Sequencing of ideas is unclear. Teacher Comments Reflect on how well your group worked together . . .please answer the questions in full sentences 1. How well did you work as a group? What was your biggest challenges? How did you overcome them? 2. Next steps . . . . . .What would you change and why? 3. What effect does weight and body shape have on relationships among teens? 4. What can you do to better manage your own body image, weight and overall health?