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Dangersof fastfoodprojectrubric


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Dangersof fastfoodprojectrubric

  1. 1. Dangers of Fast Food Movie By the end of this performance task, students will be able to:: W1. Understand that personal choices related to health promotion and disease prevention will enhance health. W3. Understand that practicing health-enhancing behaviors can avoid or reduce health risks. EXEMPLARY Accurate Information Content M.W1.2 describe the benefits of and barriers to practicing healthy behaviors M.W1.3 describe the potential seriousness of injury or illness if engaging in unhealthy behaviors M.W3.2 demonstrate behaviors that avoid or reduce health risks to self and others Communication The Movie Does the movie effectively communicate health concerns? Does the movie show imagination, insight and style? Does it captivate your target audience? Connection and Collaboration Working Cooperatively What is my responsibility within a group? What does it mean to work with others? What is my impact individually? Research Bibliography Have you used four or more sources? Is your bibliography in MLA Format? PROFICIENT DEVELOPING EMERGING Accurately and clearly identifies 1 danger of eating fast food and the impacts on health Uses reliable and appropriate facts and statistics to support claims (3 or more) and uses correct key terms Clearly describes how the danger affects 3 areas of health. Clearly Identifies 1 danger of eating fast food and the impact on health Uses several appropriate facts and statistics to support claims and uses correct key terms Describes how the danger affects 3 areas of health but lacks some detail. Identifies 1 danger of eating fast food Commercial attempts to include facts and statistics but failed to support claims Effects on the areas of health are not clearly described. Dangers of eating fast food are not clearly identified Unable to use facts and statistics to support claims Uses media highly effectively and consistently to communicate health concerns and it is the correct length Dialogue is well planned and uses facial and verbal expression. It is fluent, loud and clear Commercial captivates and consistently entertains the target audience Uses media effectively to communicate health concerns Dialogue is fluent and loud enough to be heard by audience but lacks expression. Commercial shows a good awareness of target audience and has entertaining moments Was not able to use media to effectively communicate health concerns Dialogue is not loud and clear enough to be heard easily by audience and uses little or no expression Commercial is unable to keep the interest of target audience for the duration of the movie Movie is incomplete Dialogue is not loud enough to be heard by audience. It is unclear and rushed. Commercial is not directed to captivate a teen audience Be part of acting, filming and editing roles within a cooperative group Independent group and worked outside the classroom. Compromised and stayed on task Valuable contributions that are in the interest of the whole group that support the task Engaged within a cooperative group Volunteering input, remaining focused and took turns Worthwhile contributions that may driven by personal needs or interest Find it challenging to maintain the role consistently for the duration of the task Remain focused needed prompting Contributions are inconsistent and need to be refocused to maximize their impact Lack the confidence or understanding of what is expected Maintaining the group dynamic challenging Make limited contributions that may adversely affect task completion Accurately researched a variety of information. Used four or more resources, recorded and interpreted significant facts, and exploring alternative points of view Fully completed pre film brainstorming sheet Correct MLA format included in the movie credits Recorded relevant information from multiple sources of information Complete pre film brainstorming sheet A few errors in the MLA formatting included in the movie credits Bibliography indicates you misinterpreted statements, graphics and questions and failed to identify relevant arguments. Incomplete pre film brainstorming sheet Bibliography absent from the movie credits Bibliography incomplete Pre film brainstormingsheet lost and incomplete TEACHER COMMENTS STUDENT REFLECTION What did you enjoy about this task? What were your strengths? (e.g research, creativity, bibliography, organization) Which areas needed improvement and why? How did this task help you use your understanding of the topic?