Collaborative group task with grade 4


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Collaborative group task with grade 4

  1. 1. Collaborative Group Task with Grade 4Topic: Transition to Middle SchoolGoal:You will work with Grade 4 classes to help them with the emotional/mental/social aspects of transitioning to MS. The session will involve 2parts.Part 1: Q & A session: You will answer some questions generated by Grade 4 students. Next, you will brainstorm what you think they should knowabout the social/emotional/mental aspects of MS and createsome questions and answers based on your thinking.Part 2: Activity: You will set goals, plan, organize and present a “hands on” activity which will focus on ways to manage stress in Middle School(artwork, music, yoga, games). Grading Rubric Exemplary Proficient Developing Emerging Comments A 100% A- B+ 88% B- C+ 76% C- D+ 64% D-Connection and 6. The work was done in an The work was done in a The work was done in 1. The work was not doneCollaboration unusually collaborative way. highly collaborative way. a somewhat in a collaborative way. Working The group was highly The group was effective collaborative way. The The group never came cooperatively effective in accomplishing in accomplishing the group was somewhat together, dissolved into Respecting the task by drawing upon task by drawing upon ineffective in drawing isolated sub-groups others and and blending all the talents and blending most of upon the talents and and/or individuals, or their ideas and interests of its the talents and interests interests of its never addressed the Making members, by seeking of its members, by members. conflicts and needs that shared agreement, and by seeking agreement, and arose. decisions The work was effectively troubleshooting troubleshooting and Taking action somewhat incomplete, and compromising when compromising at times incoherent, and/or needed. when needed. ineffective.Communication Developed highly Developed appropriate Needed guidance to Needed support and Questions appropriate questions and questions and answers develop the questions guidance to develop and answers answers addressing the addressing the and answers. the questions and How do I social/emotional/mental social/emotional/mental answers. Needed support to communicate aspects of the transition to aspects of the transition define the purpose Lacking a purpose and effectively? MS. to MS. and appropriateness appropriateness for the Has a clearly defined Has a purpose and for the audience. audience. purpose and highly appropriately addresses appropriately addresses the the audience. audience.Personal Highly effectively identified Identified goals, Describe only a few of Begin to work in aManagement & goals, developed and developed and the steps needed to random fashion and areReflection organized the plan. organized the plan. achieve the goals and unclear about the goals Goal setting requires redirection requiring support to Completed assignment in a Completed assignment Developing state the goals or steps timely manner and able to in a timely manner. Needed guidance to and to achieve them. practice several times. complete assignment organizing a Articulate an awareness on time. plan Articulate an understanding of their strengths and Respond to a plan for Reflecting on of their strengths and areas areas for growth as a Articulate some self-improvement Learning for growth as a learner. learner. awareness of learning developed by their style and areas of teacher. strength or growth with direct guidance from teachers.Questions for Reflection1. What did you enjoy about this task? 2. What were your strengths as a group?3. Which aspects of the task were most challenging and why? 4. What would you change if you were going to do this task again?