Brain imaging technology power point 18 17-31


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Brain imaging technology power point 18 17-31

  1. 1. Brain ImagingBrain ImagingTechnologyTechnology
  2. 2. SPECT Image of aSPECT Image of aNormal BrainNormal Brain
  3. 3. Effects of DRUGEffects of DRUGand Alcohol useand Alcohol use
  4. 4. Heavy Nicotine &Heavy Nicotine &Caffeine AbuseCaffeine Abuse 45 year old with45 year old with27 year history of27 year history ofheavy useheavy use 3 packs of3 packs ofcigarettes and 3cigarettes and 3pots of coffee dailypots of coffee daily Marked decrease ofMarked decrease offrontal lobe activityfrontal lobe activity
  5. 5. Strokes: The reasonStrokes: The reasonNOT to smoke!NOT to smoke! Left Frontal strokeLeft Frontal stroke  Two sided strokeTwo sided stroke
  6. 6. Effects of Alcohol UseEffects of Alcohol Use 38 year old with 1738 year old with 17years of heavyyears of heavyweekend useweekend use Underside viewUnderside view Overall decreasedOverall decreasedactivityactivity
  7. 7. Alcohol UseAlcohol Use Inactivity in theInactivity in theparietal lobeparietal lobe 17 year old binge17 year old bingedrinker on weekendsdrinker on weekends
  8. 8. Marijuana UseMarijuana Use 16 Year old with 216 Year old with 2year history of dailyyear history of dailyuseuse Marked inactivity inMarked inactivity inthe prefrontal lobethe prefrontal lobeand temporal lobeand temporal lobe
  9. 9. Marijuana UseMarijuana Use 18 year old with 318 year old with 3year history of 4X ayear history of 4X aweek useweek use
  10. 10. Marijuana UseMarijuana Use 28 year old with 1028 year old with 10years of weekendyears of weekenduseuse 38 year old with 1238 year old with 12year daily useyear daily use
  11. 11. Heroin and MethodoneHeroin and MethodoneUseUse
  12. 12. Cocaine UseCocaine Use 24 year old with 224 year old with 2year frequentyear frequentcocaine usecocaine use 28 year old with 828 year old with 8years heavy methyears heavy methuseuse
  13. 13. Hope for HealingHope for HealingAlcohol, Cocaine & MethAlcohol, Cocaine & MethOn and Off DrugsOn and Off Drugs During abuseDuring abuse  One year drug freeOne year drug free
  14. 14. Different BrainsDifferent BrainsDifferent LearnersDifferent Learners
  15. 15. Attention DeficitAttention DeficitDisorderDisorder Brain at restBrain at rest  Brain inBrain inconcentrationconcentration
  16. 16. Vigorous exerciseVigorous exerciseimprovesimprovesconcentrationconcentration Before exercise orBefore exercise ormedicationmedication After exercise orAfter exercise ormedicationmedication
  17. 17. ADHDADHDunderside surfaceunderside surfaceview, concentrationview, concentrationstudy, no medicationstudy, no medication marked decreasedmarked decreasedprefrontal andprefrontal andtemporal lobe activitytemporal lobe activity
  18. 18. Violent BehaviorViolent Behavior Murdered 2 girls at aMurdered 2 girls at aMcDonald’sMcDonald’s Marked decreasedMarked decreasedprefrontal cortexprefrontal cortexactivityactivity
  19. 19. PMS… It’s the realPMS… It’s the realthingthing Before cycleBefore cycle  During cycleDuring cycle
  20. 20. Dr. Daniel AmenDr. Daniel Amen Jean Blaydes MadiganJean Blaydes Madigan