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Final Presentation

Published in: Self Improvement, Business
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  1. 1. Makin’ Changes<br />Carly Newton<br />Final Presentation<br />Wellness Choices PE 2850<br />
  2. 2. Smart Goal: eat Healthier<br />Specific: I will alter my eating habits so that I feel healthier. I am going to replace certain foods/beverages that I regularly consume with their healthier alternatives.<br />Measureable: I am going to create a daily blog, using, of the foods I eat and rate my decisions on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being terrible and 5 being super-awesome! After the 22 days I will have gained up to 110 points; My goal is to reach between 80-85 points.<br />Attainable: I enjoy being healthy and eating healthy. I think due to laziness and convenience I skip out on healthier alternatives, but really I know that lethargy is no excuse.<br />Realistic: I have had to get in shape and alter my diet in the past to ready myself for athletics. I know it is possible to grasp the reality of my goal.<br />Timely: I have 22 days (Winterim) to accomplish this “changeover” to healthier alternatives. <br />
  3. 3. Reasons to Eat Healthier:<br />To maintain a more balanced diet<br />To feel more energized<br />To lose a few pounds<br />To regain control of what I eat!!!<br />
  4. 4. Steps toward accomplishment:<br />Analyze my current diet<br />Come up with alternatives to unhealthy choices <br />“One day at a time” choose healthier alternatives & drink lots of water<br />Keep track of food choices in a daily blog<br />Asses each day on a point system<br />Reflect each day on feelings and earned points<br />At the end of the 22 days Calculate points and reflect on experience.<br />
  5. 5. The process<br />I have created a daily log of my process using<br /><br />
  6. 6. Diet Breakdown:<br /> <br />  <br />Dinner:<br /> Beverage:<br /><ul><li>Coke
  7. 7. 2% Milk
  8. 8. Beer/Wine on occasion</li></ul>Food Choices:<br /><ul><li>Pizza
  9. 9. Meat and Potatoes
  10. 10.  Sometimes Salmon (with rice and asparagus)
  11. 11. Chicken and Potatoes
  12. 12. Pasta with sauce and cheese (Bread on the Side)</li></ul> Snacks (throughout the day):<br />Beverage:<br />Soda<br />Iced Coffee<br />Juice<br />Food Choices:<br />Cookies<br />Donuts<br />Chipe<br />Dark Chocolate <br />Nuts (Pistachios or Peanuts)<br />Fruit<br />My diet options on an Average day:<br /> <br />Breakfast:<br />Beverage:<br />Two cups of coffee w/ C&S<br />Juice<br />Food Choices:<br />Egg and American cheese on Bagel <br />Eggs and buttered toast<br />Cereal<br />Oatmeal<br />Nothing <br />Lunch:<br />Beverage:<br />Can of coke<br />Cup of 2% milk <br />Food Choices:<br />Grilled Cheese (American) with Ham or Turkey on wheat bread and chips<br />Sandwich on wheat with American cheese and chips<br />Mac n Cheese<br />Sometimes McDonalds<br />All Highlighted Items are options I am willing to alter/limit (ABOVE) :<br />*Coke --&gt; WATER!!!!! ( and then some ) *No McD&apos;s!!!<br />*Always eat a good breakfast!!!!!! *Stick to one coffee per day!<br />*No Chips/ Decrease Oreo intake/ No Donuts *Limit Butter intake<br />
  13. 13. Routine <br />Initially the day to day was hard because I had to really pay attention to what I was eating. By week 2 my routine became almost natural and at times didn’t think twice about choosing healthier items!<br />Started each day off with a glass of water<br />This change decreased the amount of coffee I drank each morning because it gave me a burst of energy that I would have needed an extra cup of coffee to obtain!<br />Made sure to eat breakfast even if it was something small like a bowl of cereal with fruit<br />I had more energy and snacked much less because I wasn’t as hungry during the day<br />Breakfast helped to decrease lunch size because I wasn’t famished and was okay with eating a light lunch<br />Limited/stopped snacking before and after dinner<br />Helped my appetite during dinner time <br />Helped me fall asleep easier because I didn’t have the extra sugar from snacking<br />
  14. 14. Inhibitors & Enablers <br />Even though I felt that early on the new routine was becoming natural, I did face many instances where it was extremely hard to find motivation. Inhibition took a toll at times for sure, but overall I was motivated enough to surpass the problems.<br />Inhibitors:<br />The Bar/Going Out<br />Limiting beer intake!<br />Not munchin’ on bar foods (fries etc.)<br />Going out to eat<br />Choosing the healthier options<br />Water instead of fountain soda<br />Friend’s without the same goal<br />Enablers:<br />Enjoying eating healthy<br />Anticipating the satisfaction of achieving my goal<br />Supportive friends<br />The New Year and the “Clean Slate” mentality it gives<br />
  15. 15. Results<br />TOTAL POINTS: 84/110<br />Original goal: To earn 80-85/110 points<br />Goal Achieved?<br />YES <br />I am thrilled that I have earned the amount of points I hoped I would, but more importantly I am happy with the way I feel physically and mentally<br />Physically I feel more energized and less hungry during the day<br />Mentally I feel more aware, more confident, and less spacey. I think that my diet change and satisfaction of achieving my goal have played equal roles in this. <br />I do plan on continuing the changes I have made because not only are they beneficial, but they have become a part of my daily routine. I am very happy with myself and satisfied that I have successfully finished something that I started with good intentions.<br />