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Target audience profile

Facebook profile of our perfect target audience member

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Target audience profile

  1. 1. Target audience profile
  2. 2. This is Alicia Pollins, she is our perfect audience member- she is 18 years old, and from London, but has recently moved to New York for the summer for an internship at a record label. She is interested in new and upcoming music (the reason she got the internship at the record label) and is constantly looking for something to keep her on her toes. She moved to New York because she seeks a wilder life style, she wants to constantly be excited by people, music and experiences. This can be shown through her Facebook cover photo, which shows her at a party with friends, looking sassy, happy and free. She is further displayed as our perfect audience member because of her profile picture with her friend, where they have dressed up as goths for a fancy dress party. This shows her fun, outgoing nature and that she doesn’t take life too seriously and just wants to enjoy herself, which makes her the perfect target audience for our artist.
  3. 3. Furthermore, Lissy is a prime example of our target audience because of the types of films she has ‘liked’ on Facebook and therefore enjoys watching. She clearly loves chick flicks and typical films that teenage girls usually enjoy. All of these films are about a young girl on a journey to find herself and decide what she wants for herself, and they all end with the girl realising that she has all the answers to her own happiness and all she has to do is be herself. The kind of films that our target audience are interested in are important when creating our music video because they help us know what kinds of storylines young girls want to see. It is apparent that teenage girls love stories about boys, friends, romance, teenage rebellion and the ups and downs of relationships.
  4. 4. When looking through Alicia’s profile, I found that she likes organic artists (shown above) and all of them are of a similar genre to our artist. They all write their own music and/or play an instrument, and they all choose their own style rather than allowing industries to construct their image. All of these artists focus more on their music and meaningful lyrics rather than their public image or artificial aesthetics. Further, because all of these artists (including poppy) are in a similar age bracket (18-30), this makes them relatable to Alicia and everyone else in our target audience, as they can be inspired by their lifestyle. Alicia is a perfect example of our target audience because she is interested in the indie pop/indie rock genre and her music tastes fit with our artist.